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1994 ARA News Bulletin

On The Prowl
News Bulletin Of Anti-Racist Action (Toronto)

Number Two - January/February/March 1994 [Part I]

2) Zundel's Pissed

Ernst Zundel, long-time fan of being in the media spotlight, seems to be getting bitter over a rash of anti-Zundel propaganda posters in his neighbourhood. Judging from some of the hate-mail we've recieved from Z's pals in the States, he's been mailing copies of the posters around and whining about the unwanted exposure. To whoever puts this stuff up: keep doing it!


3) Open Letter To Local Anti-Fascist And Anti-Racist Activists

Anti-Racist Action is ready to step up its activities to get at the deeper forces within the fascist camp. This new phase will include a campaign against Ernst Zundel, an international figure in fascist circles.

His primary role in today's fascist movement is as a financier and publisher. Here in our city, Zundel has been virtually unhindered in his production and distribution of neo-nazi propaganda and materials to the fascist movement at home and abroad.

Our logic for waging a specific campaign against him is as follows:

- He is a source of funds for the nazis;

- He is a fixed target, with a known address in downtown Toronto: a well-fortified bunker which was recently protected by upwards of 300 police during a demonstration, exposing the complicity and deal-making between police and nazis. In recent years this location has been the site of open gatherings such as Hitler's birthday celebration;

- He has won numerous court cases, up to the Supreme Court of Canada level; the liberal state solution to the problem of nazis has clearly failed;

- Targeting the individual well-known fascists can involve a broad base of activists with different strategies and connections without requiring absolute political agreement on the tactics used or the strategies required to defeat racism and fascism in the longer term.

All these factors make a multi-level campaign possible and desirable. We in Toronto feel we have a responsibility to our comrades around the world as well as in our own community to see the end of Zundel's international status.

The bulk of the work against him so far has been done by the Jewish community, as Zundel's primary notoriety has been gained by holocaust denial. We seek to act against him in solidarity and on our own behalf as people of colour, Jews, queers, and all others targeted by the far- right. We need your help in mounting this campaign and at this time issue a call to action.

Towards victory,
Anti-Racist Action


4) What's Going On In The City...

Ready for Round Two?

Locally, things have been the calm before the storm. As an anti-racist force in Toronto, ARA is faced with new terrain.

Our campaign against the Heritage Front has succeeded in ridding our streets and schools of nazis, but for the time being only. With prominent HF members locked up in jail or tied up in court, many anti-racists would believe that the fight is over. No way. The HF goes underground, builds up its reserves, and comes back like the plague. A look at the history of the far-right in Canada lays out a consistent pattern of this effect.

The terrain the anti-racist movement faces relates specifically to this situation in that we are dealing with an enemy that learns from its losses and continues accordingly. The fact that they have been maintaining a lower profile has, in part, resulted in anti-racist demonstrations that begin to show signs of lower numbers.

The urgency just isn't there for many people who would like to sit back and think that just because the fascists are a no-show, ARA has everything taken care of. Although ARA has dealt the HF a fair share of beatings and set-backs, they are still active on various levels.

While the "Heritage Hotline" has been wrapped up in the court system facing the Human Rights Commission, the HF have been determined to continue 'business as usual'.

The "Equal Rights for Whites" hateline (initiated by Ken Barker) has merged with the "Euro-Canadian Action League" line (set up by Les Jasinski and Marc LeMire).

The HF also recently activated a "Euro-Canadian Freedom Front" hateline (featuring the voice of Gary Schipper), alongside a "Racialist Rock" line which provides boneheads with info on upcoming nazi-shows and events in Toronto and Southern Ontario.

This most recent hateline is a prime example of their concentrated strategy for cultivating and expanding their street scene. The "Racialist Rockline" features the voice of Front member George Harbottle and serves as a link that holds together a loosely affiliated collection of white power bands here and in the U.S.

On February 26, a secret white power concert hosted by the 'Northern Hammerskins' took place in the East end of Toronto. A similar "Rock Against Communism" show is planned for the end of April, set to coincide with Adolph Hitler's birthday....and they are already hinting at an "Aryan-Fest 94" to be held this summer, complete with at least ten 'racist rock' bands.

The Heritage Front are well into the beginning stages of a comeback. More than ever, it is important to keep up the fight against the fascists. Attack them wherever they fester!


5) ARA Dozen In The Courts

Last June 11, after a series of neo-Nazi terrorist attacks in the city, ARA struck a blow against the Heritage Front.

A demonstration at the nerve centre of the Front's telephone hate- line, the home of Gary Schipper, resulted in smashed windows and lots of cleanup for Front lackeys. Gary moved out and the Front was messed up for months after. But part of the price for this victory were the arrests of five ARA supporters - seemingly at random - over the following six(!) months at various anti-racist events.

The case of the five is still following its twisted path through the court system and it looks like they'll be facing a judge on mischief charges in May.

ARA withstood another cop attack on November 24 outside the headquarters of Ernst Zundel, internationally-known Holocaust-denier, hate-propagandist and creep.

Cops surrounded the crowd of anti-racists, waiting for any excuse to take revenge for the embarrassment of June 11. A few eggs hitting the plastic sheet covering Zundel's bunker provided the opportunity for them, and seven ARA supporters were busted, again at random. Support the ARA dozen! The cops are trying to scare people away from ARA demos, and anti-racist work in general. Fighting racism is not a crime!

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