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On September 30:

Back on September 1, 1939, I addressed a session of the Reichstag about two things: [...] secondly, if Jewry managed to instigate an international world war, intended to exterminate the Aryan peodles, it will not be the Aryan peoples who will be exterminated, but rather Jewry.

On November 8:

You will recall the session of the Reichstag at which I declared: "If Jewry were to fancy that an international world war would result in the extermination of the European races, then the result will not be the extermination of the European races but the extermination of all of Jewry all through Europe.

I have always been ridiculed as a prophet. But of those who laughed then, innumerable ones are not laughing any longer, and those who are still laughing will also shortly stop. Before long this realization should come to dawn on Europe and on the whole world. International Jewry will then be recognized for the demonic danger that it is. We National Socialists [Nazis] shall see to it.

The monotonous obstinacy [of this "prophesy"] is truly surprising. It seems as if Hitler wanted to make his work manifest before history. Perhaps he wished to let his assistants-in-murder know that he, with his authority, was standing squarely behind them. Not even the recurring alteration of the date to September 1, 1939, the first day of the war, when he actually made no mention of the Jewish question, was probably no error but rather quite intentional. These words of Hitler's appear to be nothing other than a major and conscious confession.

In the face of the drama's end, the war lost but the murder of the Jews accomplished, Hitler became even more explicit. Texts of his last discourses have been disputed; evidently some other hand had messed with them. But the following utterance from February 13, 1945 is unadulterated and unadulterable Hitler:

Against the Jews I fought open-eyed and in view of the whole world. At the beginning of the war I sent them a final warning. I did not leave them in ignorance that, should they once again manage to drag the world into war, they would this time not be spared-I made it plain that they, this parasitic vermin in Europe, will be finally exterminated.

And again Hitler on April 2, 1945, fully aware of defeat:

The German people, now so violently kicked around, must in spite of their national powerlessness, always endeavor to cherish our gift to them: the science of race hygiene. In a world increasingly contaminated by the Jews' moral poison, only a people immunized against this poison will in the end gain the upper hand. In that light, the National Socialist movement will have earned the world's undying gratitude, seeing that I had the Jews of Central Europe exterminated.

Four weeks later, on April 29, the day before his suicide, Hitler once more acknowledged his work, in a personally signed last will and testament:

I have left no one in doubt that, when the peoples of Europe are once again nothing more than parcels of stock certificates in the hands of these international money and finance conspirators, then this people will also be called to account, this people which is the actual guilty party in this murderous struggle: Jewry! Besides, I have left no one in ignorance about the fact that this time, though millions of children of Europe's Aryan peoples will die of hunger, and millions of adult men will suffer death, and hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned and bombed to death in the cities, at last the actually guilty party will have to suffer for its sin, even if the means of punishment will prove to be more humane.

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