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From: (Kari Nenonen)
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Subject: Sweat food
Date: 17 Oct 1994 23:41:32 GMT
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In the 21. october, 1941, detective Olavi Viherluoto from Finland's 
State Police (Valpo) made a trip to Tallinn, Estonia, which was 
occupied by Germany, as a guest of the local Gestapo. Valpo whose main 
concern was to keep a watch over communists' activities in Finland, 
was in close cooperation with the German Gestapo. Valpo's head, Anton 
Horelli, did more than was officially expected from him in that 
cooperation. Among other things he took a name- and addresslist of the 
Finnish Jews to the Gestapo's head, Muller, when he visited in Berlin 
as a guest of Gestapo. That was likely the same list Heinrich Himmler 
had with him when he came to Finland in 1942 to demand the Finnish 
Jews to be transported to Germany.
  Detective Viherluoto's report about his visit is one of the few 
documents that have survived from those times, because most of the 
documents concerning the relationships between Valpo and Germany's 
police organisationes were destroyed in the summer of 1944. On the 
upper margin of the report is a stamp "top secret". Rapport is quite a 
long. Here is an extraction of the part of it which deals about the 
Jewish population of Estonia. Translated word by word from Finnish. 
Mind you, that this is an official raport made by a State Police 
detective to his superiors, so we can conclude that he did not make up 
stories but told only what he saw and heard and understood.
Extraction starts:
"Because I did not see a single Jew in Tallinn, I asked the gentlemen 
of the Sicherheitspolizei, where all the Jews had vanished from 
Tallinn. They told me, that the Jews are allowed to sojourn only in 
the inland, 15 kilometers from the coast. When I had heard from my 
Estonian guide, that the Jews had been placed in concentration camps, 
I asked the matter also from a couple of officials of the political 
police, a.o. from Mikson. They explained that there were practically 
no Jews in Estonia any more. Only a group of younger Jewish women and 
children is closed in a concentration camp situated in Arkna. All the 
male Jews have been shot. After the conquest of Tarto 2600 Jews and 
communists were shot. In Tarto a great number of even very small 
Jewish children starved to death.
A couple of days before my return to Finland Mikson told me that the 
next day they would bring several tens of elderly Jewish women to the 
central prison on Tallinn and another official who was there, said 
that they will be given "sweet food". Both of them explained that such 
Jewish old women had nothing to do in the world any more. They did not 
tell me more precisely what they meant by "sweed food", but I think 
that those Jews were shot a couple of days later. Mikson namely told 
me that on the same morning when I last time visited the central 
prison, they had taken 80 Jews on trucks to the woods, made them to 
kneal on the edge of a pit and shot them from back."
"Once Hauptsturmfuhrer Eggers inquired me how many Jews there were in 
Finland. I said that there are almost 2000 of those. To this Eggers 
said:"So few! Are they still alive?" To this hurried to answer one 
Obersturmfuhrer who was on the spot:"Not anyway a long time."
End of extraction.
So what does this neat and businesslike police report tell us about 
Nazi Germany's official politics concerning Jews? Would official 
Mikson had told to a visiting foreign collegue these things if they 
had not been a part of authorized and official policy? Would 
Haupsturmfuhrer Eggers had spoken thus if there wasn't an official 
policy to exterminate the Jews from all of the Europe, including 
Finland? Of course, Greg Raven won't answer these question because 
there was no talk about gas chambers.
Notice the typical Nazi eufemism "sweat food". Unfortunately I don't  
have the genuine German expression, but I would guess that those 
Jewish women were killed by giving them poison instead of shooting 
them. Or maybe it meant gassing? 

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