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Subject: WACO: The Rules of Engagement
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Subj:	WACO: The Rules of Engagement
Date:	96-08-22 19:53:06 EDT
From: (William Gazecki)

>From: (William Gazecki)
>Subject: WACO: The Rules of Engagement
>Cc: Mike McNulty
>Dear Linda,
>        I read today part of a message written by you regarding the above

mentioned film, "WACO: The Rules of Engagement".  *I* am the man making
film.  Mike McNulty is my co-producer and did the primary research on it. 

He brought the project to me and I was contracted to make the film.  I am
independent Producer/Director, and have no ties to the "Patriot Movement",

the "Militia Movement", the "Democrats", the "Republicans", the 
"Government", or anybody else.  I am totally independent.  *I* am the one 
who has spent the last *year* (NOT 3 years) working 12 and 16 hour days to

make this film a truthful and accurate telling of the WACO story.  I have 
challenged every factual point presented to me ten times over, and have on

more than one occasion thrown both Michael and our Executive Producer out
my studio in the midst of disagreements over what is real with WACO, and 
what is not. 
>        I take serious exception to some of your statements.  First of
we do not have "LIMITLESS" funding.  We are doing this for far less than a

typical broadcast production, let alone a theatrical production.  I KNOW, 
because I am the one who has been in charge of SPENDING the money.  I
every penny (I just spent a week in a cockroach ridden motel to save 
$25/day).  We HAVE a budget, but it is by no means LIMITLESS.  I charge
low rates, on purpose, and not just for WACO, but for everything I do
includes other topics like health and interpersonal communication).  I am 
not some mysterious person with hidden agendas.  I am simply a competent 
independent producer who LONG AGO chose to dedicate his life to human 
betterment (one of my personal interests happens to be unravelling the 
distortions of history).  I have a twenty-year background in Hollywood
and television production, and left that part of the business when the 
technology became affordable to have my own production/post-production 
studio. BTW, *I* do NOT own any of this film.  I work by the hour, and
make NO MONEY if it goes into profit.  And, the extra income I do make
right back into my equipment.  
>        I first ran into you a couple of years ago when I stumbled across

your BBS.  I registered, and visited occassionally.  I think you have done

some valuable work.  Your expression "The Murderers are Still Free" has 
rolled around in my head a lot as I have been working on this project.  It

is a true and inspiring statement.  I don't really give a damn about the 
petty squabbles you've gotten yourself into in the "Patriot" and "Militia"

communities.  I have a VERY GOOD SENSE of what rings true and what does
WACO is not the first challenge I have ever faced, and this is not the
time I have had to dig for the truth.
>        Bottom line is, if you want to know what our film is about, you 
talk to ME.  My home phone number is ________.  I am prepared not only to 
stand up to you, but every mainstream media source, government
panel, criminal trial, etc.  I will put my ass on the line any day of the 
week for this film.  I will also offer you a standing invitation.  At my 
expense (and I am NOT rich), I will send you a plane ticket, and pay for a

hotel room, and you may come to MY studio, where I will spend as long as
takes to go over every single detail- every fact contained within the
for as long as it takes.  I will show you every document, every tape,
photograph, etc.  I will explain every technical process, every shot,
cut if neccessary. You want to go toe-to-toe, fine.  I'll go toe-to-toe
you ANY DAY.  We have assembled over 200 hours of material.  I shot all
interviews myself.  I am the one who logged, cut, and assembled the 
material, I wrote the narration, I am doing the online myself, the sound 
mixing myself, etc.  Talk to David Thibodeau about what we're doing, talk
Ken Fawcett, talk to Dan Maloney, talk to Jack Zimmerman, Dick DeGuerin, 
Clive Doyle, Sheila to 'em all if you like. 
>        My main concern is that YOU get it straight. You could still play
valuable role in this world, whether it be with WACO or whatever else
involved in (which, BTW, I am NOT very aware of).  You want to talk about 
the flame throwing tank, fine.  Lets talk.  I'll show you every single
of documentation I have on that subject (which is, BTW, TOTAL BULLSHIT).
>I look forward to hearing from you.
>William Gazecki     

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