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1994 ARA News Bulletin

On The Prowl - News Bulletin Of Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

Number Two - January/February/March 1994 [Part VIII]

19) Repression Against Anti-Fascists

Freedom For Kurdish And Turkish Anti-Fascists In Germany

On April 4, 1992, a group of masked people burst into a restaurant in Berlin where members of the neo-nazi Deutsche Liga (German League) were having a meeting. The attack resulted in a leading member of the Deutsche Liga, Gerhard Kaindl, being stabbed to death.

A year and a half later, on November 15, police raided the apartments of 4 anti-fascists and arrested them in connection with Kaindl's murder. The four, Erkan, Fatma, Abidin and Mehmet are facing charges of murder, attempted murder, abetting a murder and assault. The basis for the charges against the four is the result of a confession extracted from Erkan who was beaten and tortured by police. Since then, a fifth person, Bahretin, has been arrested. All five anti-fascists are being held in prison - some in solitary confinement - until their trial.

In stark contrast to their unwillingness to investigate numerous racist attacks and murders, Berlin police immediately launched an intensive investigation into Kaindl's death. This investigation consisted of massive surveillance of the militant anti-fascist scene and a reward of 100,000 DM was offered. Police paid particular attention to the Turkish and Kurdish group Antifa Genclik (Anti-fascist Youth). The five comrades are all members of this group which has been at the forefront of militant anti-fascist resistance in Germany.

Despite the fact that dozens of people have been murdered by German neo-nazis over the last few years, many fascists receive minimal prison sentences. A double standard applies to anti- fascists who generally receive much harsher treatment at the hands of the German judicial system. The legal proceedings for the five anti-fascists will held in a "show-trial" atmosphere with the state attempting to make an example of those who fight back against the fascists. All of this is part of a well-organized campaign to criminalize and isolate the militant anti-fascist scene in Berlin. To resist this it is important that anti-fascists everywhere show their solidarity with these comrades.

For more info: FreundInnen und UnterstuetzerInnen c/o Kreuzbuero, Grossbeerenstr. 89, 10963 Berlin, Germany

The State Of Minnesota Vs. The Anti-Racist Movement

On October 22/93, the Progressive Student Organization held an anti-racist rally to counter an announced demonstration by neo- nazis at the University of Minnesota campus.

Daniel Simmer, one of two neo-Nazi skinheads who showed up sporting brass knuckles, charged the demo injuring several people.

In response, Kieran Frazier, long-time anti-racist activist, defended himself by clocking the bonehead with a flashlight. Kieran now faces up to ten years in prison and a $20,000 fine, while the nazi remains at large.

Several organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and the Northern Hammerskins, which Daniel Simmer belongs to, are active in the Twin Cities where they've organized, vandalized, and carried out violent attacks.

In fact, two years to the day before the October 22nd demonstration, on the same spot, supporters of Tom David's White Student Union attcked members of Anti-Racist Action and the Progressive Student Organization, resulting in a concussion for one activist.

Kieran goes to trial April 12/94 [Ed. Note: The trial has been delayed to August 2, 1994]. Write or call the Prosecutor and the DA and demand all charges be dropped!

County Attorney Mike Freeman
C2000 Hennepin County Govt. Center
300 S. 6th St.
Minneapolis, Mn 55415
(612) 348-5550


20) On The Prowl Subscription Information

On The Prowl is the voice behind Toronto's Anti-Racist Action. On The Prowl provides a forum for anti-fascist strategies and reports up-to-date news on street-level organizing against racism and fascism.

On The Prowl is not interested in debating with the fascists, but it does want to hear from other anti-racist activists with feedback, opinions and reports.

On The Prowl comes out every two on the streets...$5/year subscription by mail ($25/year for institutions). Bulk copies to distribute in schools and events are available at $5/20 copies. (We accept Canadian Tire money!) Write to ON THE PROWL at the address below and get involved today!


21) Some Stuff We Disitribute [sic]

Boys In The Hoods...This pamphlet serves as a basic overview of the neo-Nazi movement in Toronto..........................FREE

CARF-Campaign Against Racism and Fascism...International perspectives and news on community action against racism and fascism in Britain.......................................$2.00

Fighting the Klan...A thesis produced by the Sojourner Truth Organisation in the U.S. to combat the rise of fascism...$2.00

Fascism in the U.S...An historical survey, also produced by the STO, on the operations of neo-Nazi groups like the Ku Klux Klan in the U.S..................................................$2.00

No KKK, No Fascist USA!...Newspaper of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee................................................$1.00

Race Traitor...A quarterly publication containing essays and letters on the issues of race and class..................$5.00

Turning The Tide...Journal of anti-racist activism, research and education from P.A.R.T.(People Against Racist Terror)....$2.00

New Stuff!!

ARA Education essential collection of articles and essays compiled for the serious anti-racist. Includes everything from a look at racism, sexism and homophobia, through an historical documentation of the far-right, to insight on the various examples of anti-racist projects and experiences. Complete with reading and resource lists. Order yours now...Knowledge is Power!....$7.00

ARA Info-Package #1:Fighting Fascism in the Highschools...Every- thing students need to know in order to combat far-right activity in their schools, including a collection of stickers and posters to get started with......................................$5.00

ARA Info-Package #2: Zundel's Gotta Go!...a collection of articles, clippings and pamphlets which serve as a primer for all who are interested in forwarding the Campaign to Stop Zundel.....$5.00

Far-Right Clippings Packages...these collections of mainstream media newspaper clippings, dating from the late-80s to present-day, offer some background on the far-right in Canada. Nazis in the military..boneheads on parade..anti-racist demonstrations. It's all here! Vol.1/2/3/4...................................$4.00 each

T-Shirts & Buttons:

T-Shirts (Two designs - not shown) are $10.00 each.

Buttons (Five designs - not shown) are $1.00 each.

Distribution List: Send $1.00 for a complete list of literature, T-Shirts, buttons, videos and much more.


22) Get Involved!

In the fight against racism and fascism, our aim is confront and hinder the activities of the far-right in Canada. Everyone has a role to play in ARA, whether they feel confident in street-level actions or not. From legal observers to scouts and first-aid people, from leafleters to people who can write articles or speak in highschools, ARA needs people with a whole range of skills if it is to continue to succeed. Fill in and mail the form below and join today!

This information will be kept confidential and is not for public broadcast or print.
_ I want to be informed of future ARA events
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_ I can help poster for ARA events/protests
_ All of the above
Mailing Address:
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23) Call ARA

ARA will expose and oppose organized racism and hatred through education, mass action and support of broader anti-racist action. Want to get involved? Call or write:

P.O. Box 664, Stn. C
Toronto, Ont.
M6J 3S1

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