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Logo of the 1998 Commemoration designed by Alfred Flattinger, Luftenberg
KZ Gusen I, II & III Commemoration
9 May 1998

Austria´s Federal Minister of the Interior commemorates for the first time

Austrian State officials laying down wreath for Minister Karl Schloegl Commemorational Speech by Minister Karl Schloegl at the KZ Gusen Memorial

Mr. Karl Schloegl, Federal Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Austria participates in the commemoration for the first time in history on behalf of the Austrian Federal Government at the KZ Gusen I, II & III Memorial in Langenstein, Austria together with 4,000 people from all around the world.

Reinhard Hanausch (Regensburg) and Jan-Ruth White (Beulah-Alabama) inmidst the 4,000 commemorators Minister Schloegl and Sektionschef Szymanski with Tibaldi, Choumoff, Koprowski, etc.

So, this 4th Local-International Commemoration marks one further important step to reintegrate the more than 40,000 forgotten victims of the KZ Gusen I, II & III complex back into official history and the public consciousness of the people of Austria.

Special commemorational addresses were given in the presence of: Hofrat Hans Marsalek speaking for the KZ Gusen victims Paul Brusson, President Amicale Belge commemorating Papa Gruber

by: Furthermore: Along with this local-international commemoration the local population also organized:

This local-international commemoration was supported and made possible by:

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