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1994 ARA News Bulletin

On The Prowl - News Bulletin Of Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

Number Two - January/February/March 1994 [Part II]

6) Rock The Fascists!

"Rock Against Racism" is a small collective of promoters that sets up benefit concerts for various local anti-racist, multi- cultural groups and projects.

In its current form, the R.A.R. collective has been active for over a year now, with over a dozen concerts having taken place in Toronto. We have been able to hold regular benefits for Anti-Racist Action as well as raise legal fees for a protestor charged at an anti-fascist demo and help to cover the medical expenses of a Tamil man who was beaten into a coma by a neo-Nazi skinhead.

Rock Against Racism concerts are meant to be open to all communities and people. This means that our shows are always all- ages and attempts are made to provide wheelchair-accessible venues whenever possible. Also, as we are committed to supporting independent music and culture, we do not accept any corporate sponsorship of our events.

We want our shows to be as musically and politically diverse as possible. So if you're a promoter, musician, DJ or just someone who wants to help out, we want to hear from you! You can reach R.A.R. through the ARA address or leave a message at (416) 631- 8835.


7) Anti-Fascist Video Night: "Nazis, Lies And Videotape and The Zundel Connection"

317 Spadina Ave. (rear entrance, S. of Baldwin, east of Spadina)

April 13, 1994 @ 7:00 p.m. - Admission: $3


8) Treason To Whiteness Is Loyalty To Humanity

The HF Gets Played...

In an unexpected turn of events, former Heritage Front member, Elisse Hategan has broken her allegiance with the white supremacist group to testify against other HF members and divulge information on the group's activities to the police.

This came to light following a trial in which Hategan pleaded guilty to charges of inflammatory libel for producing and distributing hate literature. In a CTV interview, she revealed that the group was responsible for a series of firebombings including two such attacks on the home of an anti-racist activist in Kitchener.

Hategan also stated that the Heritage Front encouraged its members to join the Reform Party and to make use of welfare to finance the group's activities, and that almost all of the 100 members she knew possessed a firearm.

Wolfie's Famous Last Words: "They'll Never Shut Us Down"

On March 15/94, Hategan testified in court against Wolfgang Droege, Gary Schipper, and Ken Barker - HF organizers charged with setting up and running a racist telephone hateline in an effort to evade an Oct.8/93 court order preventing the Front's placement of pre-recorded racist messages.

Testimony revealed that Ken Barker was given a forged, predated, written resignation from the HF in order for him to operate the "Equal Rights for Whites" hateline under 'non-member' status in the face of last year's court order. Barker's line was set up on July 28/92, six days after the first trial began. During a March 23/94 hearing, Droege denied the allegations made and testified he "seriously doubts" he told Hategan of his plans.

Disavowing her involvement with the HF, Hategan offered further information on the group's activities and even admitted to spying on them for four months prior to her official defection. She also stated that most of her racist views had been obtained after she had joined the manipulative ranks of the Heritage Front.


9) Blubbering Bonehead Gets Four Years

Following a Nazi-gig last summer, featuring the bands Aryan and RaHoWa (Racial Holy War), Jason (Little Jay) Hoolans and his racist skinhead mates went on a rampage. On that night of June 6th, Hoolans 20, kicked a Sri Lankan immigrant into a coma, resulting in a state of permanent paralysis. In a videotaped interview with police, Hoolans stated that while he doesn't think all non-whites should be killed, the world would be better off without them and that he doesn't "like to see all the immigrants coming in, taking our jobs..."

On March 8, Hoolans pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault charge, and begged for the court's forgiveness. Pulling the old "reformed-racist" routine, a teary-eyed Little Jay did his best to convince the judge that the 9 months already spent in prison had given him the opportunity to see the error of his ways. They saw through his act and slapped him with a four-year jail sentence.


10) Blue By Day, White By Night

One of Metro's 'swinest', Const. Brad Coulbeck, 24, faces charges over his links with the Heritage Front, stemming from a condemning statement given by ex-Front member, Elisse Hategan.

Coulbeck is not only on the HF's mailing list, but he has distributed HF material and had even attended a Ku Klux Klan rally in the U.S. His connections to the Heritage Front raise many questions about the relationship between Metro Police and white supremacist groups in this city.

What was the extent of Coulbeck's role within the HF? How many other officers are involved? What police information has been shared with the Heritage Front as a result? Have HF/police links comprised cases against anti-racists while at the same time protecting neo-Nazis from further criminal charges or investigation? The recent Metro Police collusion and cooperation with neo-nazi, Ernst Zundel on November 24, 1993 and the wearing of white supremacist regalia by an undercover officer on that date illuminate the broader implications.

An investigation into the torture-death of a Somali man at the hands of the Canadian military led to the revelation that there was not just one white supremacist in the forces, but an entire regiment infested with them. It is equally critical that the police force be brought under scrutiny following the revelation of the existence of one neo-Nazi scumbag within its ranks.

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