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Individual Responsibility Of Defendants
>Rudolf Hess
(Part 3 of 4)

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*3245-PS; Order of 21 February 1940, concerning recruiting for Waffen SS, published in Decrees, Regulations, Announcements, Vol. III, p. 354. (GB 267) Vol. V, Pg. 946

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*3425-PS; Voluntary statement made by Seyss-Inquart with advice of counsel, 10 December 1945. (USA 701) Vol. VI, Pg. 124

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*3796-PS; Letter of Canaris enclosing a report, 25 October 1939, concerning the activities of Auslands organization. (GB 286). Vol. VI, Pg. 732

*3817-PS; File of correspondence and reports by Dr. Haushofer on Asiatic situation. (USA 790) Vol. VI, Pg. 752

*D-138; Decree of 27 July 1934, providing for participation of Fuehrer's deputy in the drafting of all legislation. (USA 403) Vol. VI, Pg. 1055

*D-139; Letter from Hess to Goebbels, 9 October 1934, concerning participation in legislation of the Reich. (USA 404) Vol. VI, Pg. 1056

*D-140; Letter from Lammers to Reich Ministers, 12 April 1938. (USA 405) Vol. VI, Pg. 1057

*D-151; Krupp, Schacht and Hess correspondence in 1933 regarding the Hitler Fund. (GB 256; USA 831) Vol. VI, Pg. 1060

*D-181; Circular from Gauleiter of South Westphalin, 21 January 1937, concerning Hereditary Health Law. (GB 528) Vol. VI, Pg. 1073

D-614; Statement of British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in Parliament on 22 September 1943. Vol. VII, Pg. 94

*EC-411; Order by Hess concerning the reconstruction of certain industrial enterprises in Poland, 20 November 1939. (USA 299) Vol. VII, Pg. 469

*L-273; Report of American Consul General in Vienna to Secretary of State, 26 July 1938, concerning anniversary of assassination of Chancellor Dollfuss. (USA 59) Vol. VII, Pg. 1094

*L-292; Telegram of American Consul General in Vienna to Secretary of State, 12 March 1938, concerning propaganda dropped over Vienna. (USA 78) Vol. VII, Pg. 1098

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*M-102; Extract from National Zeitung, 27 April 1942, concerning Hess. (GB 254) Vol. VIII, Pg. 32

M-103; Speech by Hess to representatives of Foreign Chamber of Commerce, from Voelkischer Beobachter, 30 June 1934. Vol. VIII, Pg. 33

*M-104; Speech by Hess at inauguration of new Adolf Hitler Hall at Hof, from Frankfurter Zeitung, 13 October 1936. (GB 260). Vol. VIII, Pg. 33

*M-105; Speech by Hess at meeting of Reich ChambeI of Iabour at Messerschmitt Works, from Voelkischer Beobachter, 2 May 1941. (GB 261) Vol. VIII, Pg. 34

*M-107; Speech by Hess at 7th Annual Meeting of Foreign Organization of NSDAP, from Voelkischer Beobachter, 28 August 1939. (GB 266) Vol. VIII, Pg. 35

M-108; Speech by Hess broadcast on Fuehrer's birthday, 20 April 1941. Vol. VIII, Pg. 37

*M-116; Report of interview with Hess by Wing Commander the Duke of Hamilton, 11 May 1941. (GB 269) Vol. VIII, Pg. 37

*M-117; Record of interview with Hess, 13 May 1941. (GB 270) Vol. VIII, Pg. 40

*M-118; Record of interview with Hess, 14 May 1941. (GB 271) Vol. VIII, Pg. 43

*M-119; Record of conversation with Hess, 15 May 1941. (GB 272) Vol. VIII, Pg. 45

M-120; "The VDA and the Nazi Party" extracted from German Basic Handbook, Part III, Chap. IV. Vol. VIII, Pg. 46

M-121; "German Foreign Institute" extracted from German Basic Handbook, Part III, Chap. IV. Vol. VIII, Pg. 47

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*M-122; "The Problem of German Minorities" from German Basic Handbook, Part III, Chap. IV. (GB 264) Vol. VIII, Pg. 48

*R-96; Correspondence of Minister of Justice in preparation of the discriminatory decree of 4 December 1941 regarding criminal justice against Poles and Jews in annexed Eastern Territories. (GB 268) Vol. VIII, Pg. 72

R-139; Correspondence between Hess' office and the Ministry of Justice concerning civil law in Eastern Territories. Vol. VIII, Pg. 209

R-141; Minutes of conference directed by Hess' assistants, 20 February 1941, concerning racial problems in Armed Forces. Vol. VIII, Pg. 236

Affidavit F; Affidavit of Josef Dietrich, 20 November 1945- 21 November 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg. 631

*Chart No. 1; National Socialist German Workers' Party. (2903-PS; USA 2) Vol. VIII, Pg. 770

*Chart No. 15; Staff of the Fuehrer's Deputy. (3201-PS; GB 251) End ofVIII

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