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Legal References And List Of Documents Relating To Hermann Wilhelm Goering
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2108-PS; Decree for execution of Law on Secret State Police of 10 February 1936. 1936 Preussische Gesetzsammlung, pp. 22- 24.Vol. IV, Pg. 732

*2168-PS; Book by SA Sturmfuehrer Dr. Ernst Bayer, entitled "The SA", depicting the history, work, aim and organization of the SA. (USA 411) .Vol. IV, Pg. 772

*2194-PS; Top secret letter from Ministry for Economy and Labor, Saxony, to Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia, enclosing copy of 1938 Secret Defense Law of 4 September 1938. (USA 36) .Vol. IV, Pg. 843

*2233-A-PS; Frank Diary, Abteilungsleitersitzungen, 1939- 1940. Minutes of conferences, December and May 1940. (USA 173) .Vol. IV, Pg. 883

*2261-PS; Directive from Blomberg to Supreme Commanders of Army, Navy and Air Forces, 24 June 1935; accompanied by copy of Reich Defense Law of 21 May 1935 and copy of Decision of Reich Cabinet of 12 May 1935 on the Council for defense of the Reich. (USA 24) .Vol. IV, Pg. 934

*2292-PS; Interview of Goering by representative of London Daily Mail, concerning the German Air Force, from German report in The Archive, March 1935, p. 1830. (USA 52) .Vol. IV, Pg. 995

*2324-PS; Extracts from Reconstruction of a Nation, by Hermann Goering, 1934. (USA 233) .Vol. IV, Pg. 1033

2344-PS; Reconstruction of a Nation by Goering, 1934, p. 89. .Vol. IV, Pg. 1065

*2385-PS; Affidavit of George S. Messersmith, 30 August 1945. (USA 68) .Vol. V, Pg. 23

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*2523-PS; Account of conversations between Goering and Bunjes. (USA 783) .Vol. V, Pg. 258

2532-PS; Extract from The Third Reich, by Gerd Ruehle. .Vol. V, Pg. 268

*2801-PS; Minutes of conversation between Goering and Slovak Minister Durkansky (probably late fall or early winter 1938-39). (USA 109) .Vol. V, Pg. 442

*2827-PS; Extract from The Third Reich, concerning Four Years Plan, pp. 250-253. (USA 577) .Vol. V, Pg. 474

*2836-PS; Affidavit of offices and positions held by Goering. (USA 4) .Vol. V, Pg. 503

2875-PS; Decree on exclusion of Jews from German economic life, 12 November 1938. .Vol. V, Pg. 536

*2949-PS; Transcripts of telephone calls from Air Ministry March 11-14, 1938. (USA 76) .Vol. V, Pg. 628

*2950-PS; Affidavit of Frick, 19 November 1945. (USA 448) .Vol. V, Pg. 654

*2962-PS; Minutes of meeting of Reich Cabinet, 15 March 1933. (USA 578) .Vol. V, Pg. 669

*2986-PS; Affidavit of the defendant, Wilhelm Frick, 19 November 1945. (USA 409) .Vol. V, Pg. 688

*3005-PS; Letter from Reich Labor Ministry to Presidents of Regional Labor Offices, 26 August 1941, concerning use of Russian PWs. (USA 213) .Vol. V, Pg. 727

*3042-PS; Affidavit of Dr. Kajetan Muehlmann, 19 November 1945. (USA 375) .Vol. V, Pg. 754

**3047-PS; File notes on conference in Fuehrer's train on 12 September 1939; report on execution of Jews in Borrisow; and entries from diary of Admiral Canaris. (USA 80) (Referred to but not offered in evidence.) .Vol. V, Pg. 766

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*3051-PS; Three teletype orders from Heydrich to all stations of State Police, 10 November 1938, on measures against Jews, and one order from Heydrich on termination of protest actions. (USA 240) .Vol. V, Pg. 797

*3054-PS; "The Nazi Plan", script of a motion picture composed of captured German film. (USA 167) .Vol. V, Pg. 801

*3058-PS; Letter from Heydrich to Goering, 11 November 1938, reporting action against the Jews. (USA 508) .Vol. V, Pg. 854

3251-PS; Extracts from Reconstruction of a Nation by Hermann Goering. .Vol. V, Pg. 956

*3252-PS; Extract from book Hermann Goering, The Man and His Work, by Eric Gritzbach, 1937. (USA 424) .Vol. V, Pg. 957

*3259-PS; Extract from book Hermann Goering, The Man and His Work, by Eric Gritzbach, p. 69. (USA 424) .Vol. V, Pg. 1007

3440-PS; Speech of Goering entitled The Victory over Communism in Germany, published in The Archive, November- December 1934, pp.1153-4. Vol. VI, Pg. 150

*3441-PS; Speech by Goering, published in Speeches and Papers, 1939, p. 242. (USA 437) .Vol. VI, Pg. 150

*3442-PS; Hitler's address to the Reichstag, 13 July 1934, published in The Archive, Vols. 4-6, p. 505. (USA 576).Vol. VI, Pg. 151

*3458-PS; Speech by Hermann Goering on 15 September 1935, from The Third Reich. (USA 588) .Vol. VI, Pg. 158

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*3460-PS; Speech by Goering, from Hermann Goering Speeches and Papers. (USA 437) .Vol. VI, Pg. 160

3461-PS; Excerpt from, Hermann Goering: Reconstruction of a Nation. .Vol. VI, Pg. 160

*3471-PS; Letter from Keppler to Bodenschatz, 21 February 1938, with enclosures noting activity of Leopold as leader of Austrian Nazis and possible appointment of Klausner as his successor. (USA 583) .Vol. VI, Pg. 195

*3472-PS; Letter from Keppler to Goering, 9 February 1938, requesting that Leopold be forbidden to negotiate with Schuschnigg except with approval of Reich authorities. (USA 582) .Vol. VI, Pg. 196

*3473-PS; Letter from Keppler to Goering, 6 January 1938, giving details of Nazi intrigue in Austria. (USA 581) .Vol. VI, Pg. 197

*3474-PS; Manuscript notes by Bodenschatz on conference of German Air Forces leaders, 2 December 1936. (USA 580) .Vol. VI, Pg. 199

*3568-PS; Letter from SS Main Office, 25 July 1942, concerning enrollment into SS of Reichsminister Albert Speer. (USA 575) .Vol. VI, Pg. 256

*3740-PS; Affidavit of Franz Halder, 6 March 1946. (USA 779) .Vol. VI, Pg. 635

3766-PS; Report prepared by the German Army in France 1942 concerning removal of French art objects through the German Embassy and the Einsatzstab Rosenberg in France. .Vol. VI, Pg. 646

3775-PS; Letter from Goering to his brother-in-law, 21 November 1940, concerning bomb destruction in England. Vol. VI, Pg. 652

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