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Milton Kleim

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999
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"Chicken Shit Coward" <> wrote:

What do you mean by "verify"? If he was a so-called "Nazi" and is now kosher meat surrounded by PC "goodness" then the "man" caved and his "convictions" are circumspect. Its happened before and will continue to happen because people, who are relatively naive (and underestimate the Jew and their collective spawn from hell), don't realize the flies they attract into their lives by all the shit foisted upon them by the Jew/Commie/Liberal cabal. He gave up and wanted peace; end of story!

PS. PC boy, I'm going to ask my associates who this "Les Griswald" was? Why do I have the distinct feeling you've been lying...... ....ummmmmmmmmm!?

'Cuz you're a paranoid jackass, that's why. :-)

Les Griswold was one of my most important colleagues during "that time." If you and your "associates" don't know who he was, then it's clear you're either newbies, or bottom-feeding losers (both?). He was well-aware of what we were doing, and why. I can't speak for Les and his reasons for leaving, but I can for mine.

I came to a conclusion in early 1996 that there were inherent flaws in the philosophy advocated by the so-called "movement," as well as glaring problems with the "leadership" of this "movement." The caustic traits attributed to the Jews by the key leaders of the "movement" were actually reflections of their own personalities: self-aggrandizing, delusive, selfish, base personalities which didn't actually ascribe to a genuine higher purpose.

I came from a family with a conservative German/Slavic background, and it wasn't hard to feel affinity, then, as now, admittedly, for many of the traditional ideals of the Central European cultures, many ideals which are out of sync with "modern" ideals. I can't and won't apologize for this; this is my culture, just as Orthodox Judaism is another individual's culture, and shouldn't be apologized for, either. However, with this bridge of ideals towards "extreme conservatism," the next step, into a virulent anti-Semitic/anti-non-white mentality, was not difficult at all.

While during the Third Reich the ideals of National Socialism put forth were often out of sync with the real feelings and intents of the leadership, and the population, too, today's "National Socialism" reflects a much greater disparity. The "blond superman" being the ideal, most of the "movement" adherents promote, and, apparently, subsconsciously strive for, this unattainable goal. I'm an anthropologist by training, so I'll leave the psychoanalysis to my friends who are trained psychologists, but it's my opinion that this idealization, in the 3R as well as today, lead/s to much of the violence in both eras. I was never ashamed of who I was (hence, my public posting with my real name), nor how I looked...not a perfect "Aryan," but close enough...just kidding. :-) Seriously, the leaders of this "movement" more often than not do not approach the "Aryan" ideal either in body, or mind.

Anyways, back to my main idea. I came to the conclusion that the "movement" was not for me already in April of 1996, after a falling out with key elements of the National Alliance, of which I was a member. However, I didn't have the courage to depart, yet. Honestly, I also enjoyed the thrill of "mindfucking" people, and the System, with my "revolutionary" thinking, especially my ongoing " power" campaign ending in May. Eventually, though, after visiting a skinchick friend (note: I was NEVER a skinhead, nor was I ever attracted to that scene) in late May, in Tennessee (and despite the "movement" lies about me, we did spend a night together, nor was it my first time, nor did she ditch me), I was confronted, for the first time very vividly, what sort of "movement" I was REALLY in. Us "armchair generals" and Net.geeks in the Alliance were fairly isolated from the reality of the "movement." Seeing skinheads, and knowing (and being very fond of one, as a person, for a period) them, bothered me. And these were supposedly my allies! I made my initial "departure" announcement in June. After the response to that, which people considered a "retirement," I hit harder against many of the trends in the "movement" I had no use for, and got the attention of my so-called "friends." Over the next six months, I had a lot of time to reflect on what had happened, to me, to others, including my family, to my life in general. I even hurt a part-Jewish friend who never knew the "dirty little secret" (to add intrigue, she was female :-). I had sowed my own seeds of hell. Thank God I've come out of it good, though.

The "movement" is a lie, always has been a lie, and always will be a lie. A collective "Jewish conspiracy" is not the problem with the world. There are a variety of groups working for their own interests, and, yes, there is a powerful Jewish/Israeli lobby in the world, but is it the problem? No. There is an inherent problem with our civilization that is not, and may never be, remedied. Too much structure, too much compartmentalization, too much "systemization." Too little individualism, too little concern, for...people. Dr. Kaczynski is right in many don't anybody go off saying I'm a Kaczynski follower, 'k? All the modern ideologies, National Socialism, Communism, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Capitalism and even the present forms of "democracy" and "republicanism," I have no use for them. They're all mainfestations of systems, systems which ignore the basic need of all human beings to matter, for their own sake. They attempt to fill another basic need, belonging, with artificial "group- think." But it cannot and will never work properly.

I was lucky. I got out. Les is lucky, too. I don't know why he got out, but he did. It's not a matter of "surrendering to the Jews" or being chicken shit of the you, "anon" (I posted, consistently, with my own name, and my address and phone were easily obtained). For me, it was a matter of becoming disillusioned, for seeing beyond what I was "supposed" to think, for seeing things for what they are. The "movement" is a corrupt network of cranks, losers, sinister opportunists, and fools with an axe to grind. I was a bit of the second, as a thrill-seeker, and the fourth, angry at how my family has been, and continues to be treated, by faceless ideologies and monolithic systems. I left shortly before I became one of the third.

I have no use for "Nazism," but neither do I have use for political correctness or Clintonesque liberalism. These systems USE people for the systems' sake. I don't want to be controlled, or manipulated. And being told what to do, whether it's to use a certain "approved" adjective, or who my friends should be, well, is not me...and ironically, it's not "Aryan" either.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.

PS: I'd like to add that I highly endorse "American History X" as an accurate reflection of what the "movement" is all about, and what it can mean on a personal level.

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