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Date: Wed,  4 Sep 96 07:28:55 GMT
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In Article <> (tom moran) writes:
> wrote:
>>In Article <>
>> (Mike Curtis) writes:
>>> (tom moran) wrote:
>>	[snip]
>>>>	A leader of a Yugoslavian state said the Holocuast was a hoax.
>>>Who was this?
>>Mr. Moran is most likely referring to Franjo Tudjman, Pres. of 
>>Croatia, whose book _Bespuca:  Povjesne Zbiljnosti_ (_Wastelands: 
>>Historical Truth_) questions the number of Jewish victims of the 
>>Holocaust.  However, it has been public knowledge for several 
>>years that Tudjman claimed the passage in the book was 
>>mistranslated, and even apologized for it.  See "Croatian Chief 
>>Sorry for Holocaust Views," _New York Times_, 15 Feb. 1994, sec. 
>>A, p. 12.  If I'm not mistaken, there was even a letter from the 
>>Croatian embassy published in an issue of the _Journal of 
>>Historical Review_ saying that Tudjman was _not_ a revisionist.  
>>But the revisionists, desperate to appear legitimate, continue to 
>>mistakenly cite Tudjman as "proof."
>>John Drobnicki
>>Reference Librarian
>>York College/CUNY
>>"I speak for no one but myself."
>	"Proof"? Proof of what?

Perhaps you should answer that.  What was your purpose in stating 
that "A leader of a Yugoslavian state said the Holocaust was a 
hoax"?  Was it an attempt by a Holocaust revisionist to gain 
legitimacy by incorrectly stating that a prominent politician 
shares revisionist views?  The IHR has done this repeatedly.  For 
example, they have sent revisionist material to politicians, and 
then when the politician's staff sends a standard form letter 
thanking them for the material, the IHR has published it.  This 
was done in the _Journal of Historical Review_ with letters from 
Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Jesse Jackson, implying 
therefore that these politicians are sympathetic to the IHR's 

>Anyway, "mistranslated" or whatever, it was said. Who knows if
>pressure wan't put on him by the U.S. to retract it. It seems people
>are always retracting statements they initially say about Jewish

Here is the complete text of the letter as printed in the Nov./
Dec. 1993 _Journal of Historical Review_, page 49 [ellipses in 
"Tudjman and Holocaust Revisionism"

	It has been brought to our attention that you are under 
the illusion that the President of Croatia, Franjo Tudjman, is in 
some way a supporter or sympathizer of your organization.  
Consistent with the claims your institute expounds, quite the 
reverse is true.  As a historian and a decorated WWII Partisan 
who himself lost a brother to the Nazis, President Tudjman is 
fully aware of the evils of fascism ...

	Subsequent to Dr. Tudjman's election as president, 
several Serbian scholars issued a highly selective and distorted 
translation of his historical study _Wastelands of Historical 
Reality_ as part of a deliberate smear campaign against Croatia 
intended to justify their aggression throughout the former 
Yugoslavia.  Several reporters mistakenly and uncritically took 
the mistranslation at face value, resulting in the articles you 
cite in your July-August newsletter ...

	The claim that President Tudjman believes that only 
900,000 Jews died in the Holocaust is without foundation, and 
derives from a selective mistranslation of a section of the book 

Marijan Gubic
Information Office
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Zagreb, Croatia

John Drobnicki
Reference Librarian
York College/CUNY
"I speak for no one but myself."

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