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Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression
Volume I Chapter VII
Means Used by the Nazi Conspiractors in Gaining Control of the German State
(Part 41 of 55)

The major laws issued in this period are listed below:

Document Number     Date      Reichsgesetzblatt   Title and Gist of Law

1416-PS        15.9.35        I.1145              Reichsbuergergesetz (Reich 
                                                  Citizenship Law), first 
                                                  Nurnberg Law, reserving 
                                                  citizenship for subjects of 
                                                  German blood. [Signed by] 
                                                  Hitler, Frick.

2000-PS        15.9.35        I.1146              Gesetz zum Sohutze des 
                                                  deutschen Blutes, (Law for 
                                                  protection of German blood 
                                                  and German honor), 
                                                  forbidding marriages and 
                                                  extramarital relations 
                                                  between Jews and 
                                                  "Aryans" [Signed 
                                                  by] Hitler, Frick, Guertner, 

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1417-PS 14.11.35 I.1333 Erste Verordnung zum Reichsbuergergesetz (First regulation to Reich citizenship law), defining the terms "Jew" and "part-Jew". Jewish officials to be dismissed. [Signed by] Hitler, Frick, Hess. 2871-PS 7.3.36 I.133 Gesetz ueber as Reichstagwahlrecht (Law governing elections to the Reichstag) barring Jews from Reichstag vote. [Signed by] Hitler, Frick. 1406-PS 26.4.38 I.414 Verordnung ueber die Ammeldun des Vermoens von Jude (Decree for reporting Jewish owned property), basis for subsequent expropriation. [Signed by] Goering, Frick. 2872-PS 25.7.38 I.969 Vierte Verordnung zum Reichsbuergergesetz. Fourth decree on the Citizenship Law, revoking licenses of Jewish physicians. [Signed by] Frick. 2873-PS 17.8.38 I.1044 Zweite Verordnung zur Durchfuhwhng des Gesetzes ueber die Aenderung von Familiennamen und Vornmen (Second decree on law concerning change of first and last names), forcing Jews to adopt the names "Israel" and "Sara". [Signed by] Frick. 2874-PS 27.9.38 I.1403 Fuenfte Verordnung zum Reichsbuergergesetz. (Fifth decree to law relating to the Reich citizenship), revoking admission of Jewish lawyers.

(4) Program of 9 November 1938 and elimination of Jew. from economic life.

In the autumn of 1938, within the framework of economic preparation for aggressive war and as an act of defiance to world opinion, the Nazi conspirators began to put into effect a program of complete elimination of the Jews. The measures

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taken were partly presented as retaliation against "world Jewry" in connection with the killing of a German embassy official in Paris. Unlike the boycott action in April, 1933, when care was taken to avoid violence, an allegedly "spontaneous" pogrom was staged and carried out all over Germany on orders of Heydrich.

The organized character of the pogrom is also obvious from the admission of Heydrich and others at a meeting presided over by Goering at the Air Ministry in Berlin. (1816-PS)

The legislative measures which followed were discussed and approved in their final form at a meeting on 12 November 1938 under the chairmanship of Goering, with the participation of Frick, Funk and others. The meeting was called following Hitler's orders "requesting that the Jewish questions be now, once and for all, coordinated and solved one way or another." The participants agreed on measures to be taken "for the elimination of the Jew from German economy." Other possibilities, such as the establishment of ghettos, stigmatization through special insignia, and "the main problem, namely to kick the Jew out of Germany", were also discussed. All these measures were later enacted as soon as conditions permitted. (1816-PS)

The laws issued in this period were signed mostly by Goering, in his capacity as Deputy for the Four Year Plan, and were thus connected with the consolidation of control over German economy in preparation for aggressive war.

The major laws issued in this period are listed below:

Document Number     Date      Reichsgesetzblatt   Title and
                              Page                Gist of Law
1412-PS        12.11.38  I.1579                   Verordnun ueber eine 
                                                  Suhneleistun der Juden 
                                                  (Order concerning expiation 
                                                  contribution of Jews of 
                                                  German nationality), 
                                                  obligating all German Jews 
                                                  to pay a collective fine 
                                                  of Reichsmark. 
                                                  [Signed by] Goering.

2875-PS        12.11.38  I.1580                   Verordnun zur Ausschltun der 
                                                  Juden aus dem deutschen 
                                                  Wirtschaftsleben (Decree on 
                                                  elimination of Jews from 
                                                  German economic life), 
                                                  barring Jews from trade and 
                                                  crafts. [Signed by] Goering.


1415-PS 28.11.38 I.1676 Polizeiverordnun ueber das Auftreten der Juden in der Queffentlichkeit (Police regulation of the appearance of Jews in public), limiting movement of Jews to certain localities and hours. [Signed by] Heydrich (assistant to Frick). 1409-PS 3.12.38 I.1709 Verordnun ueber den Einsatz des Juedischen Vermoegens (Order concerning the Utilization of Jewish property), setting time limit for the sale or liquidation of Jewish enterprises; forcing Jews to deposit shares and securities held by them; forbidding sale or acquisition of gold and precious stones by Jews. [Signed by] Funk, Frick. 1419-PS 30.4.39 I.864 Gesetz ueber Mietverhaeltnisse mit Juden (Law concerning Jewish tenants) granting to landlords the right to give notice to Jewish tenants before legal expiration of lease. [Signed by] Hitler, Guertner, Krohn, Hess, Frick. 2876-PS 4.7.39 I.1097 Zehnte Verordnung zum Peichsbuergergesetz (Tenth decree relating to the Reich Citizenship Law), forcible congregation of Jews in the "Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland" [Signed by] Frick, Rust, Kerrl, Hess. 2877-PS 1.9.41 I.547 Polizeiverordnun ueber die Konnzeichnun der Juden (Police order concerning identification of Jews) forcing all Jews over 6 years of age to wear the Star of David. [Signed by] Heydrich.

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