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William Grosvenor's
"Oyvey Rant"

"Hopefully, all you holohoaxers will start to wonder about your lackey, OyVey.
Sounds almost like an inveterate liar, who when he doesn't like the truth,
keeps on bellowing it can't be!!!"
William Grosvenor, June 2, 1996

William Grosvenor, perhaps upset that no one else will speak with him, now enjoys a strange conversation with himself... (Who else would listen?)

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From: William Grosvenor
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Questions OyVey Won't Answer

This message, and others like it, will be posted until someone, somewhere, provides truthful ansers to relevant questions.

We know that the maggot known as Ken McVey wants to let everyone know what kind of a golem it is, so perhaps it, or even Huber or Giwer may wish to clarify his background details.

Sorry, but info from the usual suspects such as fatbroad sara will not be acceptable, or Chuckles the Fairy, Rich Gravedigger, and their other aliases.

Perhaps some of you reading this query, served in the US Armed Forces and can clarify some of his vague background details. After all, he brags that he was given the SOB designation by the communist government of British Columbia, for something or other, so why hide your background, golem???

> Since the Jewish maggot OyVey is so scared he bounces replies and messages
> sent to it, here again are some questions for it to answer, publicly.
> Why was it released from the US military?
> Was it for conduct unbecoming...??
> Why is OyVey strongly supporting faggots?

It would not relate to the fact that most of the liars/lawyers representing faggots just happen to be Jews would it??

And, most of these socalled rights lawsuits are funded by taxpayers, rather than the vermin.

> Why does OyVey never refer to a family, a wife, or children? Could it be
> because of sexual orientation?
> Is OyVey a legal immigrant to Canada, and if so, since when?Or, is OyVey
> working illegally in Canada??
> If OyVey is actually an American, why does it support the MURDER by the
> JEWS opf the US sailors in the USS Liberty incident?
> How can Oyvey support the genocide of the millions of Ukraine civilians by
> the Jew-run NKVD of the Soviet Union in 1933?
> How does OyVey support the murder of the Polish officers in KATYN by the
> Jew-led Soviets?
> How does OyVey support the murder of the UN troops and Lebanese civilians
> at Qana?

One must assume that OyVey feels that unless one of his Jewish terrorists gets killed, it does not matter that UN Peacekeers get murdered by the JEWS.

> How does OyVey support the treason of the JEWISH Rosenbergs, who aided the
> Soviets?
> Why does OyVey, now that it is in Canada not complain about the illegal
> movement of more than 2.2 BILLION dollars by the JEWISH BRONFMAN group,
> without paying their taxes to either Quebec or Canada?
> Does one get the idea that this ass-licker OyVey likes to be a puppet for
> the Jews, or is it one in fact, with just a name change???

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