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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
Collaboration with Italy & Japan
Aggressive War Against the United States
November 1936 to December 1941
(Part 8 of 12)

(3) Nazi Preparations and Collaboration with the Japanese Against the United States. The Nazi preparations and collaboration with the Japanese against the United States present a twofold aspect: one of preparations by the Nazis themselves for attack from across the Atlantic; the other of the fomenting of war in the Pacific.

In the previous discussion of the Nazi exhortations to the Japanese to war against the British Commonwealth and the USSR, reference has been made to certain documents relating to the United States. Those documents will be taken up again, in their relevant passages, to show their particular application. In the treatment of Ribbentrop's urging the Japanese to war against the USSR, documents have been introduced chronicling conferences which took place after the dates of 7 December 1941 and 11 December 1941 when the Japanese and German Governments, respectively, initiated and declared aggressive war against the United States. These documents have indicated that Nazi awareness and acceptance of the direction in which their actions were

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leading, as well as the universal aspects of their conspiracy and of their alliance with the Japanese.

(a) Preliminary Nazi Preparations Against the United States.

The Nazi conspirators' intentions against the United States must be viewed in the focus of both their over-all plan and their immediate commitments elsewhere. That their over-all plan involved ultimate aggressive war against the United States was Intimated by Goering in a speech on 8 July 1938, when the Nazi conspirators had already forcibly annexed Austria and were perfecting their plans for occupation of Czechoslovakia.. This speech was delivered to representatives of the aircraft industry And the copy which the prosecution has obtained was transmitted as the enclosure to a secret memorandum from Goering's adjutant to General Udet, who was then in charge of experimental research for the Luftwaffe (R140). The statement in the covering memorandum notes that the enclosure is a "copy of the shorthand minutes of the conference". In the course of his long speech, Goering called for increased aircraft production and referred to the necessity for full mobilization of German industrial capacity. He continued:

"I still am missing entirely the bomber which flies with 5-tons of explosives as far as New York and back. I should be extremely happy to have such a bomber so that I would at last be able to stop somewhat the mouth of the arrogant people over there." (R-140)

Goering's fervent hope, of course, was not capable of realization at that time, either technically or in the face of the Nazi conspirators' schedule of aggression that has already been outlined. During the period of their preparation for and waging of aggressive war in Europe, up though the launching of the campaign against the U.S.S.R., it is only reasonable to believe that the Nazi conspirators were not disposed to involve the United States in war at that time.

Nevertheless, even in the fall of 1940, the prosecution of war against the United States of America at a later date was on the military agenda. This is clearly shown in a document which was found in the files of the OKL, the German Air Force, (376-PS). This memorandum is marked "Chefsache" -- the German designation for Top Secret -- and is directed from a Major von Falkenstein to an unspecified General, presumably a Luftwaffe General. Falkenstein, who was a Major of the General Staff, was at that time the Luftwaffe Liaison Officer with the Operations Staff of the OKW, which was the staff headed by Jodl. His memorandum, which he characterizes as a "brief

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resume of the military questions current here", is dated 2 October 1940. It covers several questions. Paragraph 5 states: "5. The Fuehrer i8 at present occupied with the question of the occupation of the Atlantic Islands with a view to the prosecution of war against America at a later date. Deliberations on this subject are being embarked upon here. Essential conditions are at the present:

"a. No operational commitment "b. Portuguese neutrality "c. Support of France and Spain

"A brief assessment of the possibility of seizing and holding air bases and o the question of supply is needed from the GAF.

"Major Queisner will fetch the documents for himself from Ic Kurfurst (G. in C.- GAF Rear Hq.). I would like to ask Colonel Schmidt to arrange that he be supplied with the information he desires." (376-PS)

The Nazi Military interest in the United States is further indicated by paragraph 7:

"7. General von Boetticher has made repeated reference, especially in his telegram 2314 dated 26/10, to the fact that in his opinion too many details of our knowledge of American aircraft industry are being published in the German press. The matter has been discussed at Armed Forces Supreme Command. I pointed out that the matter was a specifically GAF one, but have taken the liberty of referring the matter to you on its own merits." (376-PS)

Again in July 1941, in his first flush of confidence resulting from early gains in the aggression against the USSR, the Fuehrer signed an order for further preliminary preparations for the attack on the United States. This top secret order, found in files of the German Navy, reads:

"By virtue of the intentions announced in Directive No. 32, for the further conduct of the War, I lay down the following principles to govern the strength of personnel and of material supplies:

"1. In general: The military domination of Europe after the defeat of Russia will enable the strength of the Army to be considerably reduced in the near future. As far as the reduced strength of the Army will allow, the Armoured units will be greatly increased.

"Naval armament must be restricted to those measures which have a direct connection with the conduct o the war against England and, should the case arise, against America.

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"The main effort in armament will be shifted to the Air Force, which must be greatly increased in strength." (C-74)

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