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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
The Execution of the Plan to Invade Czechoslovakia<(Part 13 of 29)

A satisfactory solution appears to have been arrived at. The last two paragraphs read:

"Thus it s proposed:

"Attack by the Army -- independent of the attack by the air force -- at the time desired by the Army (0615) and permission for limited operations to take place before then, however, only to an extent that will not alarm the entire Czech front.

"The Luftwaffe will attack at a time most suitable to them. (J) " (388-PS, Item 54)

On the same day, 27 September, Keitel sent a most secret memorandum to Hess and the Reichsfuehrer SS, Himmler, for the guidance of Nazi Party officials. This memorandum is Item 2 in the Schmundt file. It directs the Party officials and organizations to comply with the demands of the Army during the secret mobilization in such matters as turning over equipment and facilities. The first four paragraphs of this message read:

"As a result of the political situation the Fuehrer and Chancellor has ordered mobilization measures for the Armed Forces, without the political situation being aggravated by issuing the mobilization (X) order or corresponding codewords.

"Within the framework of these mobilization measures it is necessary for the Armed Forces authorities to issue demands to the various Party authorities and their organizations, which are connected with the previous issuing of the mobilization order, the advance measures or special code names.

"The special situation makes it necessary that these demands be met (even if the code word has not been previously issued) immediately and without being referred to higher authorities.

"OKW requests that subordinate offices be given immediate instructions to this effect so that the mobilization of the Armed Forces can be carried out according to plan." 388-PS, Item 2)

Two additional entries from Jodl's diary reveal the extent to which the Nazi conspirators carried forward their preparations for attack even during the period of the negotiations which

[Page 541]

culminated in the Munich Agreement. The entries for 26 and 27 September read:

"26 September:

"Chief of the Armed Forces High Command, acting through the Army High Command, has stopped the intended approach march of the advance units to the Czech border, because it is not yet necessary and because the Fuehrer does not intend to march in before the 30th in any case. Order to approach towards the Czech frontier need be given on the 27th only.

"In the evening of the 26th, fixed radio stations of Breslau, Dresden and Vienna are put at the disposal of the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda for interference with possible Czech propaganda transmissions. "Question by Foreign office whether Czechs are to be allowed to leave and cross Germany. Decision from Chief of the Armed Forces High Command: yes.

"1515 hours: The Chief of the Armed Forces High Command informs General Stumpf about the result of the Godesberg conversations and about the Fuehrer's opinion. In no case will X day be before the 30th.

"It is important that e do not permit ourselves to be drawn into military engagements because of false reports, before Prague replied.

"A question of Stumpf about Y hour results in the reply that on account of the weather situation, a simultaneous intervention of the Air Force and Army cannot be expected. The Army needs the dawn, the Air Force can only start later on account of frequent fogs.

"The Fuehrer has to make a decision for the commander in chief who is to have priority.

"The opinion of Stumpf is also that the attack of the Army has to proceed. The Fuehrer has not made any decision as yet about commitment against Prague.

"2000 hours: The Fuehrer addresses the people and the world in an important speech at the Sportspalast.

"27 September:

"1320 hours: The Fuehrer consents to the first wave of attack being advanced to a line from where they can arrive in the assembly area by 30 September." (1780-PS)

The order referred to by General Jodl in the last entry was also recorded by the faithful Schmundt. It appears as Item 3 of the file. It is the order which brought the Nazi armies to the jumping-off point for unprovoked aggression:

[Page 542]

"At 1300 September 27 the Fuehrer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces ordered the movement of the assault units from their exercise areas to their jumping-off points.

"The assault units (about 21 reinforced regiments, or 7 divisions,) must be ready to begin the action against 'Gruen' on September 30, the decision having been made one day previously by 1200 noon." (388-PS, Item 33)

There follows a pencil note by Schmundt:

"This order was conveyed to General Keitel at 1320 through Major Schmundt." (388-PS, Item 33)

The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

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