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Date: Wed, 07 Feb 1996 14:53:24 -0500
From: (Jamie McCarthy)
Subject: "_I_ don't condone aggressive language"

From the Zuendelsite-gram of February 2nd, 1996, written by
Ingrid Rimland for Ernst Zuendel's supporters:

   I must confess to an hour's worth of utter terror because late
   yesterday, word came that one of the Southern fellows, who had put
   up one of the Zundelsite mirrors, had on his own site given vent to
   a few choice emotions and had used the word that's feared above all
   others by the opposition - namely "parasites."
   For me, the word "parasites" had horrid connotations, because it was
   the very label that was used in Russia to slaughter out _my_
   family [...]
   Ernst wasn't home, and I was really panicky.  But when I finally got
   hold of him, he told me very calmly:  "Ingrid, censorship is
   censorship.  I am not responsible for other people's thoughts.  I
   don't censor _or_ condone them.  As long as people don't mess with
   our web site texts, content etc., I will respect their freedom and
   right to think, be, write and say what is on their minds."
   He then went on to say that as the mirroring idea spreads, no doubt
   there would be people who might well be Marxists, homosexuals,
   pornographers, who would want put up their own mirrors -- all of
   whom would be targets and victims of Bonn government's heavy-handed
   censorship.  Was he to censor them?  He added:
   "No.  I am not going to tell a man what he can or cannot put on his
   own web pages.  We stand and fall on our own merits.  _I_ don't
   condone aggressive language.  It's not my style.  I have said so in
   my editorial on our own web page - which is a mere reflection of my
   own outlook on life."

From Frank Miele's interview of Ernst Zuendel in Skeptic magazine,
Volume 2, Number 4, 1994, p. 62:

   Israel, [Zuendel] says, is "a parasitic enterprise and they don't
   deserve it. It wouldn't happen if it weren't for the Holocaust. The
   Jews will have to give back the money to the Germans or to the
   Palestinians and make restitution to the Germans. They must
   apologize verbally and then financially. They got the money
   illegitimately. It must be turned over to legitimate causes."
   "Why go back in time?" I asked. "Why not just wipe the slate clean?"
   In an even more strident tone he replied, "Why should we let
   parasites and liars live with their loot? They took it from Egypt (a
   reference to the Old Testament Exodus). They're not going to take it
   from the Germans."
   "Those are awfully strong words," I said, offering him a chance to
   take them back were he to feel they were spoken in a moment of
   "They are strong words. After what I've suffered, the price I've
   paid, I have the right to use strong words."
   I gave him yet another chance. "You're comfortable being quoted on
   "Absolutely. The Holocaust has become an enterprise based on
   falsehoods and lies and they are promoting it criminally."
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