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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
Aggression Against Austria
(Part 15 of 19)

In addition Goering stated that the Cabinet must be formed by

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7:30.p. m., and he transmitted instructions, to be delivered to Seyss-Inquart as to who should be appointed to the cabinet:

"Goering: Yes, and by 7:30 he also must talk with the Fuehrer and as to the Cabinet, Keppler will bring you the names. One thing I have forgotten, Fishbeck must have the Department of Economy and Commerce.

"Dombrowski: That's understood.

"Goering: Kaltenbrunner is to have the Department of Security and Bahr is to have the armed forces. The Austrian Army is to be taken by Seyss-Inquart himself and you know all about the Justice Department.

"Dombrowski: Yes, yes.

"Goering: Give me the name.

"Dombrowski: Well, your brother-in-law.- Isn't that right?

"Goering: Yes ?

"Dombrowski: Yes.

"Goering: That's right and then also Fishbeck." (2949- PS, Part C)

About twenty minutes later, at 5:26 p. m., Goering received the news that. Miklas was refusing to appoint Seyss-Inquart as Chancellor. He issued instructions for an ultimatum to be delivered to Miklas. The telephone conversation between Goering and Seyss-Inquart went as follows:

"G: Now remember the following: You go immediately together with Lt. General Muff and tell the Federal President that if the conditions which are known to you are not accepted immediately, the troops who are already stationed at and advancing to the frontier will march in tonight along the whole line, and Austria will cease to exist. Lt. General Muff should go with you and demand to be admitted for conference immediately. Please, do inform us immediately about Miklas' position. Tell him, there is no time now for any joke. Just through the false report we received before action was delayed, but now the situation is that tonight the invasion will begin from all the corners of Austria. The invasion will be stopped and the troops will be held at the border only if we are informed by 7:30 that Miklas has entrusted you with the Federal Chancellorship. (There follows a sentence which is broken up) M. does not matter whatever it might be, the immediate restoration of the Party with all its organizations (again interruption)

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and then call out all the National Socialists all over the country. They should now be in the streets. So remember, report must be given till 7:30. Lt. General Muff is supposed to come along with you. I shall inform him immediately. If Miklas could not understand it in 4 hours, we shall make him understand it now in 4 minutes." (2949-PS, Part E)

An hour later, at 6:28 p. m. Goering had an extensively interrupted telephone conversation with Keppler and Muff and Seyss-Inquart. When told that Miklas had refused to appoint Seyss-Inquart, Goering replied:

"Goering: Well, then Seyss-Inquart has to dismiss him; just go upstairs again and just tell him plainly that SI shall call on the National Socialists guard, and in 5 minutes the troops will march in by my order". (2949-PS, Part H)

After an interruption, Seyss-Inquart came to the telephone and informed Goering that Miklas was still sticking to his old viewpoint, although a new person had gone in to talk to him and there might be definite word in about ten minutes. The conversation proceeded as follows:

"G: Listen, so I shall wait a few more minutes, till he comes back, then you inform me via Blitz conversation in the Reich Chancelleryas usually, but it has to be done fast. I hardly can justify it as a matter of fact. I am not entitled to do so; if it cannot be done, then you have to take over the power; all right?

"S: But if he threatens?

"S: Well, I see, then we shall be ready (atreten).

"G: Call me via Blitz." (2949-PS, Part H)

It is plain that Goering and Seyss-Inquart had agreed on a plan for Seyss-Inquart to take over power if Miklas remained obdurate. The plan involved both the use of the National Socialist forces in Austria and invasion y German troops.

Later that night, at about 8:00 o'clock, Goering and Seyss- Inquart had another conversation. This was after the ultimatum had expired. Seyss-Inquart informed Goering that Miklas was still refusing to name Seyss-Inquart as Chancellor. The conversation then proceeded as follows:

"G: O.K. I shall give the order to march in and then you make sure that you get the power. Notify the leading people about the following which I shall tell you now ! Everyone who offers resistance or organizes resistance, will immediately be subjected to our court- martial, the court-martial of our invading troops. Is that clear?

"G: Including leading personalities, it doesn't make any difference.

"S: Yes, they have given the order, not to offer any resistance.

"G: Yes, it does not matter: The Federal President did not authorize you, and that also can be considered as resistance.

"G: Well, now you are officially authorized.

"G: Well, good luck, Heil Hitler." (2949-PS, Part I)

Another historical eventthe famous telegram which Seyss- Inquart sent to the German Government requesting it to send troops into Austria to help put down disorderwas discussed over the telephone. A conversation held at 8:48 between Goering and Keppler proceeded as follows:

"G: Well, I do not know yet. Listen: The main thing is, that Inquart takes over all powers of the Government, that he keeps the radio stations occupied.

"K: Well, we represent the Government now

"G: Yes, that's it. You are the Government. Listen carefully: The following telegram should be sent here by Seyss-Inquart. Take the notes:

"The provisional Austrian Government which after the dismissal of the Schuschnigg Government, consider it its task to establish peace and order in Austria, sends to the German Government the urgent request, to support it in its task and to help it to prevent bloodshed. For this purpose it asks the German Government to send German troops as soon as possible".

"K: Well, SA and SS are marching through the streets, but everything is quiet. Everything has collapsed with the professional groups (?) " (2949-PS, Part L)

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