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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
Preparation for Aggression
(Part 4 of 14)

C. Renunciation of Armament Provisions of Versailles Treaty. 21 May 1935 was a very important date in the Nazi calendar. It was on that date that the Nazis passed the secret Reich Defense Law (2261-PS). The secrecy of their armament operations had already reached the point beyond which they could no longer maintain successful camouflage. Since their program called for still further expansion, they unilaterally renounced the armament provisions of the Versailles Treaty on the same date, 21 May 1935. Hitler's speech to the Reichstag on that day (2288-PS) was published in "Voelkischer Beobachter" under the heading "The Fuehrer Notifies the World of the Way to Real Peace." Hitler declared:

"1. The German Reich Government refuses to adhere to the Geneva Resolution of 17 May.

"The Treaty of Versailles was not broken by Germany unilaterally, but the well-known paragraphs of the dictate of Versailles were violated, and consequently invalidated, by those powers who could not make up their minds to follow t he disarmament requested of Germany with their own disarmament as agreed upon by Treaty.

"2. Because the other powers did not live up to their obligations under the disarmament program, the Government of the German Reich no longer considers itself bound to those articles, which are nothing but a discrimination against the German nation for an unlimited period of time, since, through them, Germany is being nailed down in a unilateral manner contrary to the spirit of the agreement." (2288-PS)

In conjunction with other phases of planning and preparation for aggressive war, there were various programs for direct and direct training of a military nature. They included not only

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the training of military personnel, but also the establishment and training of other military organizations, such as the Police Force, which could be and were absorbed by the Army. The extent of this program for military training is indicated by Hitler's boast of the expenditure of ninety billion Reichsmarks during the period 1933 to 1939, in the building up of the armed forces.

In a speech by Adolf Hitler delivered on 1 September 1939, (2322-PS), which was published in the "Voelkischer Beobachter" under the heading "The Fuehrer announces the Battle for the Justice and Security of the Reich", the following passage occurred:

"For more than six years now, I have been engaged in building up the German Armed Forces. During this period more than ninety billion Reichsmarks were spent building up the Wehrmacht. Today, ours are the best- equipped armed forces in the world, and they are superior to those of 1914. My confidence in them can never be shaken." (2322-PS)

The secret nature of this training program and the fact of its early development is illustrated by a report to Hess, in 1932, concerning the secret training of flying personnel, as well as the early plans to build a military air force (1143- PS). This report was sent in a letter from Schickedantz to Rosenberg, for delivery to Hess. Apparently Schickedantz was very anxious that no one but Hess should get this letter, and therefore sent it to Rosenberg for personal delivery to Hess. The letter points out that the civilian pilots should be so organized as to enable their transfer into the military air force organization. The letter dated 20 October 1932, reads:

"Dear Alfred [Rosenberg]: I am sending you enclosed a communication from the RWM forwarded to me by our confidential man (Vertrauensmann) which indeed is very interesting. I believe we will have to take some steps so that the matter will not be procured secretly for the Stahlhelm. This report is not known to anybody else. I intentionally did not inform even our tall friend." [Rosenberg, in an interrogation on 5 October 1945, identified this "tall friend" as being Von Albensleben.] "I am enclosing an additional copy for Hess, and ask you to transmit the letter to Hess by messenger, as I do not want to write a letter to Hess for fear that it might be read somewhere. Mit beste Gruss, Yours Amo." (1143-PS)

Enclosed in the report is:

"Air Force Organization"

"Purpose: Preparation of material and training of personnel

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to provide for the case of the armament of the air force.

"Entire management as a civilian organization will be transferred to Col. Von Willberg, at present commander of Breslau, who, retaining his position in the Reichswehr, is going on leave of absence.

"(a) Organizing the pilots of civilian air lines in such a way as to enable their transfer to the air force organization.

"(b) Prospects to train crews for military flying. Training to be done within the organization for military flying of the Stahlhelm [steel helmet] which is being turned over to Col. Hanel, retired.

"All existing organizations for sport flying are to be used for military flying. Directions on kinds and tasks of military flying will be issued by this Stahlhelm directorate. The Stahlhelm organization will pay the military pilots 50 marks per hour flight. These are due to the owner of the plane in case he himself carries out the flight. They are to be divided in case of non- owners of the plane, between flight organization, proprietor and crew in the proportion of 10 :20 :20. Military flying is now paid better than flying for advertisement (40). We therefore have to expect that most proprietors of planes or flying associations will go over to the Stahlhelm organization. It must be achieved that equal conditions will be granted by the RWM, also the NSDAP organization." (1143-PS)

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