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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
Aggression Against the U.S.S.R.
(Part 16 of 16)


Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6 (a). Vol. I, Pg. 5

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1, Sections IV (F) 6; V. Vol. I, Pg. 27,29

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number indicates that the document was referred to during the trial but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason given in parentheses following the description of the document. The USA series number, given in parentheses following the description of the document, is the official exhibit number assigned by the court.]

*444-PS; Original Directive No. 18 from Fuehrer's Headquarters signed by Hitler and initialled by Jodl, 12 November 1940, concerning plans for prosecution of war in Mediterranean Area and occupation of Greece. (GB 116) . Vol. III, Pg. 403

[Page 835]

*446-PS; Top Secret Fuehrer Order No. 21 signed by Hitler and initialled by Jodl, Warlimont and Keitel, 18 December 1940, concerning the Invasion of Russia (case Barbarossa). (USA 31) . Vol. III, Pg. 407

*447-PS; Top Secret Operational Order to Order No. 21, signed by Keitel, 13 March 1941, concerning Directives for special areas. (USA 135) . Vol. III, Pg. 409

*864-PS; Top Secret Note, 20 October 1939, on conference between Hitler and Chief OKW concerning future relations of Poland to Germany, 17 October 1939. (USA 609) . Vol. III, Pg. 619

*865-PS; Correspondence between Keitel, Rosenberg and Lammers, April 1941, concerning appointment of Jodl and Warlimont as OKW representatives with Rosenberg. (USA 143) . Vol. III, Pg. 621

*872-PS; Memorandum of Discussion between the Fuehrer and the OKW, concerning case "Barbarossa" and "Sonnenblume" (African operation). (USA 134) . Vol. III, Pg. 626

*873-PS; Top secret memorandum of discussion with the Chief "L", 30 April 1941, about the invasion of Russia. (USA 137) . Vol. III, Pg. 633

874-PS; Draft letter to Todt, initialled K, J, and W, 9 March 1941, concerning Deception measures. . Vol. III, Pg. 634

876-PS; Letter from Keitel, 12 May 1941, concerning Deception of the enemy. . Vol. III, Pg. 635

886-PS; Fuehrer decree, 13 May 1941, on courts martial and treatment of enemy civilians in the district "Barbarossa", signed by Keitel for Hitler, and initialled by Jodl. . Vol. III, Pg. 637

[Page 836]

*1017-PS; Memorandum entitled "Memorial No. 1 regarding USSR", 2 April 1941, found in Rosenberg's "Russia File". (USA 142) . Vol. III, Pg. 674

*1019-PS; Appendix to Memorandum No. 2. Recommendation as to the personnel for the Reich Commissariats in the East and for the Political Central Office in Berlin, 7 April 1941. (USA 823) . Vol. III, Pg. 681

*1029-PS; Paper entitled "Instructions for a Reich Commissar in the Baltic States", 8 May 1941, found in Rosenberg's "Russia File". (USA 145) . Vol. III, Pg. 690

*1030-PS; General instructions for all Reich Commissars in the Occupied Eastern Territories, 8 May 1941, found in Rosenberg file. (USA 144) . Vol. III, Pg. 692

1034-PS; Minutes of discussion concerning Construction and Administration, 22 June 1941. . Vol. III, Pg. 693

*1039-PS; Report concerning preparatory work regarding problems in Eastern Territories, 28 June 1941, found in Rosenberg's "Russia File". (USA 146) . Vol. III, Pg. 695

*1058-PS; Excerpt from a speech, 20 June 1941, by Rosenberg before people most intimately concerned with Eastern Problem, found in his "Russia File". (USA 147) . Vol. III, Pg. 716

1156-PS; Report to Goering from Chief of Office for War Mobilization of Economy, 19 March 1941. . Vol. III, Pg. 808 [Page 837]

*1157-PS; Report on conference, 29 April 1941, concerning top secret plan for Economic exploitation of Soviet Areas (Oldenburg Plan). (USA 141) . Vol. III, Pg. 811

*1229-PS; OKW Directive to the German Intelligence Service in the East, signed by Jodl, 6 September 1940. (USA 130) . Vol. III, Pg. 849

1316-PS; Top secret note for files on conference of 21 March 1941 concerning employment of Quartermaster General. . Vol. III, Pg.908

*1317-PS; Top secret notes taken by Hamann of a discussion of the economic exploitation of Russia, presided over by General Thomas, 28 February 1941. (USA 140) . Vol. III, Pg. 911

*1456-PS; Thomas memorandum 20 June 1941; Keitel consulted about resources of USSR. (USA 148) . Vol. IV, Pg. 21

*1517-PS; Memorandum from Rosenberg concerning discussion with the Fuehrer, 114 February 1941. (USA 824) . Vol. IV, Pg. 55

*1799-PS; Annex 1 to report of Chief of General Staff of the Army, 5 December 1940, concerning planned operation in the East. (USA 131) . Vol. IV, Pg. 374

*1834-PS; Report on conference between Ribbentrop and Oshima, 23 February 1941. (USA 129) . Vol. IV, Pg. 469

*2353-PS; Extracts from General Thomas' Basic Facts for History of German War and Armament Economy. (USA 35) . Vol. IV, Pg. 1071

*2718-PS; Memorandum "About the result of today's discussion with State Secretaries about Barbarossa", 2 May 1941. (USA 32) . Vol. V, Pg. 378

3014-PS; Affidavit of General Ernst Koestring, former German military attache in Moscow, concerning planning for the attack on the USSR in early August 1940.; Vol. V, Pg. 734 [Page 838]

3031-PS; Affidavit of General Warlimont, 121 January 1945, stating that first directive for campaign against USSR was issued in August 1940. . Vol. V, Pg. 740

3032-PS; Affidavit of General Walter Warlimont, 121 January 1945, stating that the projected campaign against USSR was first made known to him at conference with Jodl, 29 July 1940. . Vol. V, Pg. 741

*3054-PS; "The Nazi Plan", script of a motion picture composed of captured German film. (USA 167). . Vol. V, Pg. 801

3579-PS; Memorandum, signed Schnurre, on the status of deliveries under German-Russian economic agreement, 28 September 1940. . Vol. VI, Pg. 276

*C-33; Entries in Naval War Diary, concerning operation "Barbarossa" and "Marita". (USA 133) . Vol. VI, Pg. 846

*C-35; Entry in Naval War Diary, January 1941, p. 401. (USA 132) . Vol. VI, Pg. 846

C-37; References to operation "Barbarossa"' in the German Naval War Diary, June 1941. . Vol. VI, Pg. 854

*C-38; Letter, 13 June 1941, requesting decision on action against enemy submarines and Order to attack Soviet submarines, 15 June 1941. (GB 223) . Vol. VI, Pg. 855

*C-39; Timetable for Barbarossa, approved by Hitler and signed by Keitel. (USA 138) . Vol. VI, Pg. 857

*C-50; Covering letters and Order of 13 May 1941, signed by Keitel on ruthless treatment of civilians in the USSR for offenses committed by them. (USA 554; GB 162) . Vol. VI, Pg. 871 [Page 839]

C-51; Order signed by Keitel, 27 July 1941, for destruction of all copies of Order of 18 May 1941 (document C-50) without affecting its validity. . Vol. VI, Pg. 875

C-53; Order signed by Keitel, 20 September 1940, concerning Military Missions to Rumania. . Vol. VI, Pg.877

C-54; Fuehrer Order, 23 May 1941, concerning military activities in Rumania. . Vol. VI, Pg. 877

*C-77; Memorandum from Chief of High Command to Navy High Command, 18 May 1941. (GB 146) . Vol. VI, Pg. 908

*C-78; Schmundt's Order of 9 June 1941, convening conference on Barbarossa on 14 June. (USA 139) . Vol. VI, Pg. 909

C-150; Letter from Hitler to General Antonescu, 18 June 1941. . Vol. VI, Pg. 963

*C-170; File of Russo-German relations found in OKM files covering the period 25 August 1939 to 22 June 1941. (USA 136) . Vol. VI, Pg. 977

*L-172; "The Strategic Position at the Beginning of the 5th Year of War", a lecture delivered by Jodl on 7 November 1943 at Munich to Reich and Gauleiters. (USA 34) . Vol. VII, Pg. 920

*TC-25; Non-aggression Treaty between Germany and USSR and announcement of 25 September 1939 relating to it. (GB 145) . Vol. VIII, Pg. 375

Statement XIV; Hungarian Relations with Germany Before and During the War by Nicholas Horthy, Jr., Nurnberg, 22 February 1946.

Statement XV; Why Hungary Went to War Against the Soviet Union by Nicholas Horthy, Jr., Nurnberg, 3 May 1946. . Vol. VIII, Pg. 767

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