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"Hired Underlings"
Matt Giwer stomps his foot and hopes someone will pay attention

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It would appear that Mr. Giwer is unhappy when he is being ignored, as this July outburst demonstrates:

From: (Matt Giwer)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Who would be Gannon?
Message-ID: <4rvs1o$>

On 8 Jul 1996 23:16:57 GMT, (Harry Katz) wrote:

In article <4rnjea$>,
Matt Giwer ( whines:

"Ken McVay believes he can buy his way into the tribe and has yet to realize there is no way to do so. "

"Mr. Giwer believes he can provoke Mr. McVay with his vile insults and has yet to realize there is no way to do so."

McVay is a self aggrandizing fool who permits hired underlings to speak for him while he refuses to speak for himself.

I can not change that. You can not change that.

Only he can change that.

Get used to it.

He is a hind tit on the belly of the internet. His flunkies defend him while he pretends to hide behind a killfile.

Get used to the asshole you are defending some day.

He is an asshole and he has to "co" flunkies who pretend to speak out of his ass.

Get over it.

And get used to it.

He is not a clone, he is a clown.

He gets all the respect a clown is due.

Although Mr. Giwer has been asked, repeatedly, to provide a list of Nizkor's "hired underlings," he has proven himself incapable of doing so.

Giwer watchers are not surprised.

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March 8, 1999

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