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I quote the following from an article entitled, Himmler speech shown at
archives, this was an Associated Press release.  My copy is from the News
Tribune, unfortunately I do not have the date.  It appeared shortly before
the final completion of the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C.           
                           The National Archives exhibit has three items-
a page each of Himmler's handwritten notes, a typed transcript from the
speech [made at Posen] and an official translation made for the Nuremberg
war crimes trials... The German word Himmler uses that is translated as
"extermination" is "Ausrottung."  Wolfe, the archivist expert, said a more
precise translation would be "extirpation" or "tearing up by the roots." 
In his handwritten notes, Himmler used a euphemism - "Judenevakuierung,"
or "evacuation of the Jews."

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No. 1 - Paul Rassinier

INTRODUCTION- The Revisionist Portrait Series is intended to introduce
people to the works and lives of leading Revisionist scholars and authors.
 It will also serve as a database for revisionists and non-revisionists
alike to gain knowledge of the relevant biographical and bibliographical
information concerning each author.  Many of the authors discussed in this
series have been vilified, threatened, attacked, deported, and
incarcerated.  Unfortunately, these are the methods of the real deniers of

BACKGROUND- Paul Rassinier is known as the father of Holocaust
Revisionism.  Rassinier is an unlikely man to have earned such a title. 
Durining World War II, Rassinier was a highly decorated member of the
French Resistance.  In October of 1943 he was arrested by the Gestapo for
various activities including the smuggling of Jewish refugees over the
Franco-Swiss border.  Rassinier was sent to the concentration camp at
Buchenwald for his activities.  Later he would be moved to the camp known
as Dora where he would stay through the war’s end.

After the war, Rassinier returned to his native France and was elected to
the Assemblee Nationale.  He was awarded the highest decoration by the
French government for his involvement with the Resistance during the war. 
Rassinier, who was trained in history, set out after the war to document 
his experiences within the German concentration camp system.  The vivid
and accurate depictions of life at Buchenwald and Dora should be read by
any who are interested in the subject.  Rassinier paints the horrible
picture of the dead being brought from Dora to Buchenwald for cremation,
“Every day trucks brought full loads of dead bodies from Dora to be
cremated at Buchenwald, and it was from the prescence of these corpses
that the horrors of the camp were deduced.” (Holocaust Story and the Lies
of Ulysses p.38 hereafter HSLU)  Rassinier details the alarming death rate
at Buchenwald due to, “bad treatment, the poor and insufficient food, the
super human work, the lack of medicines, and ... pneumonia” (HSLU p.44)  

It was following the publication of Rassinier’s earliest works that he
realized that the war-time stories of other inmates were both popular and
terrible exagerations.  Rassinier wrote, “Then one day I realized that a
false picture of the German camps had been created and that the problem of
the concentration camps was a universal one, not just one that could be
disposed of by placing it on the doorstep of the National Socialists.  The
deportees-many of whom were Communists- had been largely responsible for
leading international political thinking to such an erroneous conclusion. 
I suddenly felt that by remaining silent I was an accomplice to a
dangerous influence.”(HSLU p.109)   Rassinier began to debunk and
deconstruct the works of his fellow inmates.  A tremendous effort was made
to debunk Raul Hilberg’s DESTRUCTION OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS.  Rassinier went
as far as to predict that in the future, Hilberg’s volume “will not be
spoken of at all, or if it is still mentioned, it will only be mentioned
in reference to something unworthy of notice except as an example of the
most scandalous aberrations of our times.” (HSLU p. 212)   

By now, Rassinier had become skeptical of the lurid gas chamber stories
which were being circulated.  He wrote, “In 1950, it was still too soon to
pronounce a definite judgment on the existence of gas chambers in the
camps; documents were wanting and those that existed were incomplete,
inexact, and obviously apocryhal or falsified.” (HSLU p.158)  With his
writing of THE DRAMA OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS, Rassinier would announce, “With
regard to gas chambers, the almost endless procession of false witnesses
and of falsified documents to which I have invited the reader’s attention
during this long study, proves, nevertheless, only one thing: never at any
moment did the responsible authorities of the Third Reich intend to order-
or in fact, order - the extermination of the Jews in this or any other
manner.  Did such exterminations take place without orders? This question
has haunted me for fifteen years.” (HSLU p.270)   Rassinier had determined
that no wide-spread gassings took place and that there was no policy to
exterminate the Jews of Europe.  He also provided revisionists with the
first real quantitative analysis of  Jewish wartime deaths.  His final
total put the range of Jewish deaths for the twelve years of Nazism
between  987,592 and 1,589,492. (HSLU p.389-90).  Even many years later,
Arthur Butz, the revisionist author who wrote, THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH
CENTURY accepted Rassinier’s analysis writing, “I will offer here no
definite estimate of Jewish losses.  However, I have no strong reason to
quarrel with Rassinier’s estimate.” (Hoax p.17)  Rassinier would later
become even more certain about the falsity of the gas chamber claims.  As
a result of his studies, he concluded in THE REAL EICHMANN TRIAL, “There
never were any gas chambers, nor any exterminations by that method at
Auschwitz-Birkenau.” (Real Eichmann Trial p.98)

By 1960, an important event occurred regarding Rassinier’s works, they
were discovered by Harry Elmer Barnes.   Barnes who was noted for his
revisionist writing regarding World War I, had been publishing numerous
works to show that similar situation existed at the conclusion of World
War II.  Rassinier’s works made a tremendous impact on Barnes.  Barnes
would mention Rassinier in his pamphlet, Revisionism and Brainwashing
commenting on “the discouragement and smearing of outsiders like the
distinguished French historian Paul Rassinier, who sought to expose the
exaggerations of the atrocity stories.” By the mid-1960’s Barnes had
completed having Rassinier’s works translated into English.  Barnes then
ran head-long into the American publishing industry’s self-imposed
censorship.  No publishing house was brave enough to publish Rassinier’s
works.  Barnes refused to be silenced.  He personally photocopied 40
copies of the typewritten English translations and distributed them to his
professional associates.    By 1978, thanks to the path-breaking work of
Harry Elmer Barnes, The Noontide Press was able to collect four of
works are now available in the fine Institute of Historical Review

Date of Birth- March 18, 1906
Place of Birth- Beaumont, France
Date of Death- July 29, 1967


Le Passage de la Ligne, 1948
Le Mensonge d’Ulysse, 1950
La Discours de la Derniere Chance (introductory essay to a doctrine of
Peace on the theme: “Neither Moscow nor Washington”) 1953
Candasse ou la huitieme peche capital, 1955
Le Parlement aux mains des banques, 1955
Ulysse trahi par les siens, 1960
L’Equivioque revolutionnaire, 1961
La Veritable Proces Eichmann ou Les Vainquiers incorrigibles, 1962
Le Drame des Juifs europeens, 1964
Les Responsables de la seconde guerre mondiale, 1967

Note: Le Passage de la ligne, Le Mensonge d’Ulysse, Ulysse trahi par les
siens, and Le Drame des Juifs europeens have been translated and published
in English as, The Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses: A Study of the
German Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European
Jewry.  (Institute for Historical Review, P.O Box 2719, Newport Beach, CA
92659)  Also available from the IHR is the indispensible volume, The Real
Eichmann Trial or the Incorrigible Victors.

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No. 2 - Fred A. Leuchter Jr.

INTRODUCTION- The Revisionist Portrait Series is intended to introduce
people to the works and lives of leading Revisionist scholars and authors.
 It will also serve as a database for revisionists and non-revisionists
alike to gain knowledge of the relevant biographical and bibliographical
information concerning each author.  Many of the authors discussed in this
series have been vilified, threatened, attacked, deported, and
incarcerated.  Unfortunately, these are the methods of the real deniers of

BACKGROUND- From approximately 1979 through 1988, Fred Leuchter had worked
with most of the states in the United States that carried out capital
punishment.  He specialized in the design and manufacture of execution
equipment including electrocution systems, lethal injection equipment,
gallows, and gas chamber hardware.  The year 1988 would forever change the
life of Fred Leuchter.  In 1988, Ernst Zuendel, a German-Canadian
publisher found himself on trial for violating a false news law in Canada.
 Mr. Zuendel had published a work by Richard Harwood entitled, DID SIX
MILLION REALLY DIE?   The Zuendel defense team, needing to support the
views of the Harwood work followed the recommendation of Prof. Robert
Faurisson that a gas chamber expert be located who could evaluate the
alleged gas chambers in Poland and report on their efficacy for execution
purposes.  Bill Armontrout, Warden of the Missouri State Penitentiary
named Fred Leuchter as the only consultant in the United States in the
design, operation, and maintenance of gas chambers during his testimony at
the Zuendel Trial.  Leuchter was a perfect choice, he was the only expert
on execution gas chambers in the United States and he believed in the Nazi
Genocide of the Jews.  Mr. Leuchter writes, “ Like all American children
born during and after World War II, I was taught about the genocide
perpetrated by the Nazi’s on the Jews.  By the time I had reached college,
I had no reason to disbelieve any of my education.” (Leuchter Report: The
How and Why p. 133 hereafter LR:H&W)  

Leuchter was asked by the Defense team to go to Poland and undertake a
physical inspection and forensic analysis of the alleged execution gas
chambers.  On February 25, 1988 Leuchter set out to Poland to examine the
alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau, and Majdanek.  Leuchter
examined the buildings believed in the literature to be gas chambers.  He
also conducted a forensic examination in which physical samples of brick
and mortar were removed and returned to the United States for chemical
analysis.    The results of  Leuchter’s findings, a 196 page report were
submitted to the Court in Canada.  (Various condensed editions of the
Leuchter report have been sold around the world)  Leuchter has written,
“Categorically, none of the facilities examined at Auschwitz, Birkenau or
Lublin could have supported, or in fact did support, multiple executions
utilizing hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide or any other allegedly or
factually lethal gas.” (LR:H&W p. 138).  Leuchter writes in his famous
report, “the author finds no evidence that any of the facilities normally
alleged to be execution gas chambers were ever used as such and finds,
further, that because of the design and fabrication of these facilities,
they could not have been utilized for execution gas chambers.” (The
Leuchter Report: Focal Point Edition p.10)  

Judge Ron Thomas decided that Leuchter was qualified as an expert in the
design, construction, maintenance, and operation of gas chambers. 
Leuchter was allowed to give his opinions on the operation and suitability
of the various facilities to function as execution gas chambers.  The
Report itself was not allowed to be filed.  Defense counsel was instructed
not to refer to THE LEUCHTER REPORT during the in-chief examination. 
Although the Report was not accepted by the court, it had a staggering
effect.  Many would become skeptical of the establishment version of the
Holocaust story based on this report.  Best-selling British historian
David Irving writes, “Shown this evidence for the first time when called
as an expert witness a the Zuendel trial in Toronto in April 1988, the
laboratory reports were shattering.”  Irving goes on, “No significant
trace [of cyanide compounds] whatsoever was found in the buildings...
labelled as the camp’s infamous gas chambers.  Nor, as the reports’
gruesomely expert author makes plain, could the design and construction of
those buildings have made their use as mass gas-chambers feasible under
any circumstances.” (Leuchter Report: Focal Point Edition p. 6)

This, however, was not the end of story for Fred Leuchter.  Leuchter, who
was universally acknowledged for his expertise in the area of execution
equipment, was now under attack for his testimony.  Leuchter appeared on
various television shows including Prime Time Live in which he was called,
“the country’s reigning expert on execution.”  He was featured in the
Atlantic quarterly  regarding the issue of capital punishment.  He was
even featured on the front page of the New York Times in 1991.  The
caption beneath his picture reads, “Fred A. Leuchter Jr. a consultant to
16 states on execution,  holding  a helmet used in electrocutions.” 
Although none of these appearances or articles were in regard to the
Leuchter report, the New York Times briefly  mentioned Leuchter’s
testimony in the article claiming, “The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai
B’rith revealed that Mr. Leuchter, testifying for a neo-Nazi group in a
Canadian trial, had called Hitler’s extermination of Jews in gas chambers
a myth.  Mr. Leuchter says he is no Nazi sympathizer and was simply
speaking as an expert witness.”  The attack had begun.

Fred Leuchter explained the attack as follows, “A five pronged-attack has
been initiated against me...depriving me of my civil rights and the right
to make a living at my chosen profession.  This had consistd of the
1. Political threats to prison officials who choose to deal with me.
2. Vilification by private contacts as well as in newsprint and on
3. Legislation to prohibit my working at my profession.
4. Criminal prosecution for working at my profession.
5. Lies spread by public officials, both officially and privately.” (Witch
Hunt in Boston p.455)

The situation only worsened for Leuchter.  In his speech given to the
Eleventh IHR conference in October of 1992 he told of his imprisonment by
the German government.  But still, with lack of funds, lack of work, a
slandered name, Leuchter would not renounce his study, “ Although my
findings will ultimately be accepted by all, I still have no contracts,
have been unable to find work and have no income.” (Is there life after
Persecution p.444)

One day the truth shall triumph.

Date of Birth- 1944
Place of Birth- USA


The Complete Leuchter Report (Court Document, 1988 Trial of Ernst Zuendel)

The Leuchter Report: The First Forensic Examination of Auschwitz (Focal
Point Publications - 81 Duke Street, London W1M 5DJ

The Second Leuchter Report: Dachau, Mauthausen, Hartheim 

The Third Leuchter Report: A Technical Report on the Execution Gas Chamber
- Mississippi State Penitentiary Parchman, Mississippi

The Fourth Leuchter Report: An Engineering Evaluation of Jean-Claude
Pressac’s Book “Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers”

The Leuchter Congress- (Events of March 23, 1991 - Munich, Germany)

(All are published by :History Buff Books and Video - P.O. Box 3061,
Station C - Hamilton, Ontario - Canada L8H 7J3)  The above mentioned items
can be obtained by writing to : Samisdat Publ. 206 Carlton St. Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M5A 2L1

The Leuchter Report: The How and the Why (Journal of Historical Review
Vol.IX, No.2 Summer 1989)

Witch Hunt in Boston (Journal of Historical Review Vol. X , No. 4 Winter

Is There Life after Persecution? (Journal of Historical Review Vol XII,
No. 4 Winter 1992-93)

(The above mentioned articles are available as back issues through the
Institute of Historical Review- PO Box 2719 Newport Beach, CA 92659)

For information regarding the Zuendel Trial obtain a copy of  the
tremendous volume, Did Six Million Really Die? : Report of the Evidence in
the Canadian “False News” Trial of Ernst Zuendel - 1988.  Edited by
Barbara Kulaszka , Samisdat Publishers Ltd. Toronto. - see mailing address

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No. 3 -  David Irving

INTRODUCTION- The Revisionist Portrait Series is intended to introduce
people to the works and lives of leading Revisionist scholars and authors.
 It will also serve as a database for revisionists and non-revisionists
alike to gain knowledge of the relevant biographical and bibliographical
information concerning each author.  Many of the authors discussed in this
series have been vilified, threatened, attacked, deported, and
incarcerated.  Unfortunately, these are the methods of the real deniers of

BACKGROUND- David Irving is certainly the best known of all revisionist
authors.  He is the son of a British Royal Navy lieutenant-commander who
served in both World War I and World War II.  Irving studied both the Arts
in public school and the Sciences in the University.  He perfected his
usage of the German language by working as a steelworker in Germany’s
Ruhr.  From the time of his publishing of THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN, his
books have become best sellers all around the world.  His early books were
met with distinquished praise from critics world-wide.   Distinguished
British historian, A.J.P. Taylor said of Irving, “David Irving is a
patient researcher of unrivalled industry and success.”  Similarly, Hugh
Trevor-Roper has written, “ No praise can be too high for Irving’s
indefatigable scholarly industry.”  Even publications including the New
York Times would call his TRAIL OF THE FOX,  “a superb biography.”  The
Washington Post would declare, “Most of Irving’s books are big, solid
works...All are well written, exciting, fun to read, and all contain new
information based on sensational discoveries.”  It was said that David
Irving could do no wrong.  This was until his publishing of HITLER’S WAR
in 1977.  At this time, Irving who still believed in the basic
fundamentals of the Holocaust story set out to describe the events of the
Second World War from the perspective of Adolf Hitler himself.  Irving
explained, “What Hitler did not order, or did not learn, does not figure
in this book.”  Surprisingly, one thing that Irving determined was that
Hitler was unaware of any policy to exterminate the Jews of Europe.  At
the time, Irving believed that the SS in general, and Heinrich Himmler,
Reinhard Heydrich, etc., specifically organized and were responsible for
carrying out the Final Solution.  So frustrated, at being unable to
directly connect Hitler with the Final Solution, Irving offered a thousand
pound reward to anyone who could produce even one wartime document that
showed that Hitler explicitly knew of the extermination of the Jews.  To
this day, no such document has turned up.

In 1988, Irving was called as an expert in the area of the history of the
Second World War and testified as the final witness in the Zuendel trial
on April 22-26th, 1988.  It was as a result of this trial that Fred
Leuchter conducted his examination of various concentration camps, later
to be published as THE LEUCHTER REPORT: An engineering report on the
alleged execution gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek,
Poland.  As a result of seeing the evidence in Mr. Leuchter’s report,
David Irving revised his opinion regarding the authenticity of the
extermination claims.  Irving wrote at the time, “For myself, shown this
evidence for the first time when called as an expert witness at the
Zuendel trial in Toronto in April 1988, the laboratory reports were
shattering.  There could be no doubt as to their integrity....Until the
end of this tragic century there will always be incorrigible historians,
statesmen, and publicists who are content to believe, or have no
economically viable alternative but to believe, tha the Nazis used ‘gas
chambers’ at Auschwitz to kill human beings.  But it is now up to them to
explain to me as an intelligent and critical student of modern history why
there is no significant trace of any cyanide compound in the building
which they have always identified as the former gas chambers.” (The
Leuchter Report: The First Forensic Examination of Auschwitz, Focal Point
Publications- 81 Duke Street, London W1M 5DJ).

Since his encounter with the work of Fred Leuchter, Irving has become
outspoken in his understanding of the events known as the Final Solution. 
In  an address to the Tenth  International Revisionist Conference, Irving
exclaimed, “Sink the Auschwitz! But we haven’t had to sink the Auschwitz,
because the crew of the Auschwitz, Beate Klarsfeld, the Wiesenthals, Eli
Wiesel and the rest of them, have been struggling on the bridge and
battling with each other - boxing and engaging in fisticuffs - and the
Auschwitz has been steering amongst the icebergs, and finally it has begun
to scuttle itself.  They’ve begun to haul down the flag of the battleship
Auschwitz.  They’ve taken down the placard, they’ve taken down the
memorial to the four million, and they’ve replaced it with a rather
smaller memorial to one million.  Of course that’s not the end of the
story.  I’m convinced that it’s just the ‘interim memorial.’  I think it’s
on cardboard, if you have a close look, because why waste money on an
expensive memorial when you’re only going to have to change it again in a
few month’s time!  They’re going to have to change it because it’s quite
obvious.  I’m not going to say only a million - I’m not going to say only
any figure died in Auschwitz.  We don’t know the exact figures of how many
people died in Auschwitz.  The Russians’ have helped us:  the Russians
released in September [1989], September 21, the Auschwitz death books. 
That was an ugly blow for the battleship Auschwitz and its crew.  Because
the Russians, by releasing the forty-six death books of Auschwitz - which
cover the years 1942 completely, 1943 almost completely, and 1944
incompletely - the Russians have revealed that the set of Auschwitz death
books, which they have released, now shows, a total of 74,000 deaths. 
74,000 deaths by all causes.” (Battleship Auschwitz, Journal of Historical
Review Vol. X, No. 4, Winter 1990-91 p. 499-500- Institute of Historical
Review, PO Box 2719, Newport Beach, CA 92659)

David Irving has continued to speak around the world regarding the truth
about World War II.   A recent speech given at the University of Berkeley
resulted in a riot when certain factions decided that freedom of speech at
an American University should not exist.    Similarly, Mr. Irving was
banned from a speaking tour of Australia in 1993.   Still David Irving
continues , undaunted, to final victory for truth in history.  His two
latest volumes will become available soon, they are: DR. GOEBBELS: HIS

Books, audio, and video tapes are available from Focal Point Bookstore, PO
Box 241, Greer, South Carolina, 29652-0241.  You have nothing to lose but
your  chains.

Date of Birth- 1938
Place of Birth- United Kingdom


Und Deutschlands Stadte starben nicht (1963)
The Destruction of Dresden (1963)
The Mare’s Nest: The Secret Weapons of the Third Reich (1964)
The Memoirs of Field Marshal Keitel (transl. 1965)
The Virus House: The History of the Wartime German Atomic Research
Programme (1967)
Accident: The Death of General Sikorski (1967)
The Destruction of Convoy PQ. 17 (1967)
Breach of Security (1968)
The Memoirs of General Gehlen (transl. 1972)
The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe (1973)
Hitler’s War (1975)
The Trail of the Fox: Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (1977)
The War Path (1978)
Nurnberg: Die letzte Schlacht (1979)
Wie krank war Hitler wirklich? (1980)
Uprising! The Hungarian Uprising of 1956 (1981)
The War Between the Generals (1981)
Von Geurnica bis Vietnam (1982)
The Secret Diaries of Professor Morell (1983)
Der Morgenthau Plan: Facsmile Documents (1985)
Churchill’s War, Vol. 1 (1987)
Hess: The Missing Years (1987)
Goering: A Biography (1989)
Das Reich hort mit (1989)
Deutschlands Ostgrenze (1990)

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EXTERMINATIONIST NEWSFLASH!!!  Although most of us are unaware, a terrible
holocaust occurred during the First World War and of course those dirty
huns were responsible (as usual)                                          
to the London Daily Telegraph of March 22,1916:                           
     "ATROCITIES IN SERBIA   700,000 VICTIMS                              
                     The Governments of the Allies have secured evidence
and documents, which will shortly be published, proving that Austria and
Bulgaria have been guilty of horrible crimes in Serbia, where the
massacres committed were worse than those perpetrated by Turkey in
   The Italian government has today published the testimony of two Italian
prisoners who escaped from Austria through Serbia and took refuge in
Romania.  What these two prisoners saw and learned, however, was nothing
compared with the evidence supplied by the Serbians themselves, and
communicated by M. Pasitch to the Italian Government and to the Pope. 
According to reliable information, the victims of the Austrians and
Bulgarians exceeded 700,000.  Whole districts, with towns and villages,
have been depopulated by massacres.  Women, children, and old men were
shut up in the churches by the Austrians, and either stabbed with the
bayonet or suffocated by means of ASPHYXIATING GAS.  In one church in
Belgrade 3000 women, children, and old men were thus suffocated.   Serbian
refugees, not on oath, have stated that they were present at a
distribution of bombs and machines for producing asphyxiating GAS to the
Bulgarians by the GERMANS and Austrians, who instructed the former how to
utilize these instruments to EXTERMINATE the Serbian population.  The
Bulgarians used this method at Nish, Pirot, Prizrend and Negotin, the
inhabitants of which places died of suffocation.  Similar means were
employed by the Austrians in several parts of Montenegro."                
                                                  As an exterminationist,
I have proof that the above is true.  On June 25, 1942 the very same
London Daily Telegraph published a story entitled, "GERMANS MURDER 700,000
JEWS IN POLAND TRAVELLING GAS CHAMBERS"              Of course, there is
no doubt that this second account of 700,000 murders by those terrible
Huns is true, therefore the first story must be true as well.             
 Yes, we Exterminationists have all the facts. Life is a lot simpler than 
you thought it was. Join us,close your minds and hate anyone of German
heritage.  It will make you feel great.  Most people will believe any
crime about the Germans, just write it, you don't even have to  justify
Oh, it's not the Germans you hate, but all of Western Civilization? Hey -
so do we!
It's easy: we don't like feeling uncomfortable around people in
of European heritage either!   And for that matter, what about those damn
Christians.  Who do they think they are talking about that damn redemption
stuff all the time!  God is dead and we know it. (that wasn't written by a
German was it?)  "One man whom I did not see told an official of the
Catholic Society that he had seen with his own eyes German soldiery chop
off the arms of a baby which clung to its mother's skirts."   --See how
easy it is to start? Now, just mix in a few
real grisly details, and start converting all those who don't know enough
to hate Germans to OUR CAUSE!

Wow! You mean that I could write stuff like this, too?

Sure! It's embarrasingly easy to write what I  wrote above. In fact,
it's even superior to the usual anti-German exterminationist garbage,
because it has even been published in establishment newspapers.  People
all around the world believe this crap!    Remember the words of Leon
Degrelle (he was a Belgian and therefore okay to quote) "When it's a
matter of denigrating Germans, nothing need be verified.  Any testimony
whatsoever, whether from liar, conman, swindler, or whether  wresan
accused person by torture, is swallowed with rapture."   Just juggle
about the different ways Germans killed their victims and mix them up so
they seem to
be overwhelming to the reader.  Describe things in gory details (and
mention genitalia once in awhile)   It doesn't take ANY INTELLIGENCE
WHATSOEVER, and you can get lots of free press all around the world, (even
in the New York Times)!  

Oh, I forgot to mention: I have a German girlfriend who agrees
with EVERY WORD I've written above. Here she is:

"Yes, I am his German girlfriend. I love him very much, and I've
always been troubled by my Jewish  friends claiming to know people
who died in Auschwitz.  I have decided to pay for the sins of my ancestors
by forcing myself to watch Schindler's List every day for the rest of my

There you have it! Just throw some unverifiable opinions on top
of ridiculous proofs to STRENGTHEN YOUR CASE! 

Couldn't I be arrested for this?

No! This country is founded on FREE SPEECH! But, just make sure
that you mention how much you are being persecuted  by Anti-Semites       
     for saying your version of history.  Anyone who disputes you can be
silenced with these words (Anti-Semite, Racist, Nazi, Neo-Nazi, Facist,

Where can I get more information?

Go to a library. Take a book at random.  It will only tell our side.  Pick
up the New York Times,  (Same thing)  Turn on the TV  (You got it , Same
thing.)    You see no matter what those slimy revisionists say, we ban it.
 They can't advertise, publish.  NOTHING.  Every once in awhile we let
them on Geraldo, just for kicks.   We can't lose.  Be with a winner.  Even
Bill Clinton is on our side.  And hey!  Most of all don't read any of that
revisionist stuff.  Ignore it.  Look away. Anything, but don't read it
(for god's sake...any god you want of course, we don't discriminate) BUT
you eyes! Close your mind! And follow us!  

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Subject: Re: Don Van Handel: IHR's new point man
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Reply-To: (DonVH)

To summarize my actions, I borrow from Nietzsche, from the Introduction to
“Der Antichrist.” :  “The conditions under which anyone understands me,
and necessarily understands me - I know them only too well.  Even to
endure my seriousness, my passion, he must carry intellectual integrity to
the verge of hardness.  He must be accustomed to living on mountaintops-
nad to looking upon the wretched gabble of politics and nationalism as
beneath him.  He must never ask of the truth whether it brings profit to
him or a fatality to him... He must have an inclination, born of strength,
for questions that no one has the courage for; the courage for the
labyrinth.  The experiences of seven solitudes.  New ears for new music. 
New eyes for what is most distant.  A new conscience for truths that have
hitherto remained unheard.  And the will to economize in the grand manner,
to hold together his strength, his enthusiasm... Reverence for self; love
of self; absolute freedom of self...”

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Subject: Re: All revisionists please read!
Date: 15 Apr 1995 12:52:40 -0400
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Message-ID: <3motko$>
References: <3mn0kq$>
Reply-To: (DonVH)

Many sources report numbers less than six million.  You can use
Reitlinger's volume, THE FINAL SOLUTION.  On page 501 of the Jason Aronson
Inc. Edition , 1987 , Reitlinger offers a range of 4,194,200 to 4,581,200.
 Reitlinger also explains about the origin of the large numbers of inmates
deaths reported in the footnote on p.117.  "In March 1944, when
registrations in the Birkenau male camp passed the 180th thousand, a new
series was started to prevent internees making such disturbing
calculations.  The only result was to spread the belief that millions had
died in the camp.  It was only after the war that it was possible to check
the number of camp registrations: 253,000 men and 110,000 women."
Reitlinger quotes as his source (Friedman, This was Oswiecim p.14)        
           You can also use Arno Mayer's WHY DID THE HEAVENS NOT DARKEN? 
There is a wealth of material of the sort you look for.  Although Mayer,
like Reitlinger believe in the basics of the traditional Holocaust story,
Mayer writes,"Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare
and unreliable. "(p.362)  Mayer writes, "There are no reliable statistics
to work with. (p.363)  "Besides, from 1942 to 1945, certainly at
Auschwitz, but probably overall, more Jews were killed by so-called
'natural' causes than by 'unnatural' ones." (p.365)   Mayer cites Dr.
Richard Korherr, the chief statistician of the SS.  He writes,"By
Korherr's own accounting, 1,274,166 Jews of the General Government were
processed by "the camps."  There is a strong presumption that most of
these Jews were slaughtered in Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka.  It is
difficult to imagine where and how else they could have been 'resettled.' 
Of course, there are no exact figures for the number of Jews killed at
each of these three sites..."   There is much more of interest in this
volume.  You should check it out for yourself.  I have certainly taken
Prof. Mayer out of context.  You can probably find this work at any major
library.    Jean-Claude Pressac has also revised the numbers, especially
associated with Auschwitz.  He has reduced the number to the realm of
775,000.  His works are generally difficult to obtain however.

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From: (Barry Shein)
Subject: Re: All revisionists please read!
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Sender: (Barry Shein)
Organization: The World
References: <3mn0kq$> <3motko$>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 01:34:12 GMT
Lines: 44

From: (DonVH)
>Many sources report numbers less than six million.

And proceeds to list exactly one source, Reitlinger:

>You can use
>Reitlinger's volume, THE FINAL SOLUTION.  On page 501 of the Jason Aronson
>Inc. Edition , 1987 , Reitlinger offers a range of 4,194,200 to 4,581,200.

I'll add another, Hilberg, who lists about 5.1million.


Your point really is that it's zero, right? I could believe it's more
like 4-5 million and don't have any particular difficulty with that or
see it as a very interesting point to make.

But it's not zero, or nearly zero, as you would claim.

>Jean-Claude Pressac has also revised the numbers, especially
>associated with Auschwitz.  He has reduced the number to the realm of

For that one camp.

You're confusing all sorts of other figures which only claim to
represent specific killing methods such as the camps.

For example, Mayer's estimates on the deaths in the camps hardly
include, eg, the 35,000 Jews murdered by the Einsatzgruppen at Babi
Yar (just outside of Kiev, Ukraine) in two or three days. That wasn't
a camp, they just lined them up at the edge of a ravine and shot them.

Also, Meyer is not considered a reliable source. His work may be of
some interest but it's clear he has a bone to pick and is trying to be
sensationalist by making rather unique claims.

        -Barry Shein

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Subject: Untimely Meditations
Date: 25 Apr 1995 00:02:05 -0400
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Reply-To: (DonVH)

I thought that I had entered alt.revisionism, but it appears to be but
alt.hate.  Sure, who doesn’t love their first amendment?  Who am I to say
what should be posted here?  I merely observe that alt.revisionism has
become a pigsty.  Perhaps it has always been that way and I just saw some
roses while I stood in the mud.  Revisionism is supposed to be about
revising.  Look it up!  My copy of Webster’s  says : to review; to
re-examine; to look over with care, as a manuscript, published book, etc.,
in order to correct and improve.  Before my adversaries attack, Webster’s 
New Twentieth Century Dictionary (second edition) does go on.  I do not
feel like quoting the entire entry.  Also, for the dim-witted, there are
other dictionaries out there.  There are actually more in my library.  I
have not quoted from each and every dictionary.  (the reason is that I
want to present my biased view of the world and the meaning of the word
‘revise.’)  Also, for all of the neo-nazi’s and supremacists of every
kind, please post elsewhere, you bore us with your crudity.  Similarly,
those of you who attack every revisionist post (you know who you are, you
are getting your sweaty hands ready to attack this one) please post
information not vilifications.  You believe that you are just in your
cause.  (I believe that you believe that, I also believe that for many of
you, your cause is just, but so is mine... and that is something I don’t
expect you to understand.)  It is not necessary for us to be adversaries. 
Revisionism should not equate with hate.  I had hoped for much more. 
Revisionism also should not equate with Holocaust studies.  Revisionism
can be, and has been written about every (oops! room for attack...I mean
many...or how about some) area of history.  Check out David Hoggan’s, The
Myth of the ‘New History.’  It has chapters on the American Revolution,
the War of 1812, The Mexican War, The American Civil War, The
Spanish-American War, The First World War, the Second World War, and the
Korean War.   Would it also be possible for us to move forward?  Some of
you attacked my portraits of revisionists posts.  You  claimed that others
had posted similar material prior to my purchase of a computer.  I
apologize for not having bought a computer sooner.  I agree, repetitive
posts are dull and can be generally crass.  Some posts are repeated every
45 days.  Just as you are bored reading about Paul Rassinier, Ernst
Zuendel, Fred Leuchter, and David Irving, I am bored with your perspective
on these individuals.  I know you say, So what?  To hell with me, you have
truth on your side.  Truth can not be won in a crusade.   Here’s a quote
that the IHR is fond of (no I am not affiliated with them, how would you
react if I claimed you worked for the JDL, KGB, FBI, -fill in your own
initials - I don’t care - the villian you seek is in your mirror)...”Truth
is always the first war casualty.  The emotional disturbances and
distortions in historical writing are greatest in wartime.”  (we already
know who wrote this...right- I must be guilty of repetitiveness this time.
 I apologize.)  Barnes was wrong however.  It is no longer the wartime
that Barnes spoke of,  yet the emotional disturbances and distortions are
with us.  It appears that some other type of war is going on.  There can
be no peace without communication.  Propaganda caused the German people to
hate the British.  British propaganda caused the British people to hate
the Germans.  (You can fill in any two countries here... it is always the
case)  Anti-revisionists (I don’t know what else to call you)  your
hatred, (yes, it is hatred, how many of you are brave enough to admit it)
is unwarranted.  Your propagandists (and you have many) do seem to be
correct however when presented with neo-nazi posts.  It is hard to lose
when arguing with cretins.  Are they worth it, I wonder?  Similarly,
revisionists are conditioned to attack your rudimentary and repetitive
arguments.  We (both revisionists and non) seem to be starving for
originality.  I know I have been criticized for being a “mountain-top
man,” well, here I am on my mountaintop (or is it only a dung-heap?)  I am
so pretentious that I dare to quote from Nietzsche again ...”The man of
knowledge must not only love his enemies, he must also be able to hate his
friends.”  (Zarathustra : On the gift-giving virtue)   In conclusion, in
an attempt to beat my mockers to the punch,  this has been an egotistical
example of  verbosity.   Again, I ask So What?  Are we human if we no
longer long for another shore?  If we do not seek new heights? 
Anti-revisionists, you forget one important point.  It is actually
surprising that you do not quote it more often.  David Irving has been
quoted in a lecture entitled, Life under Fire, “I admit that we may be
wrong.”  David is right.

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Reply-To: (DonVH)

The day care center was obviously there to care for the children of those
who worked in the facility.  If you really believe that the BATF, etc.
used their children as a "human shield" you have a terribly twisted view
of our nation and society in general.  You post makes me sick to my

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Subject: Churchill's Role in the Bombing War
Date: 27 Apr 1995 07:36:35 -0400
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On May 10, 1940 the conduct of the air war would change, altering the
shape of warfare forever.  Prior to this date the Royal Air Force had
limited its strikes to direct military targets, e.g. gun installations,
ships, etc. (Irving, Destruction of Dresden p.19).  This date was
important on two other accounts.  It is the day that Germany invaded
France and the day that Winston Churchill replaced Neville Chamberlain as
Prime Minister..  Upon his entry into office, Churchill and his top
military advisors altered the definition of "military objectives" to
include targets indirectly related to the war cause, e.g. factories, oil
plants, public buildings, etc.  

	On May 11th the RAF launched its first attack on industrial areas
in Germany under the expanded definition of military objectives. (Veale,
Advance to Barbarism p.182)  This British air offensive continued without
like retaliation for nearly four months (Veale, Advance to Barbarism p.
183)  J.M. Spaight, former Principal Assistant Secretary at the Air
Ministry wrote, "Because we were doubtful about the psychological effect
of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the
strategic bombing offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision
of May 11th, 1940, the publicity it deserves.  That was surely a mistake,
it was a splendid decision." (Grenfell, Unconditional Hatred p.126)  Mr.
Spaight goes on, "There was no certainty, but there was a reasonable
probability that our capital and our industrial centres would not have
been attacked if we had continued to refrain from attacking those of
Germany." (Grenfell, Unconditional Hatred p. 127)

	Hitler had issued an official prohibition of terror bombing. 
Gerhard Milch notes in his diary,"Still not cities in general, and in
particular not London." (Irving, Goering p. 295)  On August 24, during the
famed Battle of Britain, the Germans bombed oil tanks and airplane
component factories on the outskirts of London.  One bomber's load
overshot its target and fell inside Greater London.  There were no
reported deaths but one hundred people lost their homes.  Immediately
Churchill capitalized on this tragedy by ordering his bombers to "hit [the
Germans] hard, and Berlin is the place to hit them." (Irving, Churchill's
War p. 407)

	On August 26th the British raided the center of Berlin.  Three
nights later British bombers returned to Berlin.  (Irving, Goering p. 295)
 Joseph Goebbels had initially ordered the German press to minimize their
reporting of the first strike on Berlin, presumably the German High
Command still had hopes of a peaceful settlement.  However after numerous
raids on the defenseless women and children of Berlin, Goebbels changed
his tone.  Berlin's newspapers screamed, "COWARDLY BRITISH ATTACK" and
"BRITISH AIR PIRATES OVER BERLIN!"  (Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the
Third Reich p.1021) 

	By September 4th, British bombers had raided Berlin six times;
Hitler would take no more. (Irving, Goering p. 295)  In a major speech in
Berlin he announced to hysterical applause,

"Mr. Churchill is demonstrating his new brain child, the night air raid. 
Mr. 	Churchill is carrying out these raids not because they promise to
be highly 	effective, but because his Air Force cannot fly over
Germany in daylight.	 ...Whenever the Englishman sees a light, he drops
a bomb ...on residential districts,	farms and villages.  For three
months I did not answer because I believed such madness would be
stopped... We are now answering night for night.  If the British airforce
drops two or three or four tons of bombs, then we will in one night drop
150, 250 or 300 tons.  If  they declare that they will increase their
attacks on  our cities, then we will raze their cities to the ground."
(Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich p.1023)

	Hitler was true to his word.  Two weeks after the first R.A.F.
assault on Berlin, on September 7th  247 German bombers and nearly six
hundred fighters began the first reprisal against London. (Irving,
Destruction of Dresden p. 27)  Churchill's policies had caused the famous
London Blitz.  The Blitz which lasted from September 7, 1940 until May 16,
1941 claimed the lives of 13,339 civilians.  (Irving, Destruction of
Dresden p. 27)  This number was less than one-tenth the number of German
civilians killed during the single bombing raid of the city of Dresden. 

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From: (DonVH)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Untimely Meditations - Russian Actions
Date: 28 Apr 1995 18:39:07 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Lines: 30
Message-ID: <3nrqqb$>
Reply-To: (DonVH)

The following question was posed by Kevin Filan:                          
                     " 1) How many of the Jews killed in the Holocaust
were in fact 
killed not by Germans but by their countrymen? Poland and Eastern Europe 
had a long and bloody history of anti-Semitism.  It's conceivable that 
the Russians thought "Jew-killing" a good idea and decided they'd try 
some of it themselves.  And I do seem to remember reports that Poles and 
Russians had killed Jewish survivors of the camps after the liberation.  

	This, of course, wouldn't make these Jews any less dead.  But it 
would be an interesting train of speculation.  Does anybody have any 
ideas as to how one would arrive at even an approximate death figure for 
Polish/Russian actions against Jews?                                      
                                                                    - One
source of information on this subject is a book entitled, "Stalin's War
against the Jews" by Louis Rapoport.  Illustrated. 318 pp. New York: The
Free Press.   I do not own this book but quote from the following review
which was run in THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW - November 18, 1990-      
                "Mr. Rapoport documents a kind of unstated collaboration
between Stalin and Hitler to dispose of Jewish populations under their
control.  After the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939,
dividing up Eastern Europe, 'one of Stalin's first gifts to the Nazis,'
Mr. Rapoport writes, 'was to turn over some 600 German Communists, most of
them Jews, to the Gestapo at Brest-Litovsk in German-occupied
Poland...Beginning in February 1940 in the Soviet-occupied zone of Poland,
Beria's NKVD arrested and deported about one million Polish refugees, half
of them Jews.  Many died en route to Siberia."  Although this quote does
not answer your question of estimated numbers, perhaps the book goes
further than THE TIMES in its estimation.  

>From oneb!!!!torn!!!!uunet!!!not-for-mail Sun Apr 30 15:23:43 PDT 1995
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Subject: Re: Churchill's Role in the Bombing War
Date: 29 Apr 1995 15:59:17 -0400
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Message-ID: <3nu5ql$>
References: <3np68n$>
Reply-To: (DonVH)

Harry Katz after voicing unfounded insults writes: "There would have been
no bombing of Berlin or Dresden 
or London if Hitler had not invaded Poland.  Once Hitler started the war, 
England was justified in struggling for victory by any means necessary.  
That Britain did end up defeating the Nazis is more than enough to 
justify whatever means they used to achieve the victory."                 
                   The "any means necessary" argument discounts the waste
of human life.  The problem with the war in general and the bombing war
more specifically is that the circumstances were not clearly black and
white.  The bombing war resulted after a number of incidents on both sides
which continued to escalate the situation.  It is overly simple to claim
that the Dresden bombing was a result of the Poland invasion.  The problem
with the determination of the Germans and British to bomb  civilian
populations is that the war moved from a strictly military situation to
one in which barbarism was raised to a new level.  It may be overly
idealistic but one would hope that wars could be fought by soldiers.  To
kill women and children and civilians is not really war but barbarism. 
Churchill's decision to bomb Berlin does not justify Hitler's bombing of
London.  Churchill's decision probably also helped Britain win the war. 
This is the point of the phrase, 'the splendid decision.'  By angering
Hitler into bombing civilian populations, the British were better able to
maintain productivity levels for the war effort.  The killing of innocent
British civilians is just as evil as the killing of innocent German
civilians.  I do not believe that the ends justify the means.  Finally, I
do not "blame the victims" as Mr. Katz claims.  The victims were the dead
on both sides who suffered due to their leaders who made the war.  I blame
both Hitler and Churchill, not the Germans nor the British people. 


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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: DonVH can't do simple division
Date: 30 Apr 1995 12:09:03 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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Message-ID: <3o0cmv$>
Reply-To: (DonVH)

Mr. Rosenberg chooses to make silly attacks rather than reviewing the
actual estimates for the death and destruction at Dresden.  The Abteilung
Tote of the Bureau of Missing Persons estimated 135,000 people were killed
at Dresden including German and non-German people, foreign laborers, and
POW's.  The Federal German Ministry of Statistics estimated the number of
dead between 120,000 and 150,000 killed.  The tonnage claimed at Dresden
was 2,978  - The number left homeless 400,000+.   Air Marshal Sir Robert
Saundby accepts the figure of 135,000 killed in Dresden.  If Mr. Rosenberg
did not research this topic he would have encountered his 35,000 figure in
many of the leading American newspapers.  This number which is considered
the minimum estimate of those killed at Dresden is the number which is
most frequently reported in the American media.  In truth, we do not know
the exact number killed at Dresden.  This does not minimize the horror.  

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