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Subject: Re: 970311: More on 'hate mongering'
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 05:32:35 GMT
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In , (E. Zundel Repost) wrote:

[Ingrid Rimland quoting Ernst Zuendel, hate-monger and convicted liar]

>I have been charged with '. . . spreading false news,' a frivolous charge a
>malcontent, multi-millionaire Jewish busybody brought against me. It cost
>Canadian taxpayers approximately $6 million to have me declared innocent .
>. . and all, for what? The Supreme Court of Canada decided in the end that
>society may be enriched by cultural and intellectual diversity, which does
>include unpopular views on history and other matters of discomfort to
>certain minorities."

It has long since ceased to amaze me that Ingrid seems unable to give
the full story of the Zuendel trials.

Ernst Zuendel was convicted of spreading false news under the Criminal
Code of Canada. An appeals court found errors in the admission of
evidence and in the charge to the jury and ordered a new trial.
Zuendel was again convicted, and the conviction was upheld by the
Court of Appeal.

In a 4-3 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada, rightly in my opinion,
overturned the conviction on the grounds that the "false news" section
of the Code was too vague, and they ruled the *law* unconstitutional
in that the law could be used to put an undue restriction on freedom
of speech as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Read the decision for yourself at

Now, if Ernst Zuendel considers the enhancement of freedom of speech
in Canada to have cost taxpayers too much, he is certainly entitled to
hold that opinion and to express it.

But suffice it to say, Ernst Zuendel is a twice-convicted liar who was
*never* "declared innocent" by any Canadian court. That is simply a
lie which he peddles with all the rest.

 John Morris                                
 at University of Alberta  
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