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The SS at KZ Gusen

The following list gives an general overview about the leading SS-men that were resposible for the KZ Gusen I, II & III camps.

KZ Mauthausen Central Administration

KZ Gusen I Concentration Camp

The leading SS-command staff of KZ Gusen camp (Kommandantur-Stab) comprised some 60 higher-ranking SS-men. Only this members of the staff were allowed to enter the general-command building and the KZ Gusen camp. Ordinary SS-guards were not allowed to enter the KZ Gusen camps to prevent any personal contact to the inmates. Some of the members of the KZ Gusen command staff had been:
1. Schutzhaftlagerfuehrer:

SS-HStuf Carl Walter Chmielewski (until December 1942)
(Deputies: Dammbach, Redwitz & Ernstberger)

SS-HStuf Fritz Seidler (May 1943 to Mai 1945)
He committed suicide at the end of the war

2. Schutzhaftlagerfuehrer:

SS-HStuf Redwitz (1941/1942); he came to Ravensbrueck in 1942

SS-OStuf Ernstberger (until 1942/43); he was removed to Gross-Rosen at the end of the war

SS-HStuf d R Johann (Jann) (Armin?) Beck (1943-45; surrendered KZ Gusen I to American troops on May 5, 1945)


1. Rapportfuehrer (until 1941) SS-OScha Anton Streitwieser (with October 1942 KZ Mauthausen)
1. Rapportfuehrer (since 1943) SS-OScha Gangstaetter
1. Rapportfuehrer (since 1943) SS-Oscha Michael Killermann
2. Rapportfuehrer (since 1943) SS-OScha Damaschke
SS-UScha Richard Bendel
SS-OScha Kurt Kirchner ... prosecuted by US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947


1. Arbeitsdienstfuehrer (early 1940) SS-OScha Kirschner (removed to Auschwitz)
1. Arbeitsdienstfuehrer (1940 to 42) SS-OScha Helmuth Kluge (Flensburg), 8 years imprisonment, Hagen 1968
1. Arbeitsdienstfuehrer (since 1943) SS-OScha Fuessl ... prosecuted by US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947
2. Arbeitsdienstfuehrer (since 1943) SS-Oscha Alfons (Rudolf) Gross (Endersdorf), 6 years imprisonment, Hagen 1968
Arbeitseinsatzführer (1940 to 42) SS-HScha Franz Gottfried Schulz, Nuremberg ... he later became 2. Schutzhaflagerfuehrer at KZ Gusen II (1943/1945)

Command Company:

SS-OStuf Baecker
SS-UStuf Mueller
SS-Sturmbannfuehrer Obermeier
SS-OStuf Riemer (Bad Fulda)
SS-OStuf Schuetthauf

Further members of the command-staff (SS-Blockfuehrer, etc.):

SS-OScha Bach (Stolp)
SS-UScha Baecker (Saarland)
SS-OScha Willy Bast (Assenheim)
SS-OScha Dennoth (Innsbruck)
SS-HScha Grill
SS-UScha Heisig (Neustadt/Silesia)
SS-UScha Hojer (Cheb)
SS-HScha Gottfried Jentzsch (Zwickau), adjutant (Spiess im Kdo-Stab Gusen), life-long imprisonment, Hagen 1968
SS-UScha Kinzig (Trier) (Punishment Company)
SS-UScha Klein (Koestlin)
SS-UScha Georg Klinger (Brieg)
SS-HScha Kuerschner
SS-OScha Kuehtreiber (Gmunden)
SS-UScha Kunzler
SS-UScha Meisgeier
SS-UScha Panhans
SS-UScha Poweleit
SS-Uscha Priesterberger (Vienna)
SS-HScha Purkert
SS-UScha Retschesegger (Linz)
SS-UScha Reuter
SS-UScha Riedl (Rosenau)
SS-UScha Sauer
SS-OScha Teo Schmidt ... prosecuted by US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947
SS-OScha Schulz (Nuremberg) ... became 2.Schutzhaftlagerfuehrer of KZ Gusen II in 1944
SS-OScha Maximilian Seidel ... prosecuted by US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947
SS-UScha Stahl (Heidelberg) ... sentenced to 12 year imprisonment by court of Heidelberg in 1957
Stiegele, Blockfuehrer, not guilty, Hagen 1968
SS-UScha Strobl
SS-OScha Tandler (Saxony) ... prosecuted by US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947
SS-OScha Anton Walter
SS-OScha Willi Wirth (Frankfurt/Main) ... 1940-42 chief of barrack for invalids
SS-OScha Werner (Teplic-Sanova)


SS-HStuf Dr. Adolph Benno (?)
Dr. Boehmichen Karl Gustav
SS-HStuf Dr. Friedl (Standortarzt in Gusen)
SS-UStuf Dr. Haas (Revierarzt)
SS-UStuf Dr. Henschl (Revierarzt)
SS-UStuf Dr. Jung (Revierarzt)
SS-UStuf Dr. Kiesewetter (Revierarzt), Olbersdorf/Silesia
SS-HStuf Dr. Krebsbach (SS-Standortarzt Mauthausen-Gusen)
SS-UStuf Dr. Lindel
Dr. Luccas
SS-UStuf Dr. Piffarator
SS-UStuf Dr. Ramsauer Sieghart (Revierarzt 1941)
SS-UStuf Dr. Reiter
SS-OStuf Dr. Renault (Linzer-Arzt)
SS-OStuf Rögel Arthur
SS-UStuf Dr. Hans Richter (Revierarzt)
SS-UStuf Dr. Sajczyk (Revierarzt)
SS-OStuf Dr. Schildbach (Revierarzt)
SS-OStuf Dr. Van dem Haft (Dentist)
Dr. Vetter
SS-UStuf Dr. Walter (SS-Arzt)
Zechter (SS-Arzt)

Guard Company:

SS-OStuf Schmutzler (Wachkompaniefuehrer)
SS-OStuf Erich Schuetthauf (Wachkompaniefuehrer)
SS-OStuf Vaessen (Wachkompaniefuehrer)

The Guards:

up to 1944

11 to 13 companies totalling some 1.650 to 1.900 SS-guards (subdivided to 2-3 SS-Wachsturmbanne; one Wachsturmbann comprised up to 4 SS-companies; the guards were regularly exchanged to other camps - just the members of the command staff remained)

in 1945

up to 3000 guards (SS-men & Air Force)

SS-Baustab Gusen:

SS-OStuf Wilhelm Seidler (Bauleitung Gusen)

The GeStaPo "Politische Abteilung"

Chief: Kriminalsekretaer Mayerhofer
SS-OScha Habenichts

Internal Prisioner´s Administration:

Lager-Aelteste (camp elder):

Helmut Becker, Block 20

Martin Gerken

Heinrich Heil

Johann (Hans) Kammerer (sentenced to life-long imprisonment in 1948)

Karl Rohrbacher

Lager-Schreiber (camp secretary)

Adolf Jahnke (nicknamed "Bismark"); he was Lager-Schreiber I

Rudolf Meixner; he was Lager-Schreiber I

Block-Aelteste (barrack elder):

Hermann Amelung; he was Block-Aeltester of Block 3 and carried out the gassing of ill inmates at the end of the war at KZ Gusen I

Stuben-Aelteste (room elder)

Gustaw Krutzky (nicknamed "Tiger" ); he was Stuben-Aeltester of Block 19 and Chief-Kapo of the KZ Gusen stone-quarries

Other Kapos

August Adam

Johann Apitz

Franz Baerwolf

Joseph Bobrowski (nicknamed "Kassandra"); as 3rd Chief-Kapo of the "Revier" he carried out medical experiments on his own responsibility. Being homosexual he abused many young inmates. One day he comitted suicide to prevent an end in the punishment company because of stealing alcohol from the "Revier".

Rudolf Figl; he was Kapo at the desinfection of Gusen 1 and hat to assist Amelung in the gassings of April 1945.

Karl Fleicher; ... prosecuted by the US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947.

Karl Fortauer (nicknamed "Zehe", "Frosch"), Oberkapo at Steyrerwerke Gusen

Karl Froschauer

Indalazio Gonzales; ... prosecuted by the US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947.

Otto Heidemann (nicknamed "der Wuerger", "der Lange", "Langinus", "Giraffe" )

Karl Horcicka; ... prosecuted by the US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947.

Willy Jacob; he was a wittness in the trial against Liesberg at Koeln.

Walter Junge; he was Kapo of "Maurer-Kommando" (the mason´s command)

Franz Liesberg; one other Kapo at had to assist Amelung in the gassings of April 1945.

Kapo Roth (nicknamed "Red Phantom"); as Chief-Kapo of the "Revier" he was a very brutal man and murdered sick inmates in many different ways. One day he was killed by other Kapos with heart-injection when he wanted to kill a Polish prisoners doctor.

Karl Schroegler; ... prosecuted by the US War Crimes Branch at Dachau in 1947.

Aleksander Jan Skibice; ... Gestapo-Spitzel ?

Franz Zach; at first he was Kapo of the "Revier" and later on Kapo of the "Quarantain for Soviets" where he gave heart injections as ordered by Dr. Krebsach. Furthermore he was homosexual and abused many young inmates.

KZ Gusen II Concentration Camp


Max Pausch

2. Schutzhaftlagerfuehrer

SS-HScha Franz Gottfried Schulz (1943/1945), Nuremberg ... he was a former member of the Gusen 1 command-staff (Arbeitsdiensfuehrer 1940/1942)

Other Officials

Alexander Perutka ... prosecuted at US War Crimes Branch at Dachau 1947
Mr. Siclaff ... prosecuted at US War Crimes Branch at Dachau 1947

Internal Prisioners Administration:


Kapo Van Loosen; as one of the most brutal Kapos, he conceived himself as a physician in the "Revier" of Gusen 2. There he killed people who had to queue up for this procedure in line by smashing their head with an ordinary hammer. He fled with the SS at the end of the war and was one of the most wanted criminals of Gusen after the war.

KZ Gusen III Concentration Camp


SS-OStuf Maack, Hamburg


Hundefuehrer Hans Ziegler (Hunds-Hans), a guard with a dog
Mr. Canko, one of the few friendly Kapos

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