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In addition to reproductions of a number of previous articles on "ritual murder" beneath a picture of Streicher, another picture bears the caption: "At the Passover Meal. The wine and Matzoh, unleavened bread, contains non-Jewish blood. The Jew prays before the meal. He prays for death to all non-Jews."

The fifth page of this same issue reproduces some of the European and American newspaper articles and letters protesting against this propaganda on "ritual murder." Among these is the "Stuermer's" answer to the letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury, written to the editor of the London Times in protest (M-10)

Page 6 contains another picture of a man having his throat cut; again the usual spurt of blood falling into a basin on the floor, with the following caption:

"The ritual murder of the boy Heinrich. In the year 1345 the Jews in Munich slaughtered a non-Jewish boy. The martyr was declared holy by the church."

On page 8 appears another picture entitled:

"The Holy Gabriel. This boy was crucified and tortured to death by the Jews in the year 1690. The blood was drawn off him."

Page 11 reproduces a piece of sculpture on the wall of the Wallfahrts Chapel, representing the ritual murder of a boy named Werner. The picture shows the boy strung up by his feet and being murdered by two Jews. Page 12 reproduces another picture taken from the same place. The caption is:

"The embalmed body of Trient who was tortured to death by the Jews."

Page 13 contains another picture; somebody else having a knife stuck into him; more blood coming out into a basin. On page 14 are two pictures. One is said to show the ritual murder of the boy Andreas. The other is the picture of a tombstone, and the caption reads as follows:

"The tombstone of Hilsner. This is the memorial to a Jewish ritual murderer, Leopold Hilsner. He was found guilty of two ritual murders and was condemned to death by hanging in two trials. The emperor was bribed and pardoned him. Masaryk, the friend of the Jews, liberated him

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from penal servitude in 1918. On his tombstone Iying Jewry calls this twofold murderer an innocent victim."

The next page produces yet another picture of a woman being murdered by having her throat cut in the same way. Page 17 produces a picture of the Archbishop of Canterbury together with a picture of an old Jewish man, with a caption reading:

"Dr. Lang, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest dignitary of the English Church, and his allies, a typical example of the Jewish Race."

The last page contains a picture of "Holy Simon, who was tortured to death."

This issue of "Der Stuermer" is nothing but an incitement to the people of Germany who read it, an incitement to murder. It is filled with pictures of murder, murder alleged to be against the German people. It is an encouragement, to all who read it to avenge themselves in the same way.

In January 1938 the persecution of the Jews became more and more severe another special issue of "Der Stuermer" was published. A passage from the leading article in that issue written by Streicher, states:

"*** The supreme aim and highest task of the state is therefore to conserve people, blood, and race. But if this is the supreme task, any crime against this law must be punished with the supreme penalty. 'Der Steurmer' takes therefore the view that there are only two punishments for the crime of polluting the race:

"1. Penal servitude for life for attempted race pollution.

"2. Death for committing race pollution." (M-39).

The following are some of the headlines on the articles contained in that edition:

"Jewish race polluters at work."


"Fifteen year old non-Jewess ravaged."


"A dangerous race polluter. He regards German women as fair game for himself."


"The Jewish sanatorium. A Jewish institution for the cultivation of race pollution."


"Rape of a feeble-minded girl."


"The Jewish butler. He steals from his Jewish masters and commits race pollution." (M-40).

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Another article appearing in "Der Stuermer," written by Streicher's editor, Karl Holz, states:

"The revenge will break loose one day and will exterminate Jewry from the surface of the earth." (M-35).

Again, in September 1938, "Der Stuermer" published an article describing the Jews as follows:

"A parasite, an enemy, an evil-doer, a disseminator of diseases who must be destroyed in the interest of mankind."(M-36).

This is no longer propaganda for the persecution of the Jews; this is propaganda for the extermination of Jews, and for the murder not of one Jew but of all Jews (see 2698-PS).

A picture published in "Der Stuermer" in December 1938 shows a girl being strangled by a man whose hands are around her neck. The shadow of the man's face, which is shown against the background, has quite obvious Jewish features. The caption under that picture is as follows:

"Castration for Race Polluters. Only heavy penalties will preserve our womenfolk from a tighter grip from ghastly Jewish claws. The Jews are our misfortune."

(3)The Anti-Jewish demonstrations of November 1938.

While his anti-Jewish propaganda was becoming constantly fiercer, Streicher took a leading part in the organized demonstrations against the Jews which took place on 9 November 1938 and 10 November 1938. In the autumn of that year, on the occasion of a meeting of press representatives in Nurnberg, Streicher organized the breaking-up of the Nurnberg synagogues. It was announced that Streicher personally would set the crane in motion with which the Jewish symbols would be torn down from the synagogues 1724- PS). The event was described as follows:

" *** the synagogue is being demolished! Julius Streicher himself inaugurates the work by a speech lasting more than an hour and a half. By his order -- so to speak as a prelude of the demolition -- the tremendous Star of David came off the cupola." (2711-PS).

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