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Caught With His Pants Down
Huber's caught red-handed,
lying through his teeth

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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: real revisionism,WASHINGTON POST style
Date: 7 Mar 1996 13:04:27 -0500

A Huber ( wrote:

Two dozen spies were named, from the sect'y to walter LIPPMAN to alger HISS, klaus FUCHS, "MLAD", War Dept. official william ULLMAN, intelligence official joseph JULIUS, Treas Dept.'s harold GLASSER, the Air Forces's george SILVERMAN, and nathan SILVERMASTER of the Bd. of Economic Warfare.


Oh, bother. This is about as transparent as these things get, but I suppose somebody should take a swing at it.

Mr. Huber, above, lists nine people accussed of spying for the Soviet Union, and claims that all but two of them are Jewish. The nine are:

1) The secretary to Walter Lippmann. Mr. Huber does not name the secretary, because "Lippmann" sounds Jewish, but the secretaries name, May Price, does not.

2) Alger Hiss. Scion of one of Baltimore's oldest protestant families. Not a Jew by any stretch of the imagination.

3) Klaus Fuchs. Son of German Quakers. Not a Jew.

4) Mlad. Mlad is a code name for a physicist who worked on the Manhattan project and may have passed information to the Soviets. Huber does not tell you this physicist's name, because "Mlad" sounds vaguely foreign and potentially Jewish, and "Theodore Hall" does not.

So, we start with four non-Jews; already enough to show Huber as a liar. Let's go on, though. Next, we have five people on whom I have no information; Huber assumes them to be Jewish because of their names: Ullmann, Julius, Glasser, Silverman and Silvermaster.

Now, the surname Julius usually isn't Jewish, and Glasser, Silverman and Silvermaster are sometimes Jewish and sometimes English. Ullmann is usually, but not always, Jewish. What we have here, out of nine accused spies, is five men who may or may not be Jewish, and four who aren't. But wait... there's more. The Post named four other suspected spies--Lauchlin Currie, Saville Sax, Jane Foster and Harry Dexter White. Surprise--*none* of these names sound Jewish. Wonder why Huber left them out?

What we're left with, then, is a list of thirteen people--two of whom are definitely gentile, seven of whom are probably gentile, and five of whom may possibly be Jewish. Not one confirmed Jew-sighting in the lot, and an awfully long way from Huber's original claim.

It doesn't bother me that you lie, Mr. Huber--that's what deniers and anti-Semites do. It does, however, bother me that you lie so transparently. Do you really think other people are that stupid?


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