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David Irving
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Subject: David Irving: "Mr. Personality"
Summary: Even the Nazis can't stand him....
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 10:38:50 -0600
From: Jim Floyd

JAMES FLOYD on An evening with Irving

There is old Arab proverb which says, 'Choose your enemies well because you will become them.'

After attending a David Irving lecture and book sale, yesterday, I am convinced that the vile spirit of Meir Kahane, of cursed memory, has invaded and taken over the body of this English writer. Again, Irving demonstrated his complete lack of civility. Good people across this country have housed, fed, transported and pandered to this pompous cockalorum. Others have driven hundreds of miles to buy his books and most quickly become aware of his haughty arrogance, impoliteness and total disregard for the average person. His demeanor is a fluxion of sullen, morose, even childish conceit and all this is teamed with the foul practice of biting the hands that now feed him.

"I must have my ta (tea). This is a filthy kitchen and the worst ta I've ever tasted." (Irving to a lady who open her home to him.)

Last night David became indignant at a nice couple who had to leave before his little presentation was over; a snide remark followed them out the door irrespective of the fact that their arms where full of his books. He later stopped speaking to chide an octogenarian who reached for a paper on his table.


When we entered the room at a friend's home where Irving was to speak, I noticed a large picture of Ernst Zundel partially concealed by a dictionary stand. The picture of Robert Faurisson usually hanging about was conspicuously missing; the room had been sanitized except for Zundel sporting his famous construction hat and peeking out from beneath the large dictionary.

They had, in their hasty 'political cleansing', missed Ernst. And to test my suspicions and keen powers of astute deduction I said as I sallied off to the kitchen coffee pot, "why, there's old Ernst." When I returned Ernst and his hat were gone.

So, what was going on? Australian TV, that is what was happening. They flew down from NY to film my friends sitting at the feet of the master.

"Look at this audience. There are no KKK, no Nazis, no neo-Nazis here. These are educators, retired military men and business people... and I am not anti-Semitic." (No Confederate flags, Irving's orders -- host)

Was this ex-dandy fearful of a rush on his little book stand by jack- booted hood-wearers? Naw, just a cheap, wrong-headed tactic which shows the world a silly duplicity commonly associated with the other side. And I feel, after meticulously reading 'Goebbels' that we have here a book akin to a Harlequin Romance without the romance. Void of detail, suffering from a forced continuity and deleterious to Germany and Revisionism; Deborah Lipstadt should love this one.

In complete disbelief we listened to David Irving appeal to the 'good-will' of the beastly little people who have caused him so much grief and watched his equally demeaning egotism at work against those trying to befriend him. To attempt to deal with our enemies on a 'good-will' rather than a power basis would be to attempt something the world has not yet experienced. David, David, the brand 'anti-Semite', once applied, is irremovable even from decomposed cadavers.

Power is derived from two sources, money and people. We can not match the enemies money but we must, with our collective personalities, win the masses over to our cause. And 'our cause' entails much more than just Irving's freedoms.


There is an Australian TV crew and reporter somewhere in the septic bowels of New York City who are as confused as 'father's day at the government projects.' These boys from 'down-under' had listened to a prolonged litany of complaints against the countries and organizations which have denied Irving the right to speak. Then the incredible happened.

The reporter asked this humble writer for an interview as soon as the meeting closed. Irving was absolutely livid, jumping about and insisting that the host,

"Get over there and stop that right now."

Come to think of it, I'm a bit preplexed meself about an Irving style freedom of speech battle.

In a 'ship-wreck on a deserted island situation' where I had a choice between Irving or Goebbels, I'd choose the better personality.

Taciturn Jim

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