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Otto Horn
Extracts from Deposition
In the Matter of John Demjanjuk
(Part 2 of 5)

The following are extracts from the Horn deposition in the Demjanjuk case.

IN WEST BERLIN               |

Deposition of OTTO HORN, taken before me, Sandra Humphrey, Consul of the United States of America, at the American Consulate, in the United States Mission in West Berlin, Clayallee 170, Berlin 33, at 9:15 a.m., 26 February 1980, in a certain cause pending and at issue between the




It appearing that the said witness could not understand the English language and did welll understand the German language, one Norbert Zänker, who well understands said languages and who was first duly sworn by me, interpreted accordingly.

The interrogatories and answers of the witness to said interrogatories, and objections by counsel, were taken down stenographically by Paul Ellenbogen, being by me first duly sworn, and were forthwith transcribed by him under my direction, the inspection, reading and signing of said transcript having been waived by the said witness.

[The deposition hearing was called to order at 9:15 a.m., 26 February 1980.]

MR. MOSCOWITZ: Today is February 26th, 1980. We are here in the American Consulate in the United States Mission in West Berlin.

This is the deposition of Otto Horn in the matter in connection with proceedings in United States of America versus Demjanjuk, which is a proceeding in the Northern District of Ohio, Civil No. C77-923, before the Honorable Frank J. Battisti.

My name is Norman Moscowitz. I'm an attorney with the Office of Special Investigations, Department of Justice. I'm representing the Government.

I'd ask everyone to go around the table and to identify themselves for the record.

MR. HORRIGAN: My name is John Horrigan. I'm Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Ohio.

MR. CHARIG: My name is Gerard F. Chrig. I am the Chief of the Overseas Office of the United States Department of Justice, with offices at Munich, Germany, in the American Consulate General.

MS. HUMPHREY: I am Sandra Humphrey. I'm the United States Counsel at the Counselate General in Berlin.

MR. GONAKIS: Spiros Gonakis, Attorney for Defendant.

MR. MARTIN: John W. Martin, Attorney for Mr. Demjanjuk.

MRR. MOSCOWITZ: Mr. Ellenbogen?

MR. ELLENBOGEN: Paul Ellenbogen, Court Reporter for the proceedings.

[Court Interpreter, Mr. Horn, and video crew are introduced for the record, and sworn.]

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