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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
Aggression Against Poland, Danzig, England & ; France
(Part 21 of 21)


Charter of the International Military Tribunal, Article 6 (a). Vol. I Pg. 5

International Military Tribunal, Indictment Number 1, Sections IV (F) 4; V. Vol. I Pg. 26,29

[Note: A single asterisk (*) before a document indicates that the document was received in evidence at the Nurnberg trial. A double asterisk (**) before a document number indicates that the document was referred to during the trial but was not formally received in evidence, for the reason given in parentheses following the description of the document. The USA series number, given in parentheses following the description of the document, is the official exhibit number assigned by the court.]

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*386-PS; Notes on a conference with Hitler in the Reich Chancellery, Berlin, 5 November 1937, signed by Hitler's adjutant, Hossbach, and dated 10 November 1937. (USA 25) Vol. III, Pg. 295

*388-PS; File of papers on Case Green (the plan for the attack on Czechoslovakia), kept by Schmundt,Hitler's adjutant, April-October 1938,. (USA 26) Vol. III, Pg. 305

*699-PS; Letter from Funk to Hitler,25 August 1939, reporting on economic affairs. (GB 49) Vol. III, Pg. 509

*789-PS; Speech of the Fuehrer at a conference, 23 November 1939, to which all Supreme Commanders were ordered. (USA 23) Vol. III, Pg.572

*795-PS; Keitel's conference, 17 August 1939, concerning\ giving Polish uniforms to Heydrich. (GB 54) Vol. III, Pg.580

*798-PS; Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, at Obersalzberg, 22 August 1939. (USA 29) Vol. III, Pg.581

*1014-PS; Hitler's speech to Commanders-in-Chief, 22 August 1939. (USA 30) Vol. III, Pg.665

*1639-A-PS; Mobilization book for the Civil Administration, 1939 Edition, issued over signature of Keitel. (USA 777) Vol. IV, Pg. 143

*1780-PS; Excerpts from diary kept by General Jodl, January 1937 to August 1939. (USA 72) Vol. IV, Pg.360

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1796-PS; Notes to the War Diary from March 1939 to January 1940. Vol. IV, Pg.370

1822-PS; Telegram from Minister of Foreign Affairs in Rome to Minister of Foreign Affairs in Berlin,25 August 1939, concerning conference with Mussolini and Ciano. Vol. IV, Pg.459

1823-PS; Hitler reply to Mussolini, 27 August 1939, concerning attitude of Italy in conference of25 August 1939. Vol. IV, Pg.462

1828-PS; Memorandum handed to German Foreign Office by Count Magistrate in Rome, 7 August 1939. Vol. IV, Pg.463

*1831-PS; Correspondence between Hitler and Mussolini, September 1939. (GB 75) Vol. IV, Pg.463

1832-PS; Telephone report of Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs in Rome, 27 August 1939. Vol. IV, Pg.468

1889-PS; Account of conference of Fuehrer and Italian Ambassador Attolico, 31 August 1939. Vol. IV, Pg.528

*2327-PS; Two top secret memoranda, 14 June 1939, concerning operation "Fall Weiss". (USA 39) Vol. IV, Pg.1035

*2357-PS; Speech by Hitler before Reichstag, 20 February 1938, published in Documents of German Politics, Part VI, 1, pp. 50-52. (GB 30) Vol. IV, Pg.1099

*2368-PS; Hitler's speech before Reichstag, 30 January 1937, published in Documents of German Politics, Part VI, 2, p. 42. (GB 26) Vol. IV, Pg.1102

*2530-PS; Ribbentrop's speech in Warsaw, 25 January 1939, published in Voelkischer Beobachter, 1 February 1939. (GB 36) Vol. V, Pg. 267

[Page 727]

*2751-PS; Affidavit of Alfred Naujocks, 20 November 1945. (USA 482) Vol. V, Pg. 390

2817-PS; Telegram from German Embassy, Rome, to Ribbentrop, concerning answer of Duce to Hitler's second letter, 27 August 1939. Vol. V, Pg.452

*2818-PS; Secret additional protocol to the Friendship and Alliance Pact between Germany and Italy. (GB 292) Vol. V, Pg.453

2834-PS; Letter from Mussolini to Fuehrer, 25 August 1939. Vol. V, Pg.502

*2835-PS; German Foreign Office memorandum on conversation between Ribbentrop and the Duce, 10 March 1940. (GB 291) Vol. V, Pg.502

*2846-PS; Affidavit of Edwin Lahousen, 13 November 1945 Vol. V, Pg. 507

*2897-PS; Telegram from German Ambassador in Tokyo, Ott, to Ribbentrop, 13 July 1941. (USA 156) Vol. V, Pg.566

*3054-PS; "The Nazi Plan", script of a motion picture composed of captured German film. (USA 167) Vol. V, Pg.801

*C-23; Unsigned documents found in official Navy files containing notes year by year from 1927 to 1940 on reconstruction of the German Navy, and dated 18 February 1938, 8 March 1938, September 1938. (USA 49) Vol. VI, Pg. 827

*C-30; Air-Sea Forces Orders for Occupation Danzig, 27 July 1939. (GB 46) Vol. VI, Pg.831

*C-120; Directives for Armed Forces 193940 for "Fall Weiss", operation against Poland. (GB 41) Vol. VI, Pg.916

*C-126; Preliminary Time Table for "Fall Weiss" and directions for secret mobilization. (GB 45) Vol. VI, Pg.932

[Page 728]

*C-137; Keitel's appendix of 124 January 1938 to Hitler Order of October 21 1938. (GB 33) Vol. VI, Pg.949

*C-142; Intention of the Army High Command and Orders, signed by Brauchitsch. (USA 538) Vol. VI, Pg.956

*C-172; Order No. 1 for "Fall Weiss" signed by Doenitz. (GB 189) Vol. VI, Pg. 1002

*C-175; OKW Directive for Unified Preparation for War 1937-1938, with covering letter from von Blomberg, 24 June 1937. (USA 69) Vol. VI, Pg. 1006

*D-738; Memorandum on second conference between German Foreign Minister with Hungarian Prime and Foreign Minister on 1 May 1939. (GB 290) Vol. VII, Pg. 193

*L-43; Air Force "Organizational Study 1950", 2 May 1938. (GB 29) (See Chart No. 10.) Vol. VII, Pg.788

*L-79; .. Minutes of conference, 23 May 1939, "Indoctrination on the political situation and future aims". (USA 27) Vol. VII, Pg.847

*L-172; "The Strategic Position at the Beginning of the 5th Year of War", a lecture delivered by Jodl on 7 November 1943 at Munich to Reich and Gauleiters. (USA 34) Vol. VIII, Pg. 920

*R-100; Minutes of instructions given by Hitler to General von Brauchitsch on 25 March 1939. (USA 121) Vol. VIII, Pg.83

*TC-2; Hague Convention (1) for Pacific Settlement of International Disputes197. (GB 2) Vol. VIII, Pg.276

*TC-3; Hague Convention (3) Relative to opening of Hostilities. (GB 2) Vol. VIII, Pg.279

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*TC-9; Versailles Treaty, Section XI, Article 100, Free City of Danzig. (GB 3) Vol. VIII, Pg. 290

*TC-15; Arbitration Treaty between Germany and Poland at Locarno, 16 October 1925. (GB 16) Vol. VIII, Pg.331

*TC-18; Declaration concerning wars of aggression; resolution of 3rd Committee of League of Nations, 24 September 1927. (GB 17) Vol. VIII, Pg.357

*TC-19; Kellogg-Briand Pact at Paris. 1929 Reichsgesetzblatt, Part II, No. 9, pp. 97-101. (GB 180) Vol. VIII, Pg. 359

*TC-21; German-Polish Declaration, 26 January 1934. (GB 24) Vol. VIII, Pg. 368

*TC-28; German assurance to Czechoslovakia, 26 September 1938, from Documents of German Politics, Part VI, pp. 34346. (GB 22) Vol. VIII, Pg. 378

*TC-29; German assurances to Poland, 26 September 1938, from Documents of German Politics, Part VI, p. 336. (GB 32) Vol. VIII, Pg. 378

*TC-53-A; Marginal note to decree of final incorporation of Memel with German Reich, 23 March 1939, from Documents of German Polities, Part VII, p. 552. (GB 4) Vol. VIII, Pg. 408

*TC-54; Proclamation of the Fuehrer to German Armed Forces, 1 September 1939. (GB 73) Vol. VIII, Pg. 408

*TC-70; Hitler's Reichstag speech concerning agreement with Poland, 30 January 1934, from Voelkischer Beobachter, 31 January 1934. (GB 25) Vol. VIII, Pg. 433

*TC-71; Reports of British Consul in Danzig, July 1939. (GB 47) Vol. VIII, Pg. Vol. VIII, Pg. 434

*TC-72 No. 13; British Blue Book. Hitler's Reichstag speech, 28 April 1939. (GB 43) Vol. VIII, Pg. 438

[Page 730]

*TC-72 No. 14; British Blue Book. German memorandum renouncing 1934 agreement, 28 April 1939. (GB 42) Vol. VIII, Pg. 441

*TC-72 No. 16; British Blue Book. Polish Government's reply, 5 May 1939, to 28 April memo. (GB 44) Vol. VIII, Pg. 445

*TC-72 No. 17; British Blue Book. British Prime Minister's statement in House of Commons, 31 March 1939. (GB 39) Vol. VIII, Pg. 450

*TC-72 No. 18; British Blue Book. Anglo-Polish communique issued 6 April 1939. (GB 40) Vol. VIII, Pg. 450

*TC-72 No. 53; British Blue Book. Report of British Ambassador, Warsaw, 26 August 1939. (GB 51) Vol. VIII, Pg. 451

*TC-72 No. 54; British Blue Book. Report of British Ambassador, Warsaw, 26 August 1939. (GB 52) Vol. VIII, Pg. 452

*TC-72 No. 55; British Blue Book. Report of British Ambassador, Warsaw, 27 August 1939. (GB 53) Vol. VIII, Pg. 452

*TC-72 No. 56; British Blue Book. British Prime Minister's letter to Hitler, 22 August 1939. (GB 55) Vol. VIII, Pg. 453

*TC-72 No. 60; British Blue Book. Hitler's reply to British Prime Minister, 23 August 1939. (GB 56) Vol. VIII, Pg. 455

*TC-72 No. 62; British Blue Book. Danzig Senate Decree appointing Forster Head of State, 23 August 1939. (GB 50) Vol. VIII, Pg. 457

*TC-72; No. 68; British Blue Book. Hitler's verbal communique to Sir Neville Henderson,25 August 1939. (GB 65) Vol. VIII, Pg. 458

*TC-72 No. 74; British Blue Book. British Government's reply, 28 August 1939, to Hitler's message of 25 August. (GB 66) Vol. VIII, Pg. 460

[Page 731]

*TC-72 No. 75; British Blue Book. Hitler and Sir N. Henderson conversation, 28 August 1939. (GB 67) Vol. VIII, Pg. 463

*TC-72 No. 78; British Blue Book. Hitler's reply to British Government, 29 August 1939. (GB 68) Vol. VIII, Pg. 466

*TC-72 No. 79; British Blue Book. Hitler and Sir N. Henderson conversation, 29 August 1939. (GB 69) Vol. VIII, Pg. 469

*TC-72 No. 89; British Blue Book. British Government's reply, 30 August 1939, to German communication of 29 August. (GB 70) Vol. VIII, Pg. 470

*TC-72 No. 92; British Blue Book. Ribbentrop and Sir N. Henderson conversation, midnight 30 August 1939. (GB 71) Vol. VIII, Pg. 472

*TC-72 No. 110; British Blue Book. British Government's ultimatum, 1 September 1939. (GB 74) Vol. VIII, Pg. 473

TC-72 No. 113; British Blue Book. Copy German proposals handed to Sir N. Henderson 9:15 P.M., 31 August 1939. Vol. VIII, Pg. 474

TC-72 No. 118; British Blue Book. British Government's final ultimatum, 3 September 1939. Vol. VIII, Pg. 474

TC-72 No. 124; Description; British Blue Book. President Roosevelt's appeal to Hitler, 24 August 1939. (GB 59 Vol. VIII, Pg.475

*TC-72 No. 126; British Blue Book. President Moscicki's reply to President Roosevelt,25 August 1939. (GB 60) Vol. VIII, Pg. 476

*TC-72 No. 127; British Blue Book. President Roosevelt's second appeal to Hitler, 25 August 1939. (GB 61) Vol. VIII, Pg. 477

*TC-72 No. 139; British Blue Book. The Pope's appeal, 24 August 1939. (GB 62) Vol. VIII, Pg. 477

*TC-72 No. 141; British Blue Book. The Pope's appeal, 31 August 1939. (GB 63) Vol. VIII, Pg. 480

[Page 472]

*TC-73 No. 33; Polish White Book. German-Polish communique, 5 November 1937. (GB 27) Vol. VIII, Pg. 480

*TC-73 No. 44; Polish White Book. Lipski, Ribbentrop luncheon, conversation, 24 October 1938. (GB 27-A) Vol. VIII, Pg.483

*TC-73 No. 45; Polish White Book. Beck's instructions to Lipski, 31 October 1938. (GB 27-B) Vol. VIII, Pg. 484

*TC-73 No. 48; Polish White Book. Beck and Hitler conversation, 5 January 1939. (GB 34) Vol. VIII, Pg.486

*TC-73 No. 49; Polish White Book. Beck and Ribbentrop conversation, 6 January 1939. (GB 35) Vol. VIII, Pg.488

*TC-73 No. 57; Polish White Book. Hitler's Reichstag speech, 30 January 1939. (GB 37) Vol. VIII, Pg.488

*TC-73 No. 61; Polish White Book. Ribbentrop and Lipski conversation, 21 March 1939. (GB 38) Vol. VIII, Pg.489

*TC-73 No. 91; Polish White Book. Anglo-Polish Agreement,25 August 1939. (GB 57) Vol. VIII, Pg.492

*TC-73 No. 112; Polish White Book. Ribbentrop-Liski conversation, 31 August 1939. (GB 72) Vol. VIII, Pg.494

*TC-73 No. 113; Polish White Book. German broadcast 9 P.M. 31 August 1939. Vol. VIII, Pg.495

*TC-75; Memo for the Fuehrer, 2 January 1938, concerning Anglo-German relations. (GB 28) Vol. VIII, Pg.513

*TC-77; Note for Reichsminister, 26 August 1938. (GB 31) Vol. VIII, Pg.515

*TC-78; Memorandum of conversation between Hitler, Ribbentrop and Ciano, 12 August 1939. (GB 48) Vol. VIII, Pg.529

[Page 733]

*TC-78; French Prime Minister's letter to Hitler, 26 August 1939. (GB 58) Vol. VIII, Pg.531

*TC-79; Hitler's reply to French Prime Minister, 27 August 1939. (GB 58) Vol. VIII, Pg.531

*TC-90; Goering's interrogation, 29 August 1945. (GB 64) Vol. VIII, Pg. 534

*TC-91; Ribbentrop's interrogation, 29 August 1945. (GB 276) Vol. VIII, Pg. 535

Affidavit A; Affidavit of Erwin Lahousen, 21 January 1946, substantially the same as his testimony on direct examination before the International Military Tribunal at Nurnberg 21 January 1945 and 11 February 1945. Vol. VIII, Pg.587

*Chart No. 10; 1938 Proposals for Luftwaffe Expansion 1938-1950. (L-43; GB 29) Vol. VIII, Pg.779

**Chart No. 12; German Aggression. (Enlargement displayed to Tribunal.) Vol. VIII, Pg. 781

**Chart No. 13; Violations of Treaties, Agreements and Assurances. (Enlargement displayed to Tribunal). Vol. VIII, Pg. 782

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