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Irving: "I don't give speeches to Neo-Nazis"

"I'm a great believer in abiding by the law and I don't give speeches to Neo-Nazis."
David Irving, Australian radio interview,
November 8, 1996

"Persons interested in attending the Paterson meeting should write to National Alliance, POB 956, Hewitt, NJ..."
the neo-Nazi National Alliance, promoting David Irving,
August 1996

Annie Alpert describes an event she attended, sponsored by the National Alliance, at which David Irving was the main speaker. A copy of the newsletter promoting Irving's speech is also available.

The National Alliance is a white-supremacist group whose ideology closely mirrors Nazism; indeed, their Membership Handbook states:

[...] we may have the opportunity to use one of the catchiest ideas of all: the idea of National Socialism. [...]

The recruiter who is working with the right sort of potential member -- and who himself has an adequate mastery of the subject -- can use the National Socialist idea and the mystique associated with its manifestation in Germany as a powerful tool for opening the mind of his prospect to the Alliance message.

The sentiments this group has toward Jews are clearly reflected in the remark, by the New York metropolitan coordinator, that Mr. Irving engages in "unbiased reporting of history of a particularly vile race of shriekers and spitters, whose name I need not mention."

Ms. Alpert writes:

I recently had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the National Alliance on Sept 20, 1996 in the VFW Hall in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. David Irving was the featured speaker, but I am not allowed to post a transcript of his speech on the internet (under pain of lawsuit, per Mr. Irving.) But I can post the transcription of the meeting, since it was a public gathering.

[Billed to start at 8 pm, began at 9:30. Admission $10, asked in parking lot not to bring camera and again at door. Purse searched. Asked for first name and initial and whether I was a member of National Alliance.]

[Introduction by National Alliance member "Butch" or Rich? (did not get his full name on tape):]

. . .I want to thank you for coming here tonight to support the men and women of the National Alliance. I thank you for coming here and supporting David Irving and his work.


With the enemies he's been making lately he needs all the support he can get right now. Most of all I want to thank each and every one of you for coming here to support tonight because we're living in an age where it's not very fashionable--it's not very popular to support the truth, so I thank you all for the decision you made to come here tonight and support this event. I want to go over a few items real quick. Despite tonight's ban on cameras there's always one person in a crowd who by their nature or--are lawbreakers, if anyone has been <?> enough to bring a camera in their purse or wherever, I just ask you to be considerate enough not to take pictures during the lecture. We are videotaping it, we'd like a nice quality video tape , flashes would disrupt the picture. Please wait until afterwards and people who would like their picture taken with David Irving will have it done later. For the few individuals that I have permitted to bring pictures in, please do not take pictures during the lecture. Also I've attended several of these types of lectures in the past and there's always someone who prepares a monologe to be delivered in the question and answer portion of the speech. Please keep your questions short, to the point, and make sure they are relevant. We don't want to bore anybody. My suggustion to these would be to rent a hall and have your own speech--lemmee know when it's going to be.


Now that I've got those unpleasant matters aside, in order to schedule tonights speech we've had to cancel the National Alliance's regular monthly meeting so that we can pull this off. For the sake of keeping our members and our supporters updated we're first going to have a report on business for the National Alliance work in our area by the NY metropolitan coordinator, Jim McKenna.


[Jim McKenna:] In accordance with National Alliance business meeting protocols we will now call the roll. Members please answer "here."

Charles A, NY
Jerry B New York
Michael B New York
Donna C New York
Gail H New York
Lorraine J New York
Rich L New Jersey
Greg S Pennsylvania
Charles W New York
Mark W New York

[Note: Four loud screaming Aryan babies in background]

Mark R New Jersey
Joe D New Jersey
Tom G New York
Sean ? P New Jersey
Mark S New York
Tony Z New Jersey
Rob H Pennsylvania
John O Pennsylvania
Tom S Pennsylvania
Amon M New Jersey
Joe K New York
Jim S New York
Member and POW Richard catari (sp? Scitari?)

[Audience yells 'present' in unison]

Revilo P Oliver

William Daley Simpson

Robert J Matthews

I'm going to keep this brief in light of the number of guests here tonight, but there are a number of issues to cover. One mention to guests that we make at all of our meetings, and that is that everything we put forth is thoroughly reseached. We stand behind all that we are and we invite your questions. We invite the challenge of your questions. So after the meeting, if there's time and you have such quesitons, Rich is available. I am avaiable to answer such questions as far as what our beliefs are specifically, the goals we wish to acheive as well as the strategy and tactics how we wish to achieve them. There will be a metal table set up in the front for people who have questions, who would like more specific literature regarding membership the literature table will be completed by the time this meeting is over. For future meetings such as these where we have guest speakers as well as ongoing monthly meetings which guests always come away from feeling refilled with life, so to speak, to meet with people who think as they do, speak forthrightly about things they believe, are not afraid to say it in public. There will be a list if you wish to be involved, and it will be done on what I call a plain brown wrapper--mainly you do not wish the Alliance as a return address. There will be quite a number of engagments such as David Irving in the future. Now to business and I will keep it brief:

Nov 9, Cleveland is hosting a European-American festival with German dancers, irish dancers, folksingers. We will be trying to coordinate a bus, perhaps from the New York-New Jersey area for those of you wishing to go on that. There will be a list at the New York table where you can provide your name and say that you wish to do so, so this way we know what size van to get whether it's a charter bus, van, what have you.

Oct 5-8 our affectionate term for outward bound, namely our wilderness school is kicking off from Oct 5-8. Mem are invited to place ont he list although you will rec a mailing. I do ask that those members do put their names on a list so we will have an idea about head count so we can arrange for transportation, will be in upstate New York and there will be a number of instructors of basic survival as well as a number of other worthwhile skills.

I just want to mention American Dissident Voices is now on video available for cable access. Tampa unit is providing those tapes at cost and they are currently running 60 hours a month of American Dissident Voices on their cable access. Needless to say, response in the Tampa area is profound. Their message unit is ringing off the hook. Phone calls--positive phone calls are coming in hourly. Also we would like to see these ADV cable access videos placed in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut-Pennsylvania areas. And those wishing to sponsor them please see me after the meeting or get in touch with me to let me know you're interested in doing so.

Last, people, for New York, I would like to offer my thanks to those members who are involved in "Operation Stronghold" in New York City and the outlying areas who are distributing literature weekly. It is probably the largest distribution of literature in the United States right now and is already garnering much worthwhile response. Also operation sticker which Jerry B inititated. I would like to thank all those involved with that. For those of you here, the Heritage calendar is still in the works so any of those of you with a background in history and worthwhile dates, and offer some of your knowledge, Dr. Pierce has asked that we assign specifically for each day with the year to denote something in history. For those of you, obviously there's a pool of knowledge here that can't be reached in many other areas so we asked if you wish to submit you can do it through the mails through our post office boxes or get in touch with Rich. See him after the meeting.

Got too much coffee today--no dinner

Now I'd like to say just a few words before I give Butch the lectern, the podium back. I'd like to say a few words about why we are gathered here tonight. Now it's obvioulsy true that Mr. Irving is a distinguished historian and author and deserves such attention and respect. Unfortunately for Mr. Irving his unbiased reporting of history of a particularly vile race of shriekers and spitters, whose name I need not mention.

[Audience titters and makes comments to each other.]

Far be it, the attendance here is well deserved but this National Alliance meeting and others like it around the country and parts of Europe, the weekly ADV broadcasts, the National Alliance internet sites, the men and women of David Irving's calibar, Jared Taylor's caliber, Kevin Strom's caliber, Dr. Pierce's caliber and a host of others taking a stand for truth--but all these and more represent a revolutionary shift in how people think. We're here tonight representing just a very small part of that shift. The lies and hipocracy have become too blatant, even to the less senstive of our bretheren. The lies and hipocracy heaped on us daily by the media and our politicians has become too much. Recently, I wrote "corrupt politicians" but I realize the redunancy in that phrase.


Now from this cesspool of degredation rises the men and women of the National Alliance and others of like mind. With one simple demand--the truth. So when this night is over and you've enjoyed fresh air and truth and honesty, I'd like you to understand that you've experienced something that is not confined to these four walls. The demand for truth is spreading out across the state and nation and the world. If nothing else I would like you to rememeber one thing when you leave here tonight. When you walk out those doors this quest for truth is not over. it has only just begun. Thank you very much.


Next speaker no name: I know we've gotten a late start so I'll take my speech and throw it in the waste paper basket. I'd like to introduce my next speaker Mr. David Irving. Let's have a big hand.

[Applause, whistles, standing ovation, "Bravo"]

Mr. Irving's speech not posted.

Ms. Alpert posted this transcript to alt.revisionism and other newsgroups, on October 29, 1996. The original Usenet article is available via ftp.

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