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In His Words
The Mouth and Mind of Michael Hoffman II
November 1994

No, Mr. McVay you have not responded to the charge. You have not answered my detailed questions on your position on your government and your human rights (so-called) groups and your Canadian Zionist establishment's policy of prosecuting and seeking to imprison Zundel and Keegstra and to jail, deport and ban writer David Irving. Will you kindly go on record herein condemning the horrid Canadian-Zionist policy of prosecuting publishers, teachers and writers? Will you write to the relevant Canadian authorities like S. Littman, S. Citron and the government of Canada, protesting this inquisition? What is the position of the Pharisee-worshipping church that pays you on this issue?


Now you are getting in the swing of things, Mr. Morrison, you are making your own jokes about what I regard as anti-German hate propaganda and noxious, servile adoration of the Chosen Pimples.


The majority of those masquerading as >>Jews<< today have no blood connection to the Covenant People of Abraham, but rather are descendants of the Khazars. In the course of this study, we shall sometimes call the impersonators by their real name:Khazars.


Contemporary Judaism is a fraud which tends to discredit the Old Testament in the eyes of those who cannot detect the cheat. For example, persons reading the following report of the inquisition perpetrated by Pharisees and their allies, may falsely ascribe to the Bible the attitude of the rabbi-cop. Hence the Bible, the supreme standard of Law and Ethics, is discredited in the eyes of many, because of the perverted actions of the Khazar impostors who pretend to represent it.


As we shall see, however, the rabbinical inquisition against writers and thinkers is not limited solely to Faurisson and Irving. The list of people who have been harmed merely for what they said, thought or wrote, when it was not in line with what rabbis demand that we say, think or write, is extensive and largely unknown to the world at large. It is not a subject of protest for the various anti-censorship and >>human rights<< groups. In fact, in a move straight out of the Orwellian dystopia, partisans of the rabbinical inquisition form >>human rights<< groups in order, in mockery of those rights, to further persecute independent intellectuals who dare to express thoughts proscribed by the rabbi-cops.


The Pharisees partly maintain their power over their poor followers, who they hold in mental bondage, by means of exploitation of paranoiac obsessions. For example, in the much disputed book, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, one finds the admission, >>Anti-semitism is the means by which we control our lesser brethren.<< Where little or no physical persecution exists, the rabbis must exaggerate or fabricate it. Let us not feed the pathology of the empire of evil but rather, adhere to the commands of Christ. Pray for the Pharisees that they might be born again and converted, as was Nicodemus (John 3:1-22; 19:38-39). Commend to the justice of God alone, those who refuse His mercy: >> I will repay, saith the Lord<< (Romans 12:19).


Not aware of a "Holocaust" cult, Mr. Stein? You might as well say you're not aware of the sunrise. Our public school kids are aware of it. They're immersed with every month. My public library is aware of it. The shelves are teeming with the gassing tomes. Mr. Stein can't admit an enormous truth, he can only play the Talmudic game of weaseling out of overwhelming facts

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