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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter IX
Launching of Wars of Aggression
(Part 6 of 14)

The record of what happened thereafter is well-known to history The Anschluss with Austria, under military pressure from the Nazis, occurred in arch 1938. Pressure on Czechoslovakia resulted in the Munich Pact of September 1938. That Pact was

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violated, and Czechoslovakia invaded by Germany on 15 March 1939.

Another captured document, a file kept by Colonel Schmundt, Hitler's adjutant, reveals the truth concerning the deliberateness of the aggressions against Czechoslovakia (88- PS). The file was found in a cellar of the Platterhof at Obersalzberg, near Berchtesgaden. It consists of a work-file of originals and duplicates, incidental to the preparations for the annexation of Czechoslovakia. The German title is "Grimdlagen zur Stude Gruen", (Basic Principles for "Case Green"), "Green" being a codeword for the aggression against Czechoslovakia. Item No. 2 in this file is dated 22 April 1938. It is a summary, prepared by Schmundt, the adjutant, of a discussion on 22 April 1938 between Hitler and Wilhelm Keitel. This item, like the other items in the file, relates to "Case Green". This meeting occurred within approximately one month following the successful annexation of Austria. In the carrying out of the conspiracy, it became necessary to revise the "Plan Green", to take into account changed conditions, as a result of the bloodless success against Austria. Item 2 reads:

"Berlin, 22 April 1938. "Bases of the Dissertation on Gruen.

"Summary of discussion between Fuehrer and General Keitel of 21 April:

"A. Political Aspect.

"1. Strategic surprise attack out of a clear sky without any cause or possibility of justification has been turned down. As result would be: hostile world opinion which can lead to a critical situation. Such a measure is justified only for the elimination of the last opponent on the mainland.

"2. Action after a time of diplomatic clashes, which gradually come to a crisis and lead to war.

"3. Lightning-swift action as the result of an incident (for example, assassination of German ambassador in connection with an anti-German demonstration.)

"Military Conclusions.

"1. The preparations are to be made for the political possibilities (2 and 3). Case 2 is the undesired one since "Gruen" will have taken security measures.

"2. The loss of time caused by transporting the bulk of the divisions by rail -- which is unavailable, but should be cut down as far as possible -- must not impede a lightning-swift blow at the time of the action.

"3. 'Separate thrusts' are to be carried out immediately

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with a view to penetrating the enemy fortification lines at numerous points and in a strategically favorable direction. The thrusts are to be worked out to the smallest detail (knowledge of roads, composition of the columns according to their individual tasks). Simultaneous attacks by the Army and Air Force.

"The Air Force is to support the individual columns (for example dive-bombers; sealing off installations at penetration points, hampering the bringing up of reserves, destroying signal communications traffic, thereby isolating the garrisons.)

"4. Politically, the first four days of military action are the decisive ones. If there are no effective military successes, a European crisis will certainly arise. Accomplished Facts must prove the senselessness of foreign military intervention, draw Allies into the scheme (division of spoils) and demoralize 'Gruen.'

"Therefore: bridging the time gap between first penetration and employment of the forces to be brought up, by a determined and ruthless thrust by a motorized army. (e.g. via Pilsen, Prague.)

"5. If possible, separation of transport movement 'Rot' from 'Gruen'. ['Rot' was the code name for their then plan against the West.] A simultaneous strategic concentration 'Rot' can lead 'Rot' to undesired measures. On the other hand, it must be possible to put 'Case Rot' into operation at any time. "C. Propaganda.

"1. Leaflets on the conduct of Germans in Czechoslovakia (Gruenland.) "2. Leaflets with threats for intimidation of the Czechs (Gruenen).

[Initialled by Schmundt]" (388-PS)

Particular attention should be drawn to paragraph 3 of this document, under the heading "Political Aspect", which reads as follows:

"Lightning-swift action as the result of an incident (example: Assassination of German ambassador as an up-shot of an anti-German demonstration)." (388-PS)

The document as a whole establishes that the conspirators were planning the creation of an incident to justify to the world their own aggression against Czechoslovakia. It establishes that consideration was being given to assassinating the German ambassador at Prague to create the requisite incident.

The original plaintext version of this file is available via ftp.

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