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To: "Kenneth McVay OBC" 
From: (Linda Thompson)
Subject: Re: your mail
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>You wrote:
>> On your webpage, under the listing for "named people," you have a file
>> called "Adl-Thompson," which is a reprint of a false and defamatory article
>> about me written by the ADL, to which I am referring. 
>There is no file by that name on the system. There is a file
>in your directory, linked to an ADL report file. In your
>directory, the link name is "adl-linda-thompson." On the web,
>this file may be found at the following URL:

This is not "my" directory.  It is listed on your webpage.  The listing of
my name is yours.  That is a misappropriation of my name, for your
commercial benefit, and it is unauthorized, and you are requested to remove
it immediately.

>The file reads as follows:
>Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.politics.white-power
>Subject: Paranoia as Patriotism: Linda Thompson
>Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/adl/paranoia-as-patriotism/linda-thompson
>Last-Modified: 1995/08/25
>                     Linda Thompson
>Self-proclaimed "Acting Adjunct General" of the "Unorganized
>Militia of the United States," Linda Thompson is an
>influential figure in the militia movement. She is a lawyer in
>Indianapolis and chairman of the American Justice Federation,
>which describes itself as "a group dedicated to stopping the
>New World Order and getting the truth out to the American
>public." Thompson claims to have contact with militias in all
>50 states. She appears frequently at militia gatherings and
>gun shows to lecture and sell her videos "Waco, The Big Lie,"
>and "Waco II - The Big Lie Continues." The latter, she claims,
>"proves conclusively the government murdered 100 men, women
>and children at Mr. Carmel in April, 1993." She also sells
>other propaganda material such as "The Traitor Files," which
>purport to link "Bill and Hillary Clinto to a
>Marxist-Terrorist network."
>Thompson's most ambitious undertaking to date was a planned
>militia march on Washington, D.C., on September 19, 1994,
>where an ultimatum was to be delivered to the government. The
>ultimatum commanded members of Congress to initiate
>legislation that would, among other things, repeal the 14th,
>16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution, and the Brady
>Law and NAFTA. Thompson ordered all participants to come
>"armed and in uniform," and that besides delivering the
>ultimatum, "The militia will arrest Congressmen who have
>failed to uphold their oaths of office, who will then be tried
>for Treason by citizens' courts." Realizing after several
>months that support for her march was lacking, Thompson called
>it off.
>Thompson continues to appear at rallies and conferences around
>the country, on radio and on computer bulletin boards,
>promoting the militia cause and calling down thunder upon the
>American government and its law enforcement agencies. On the
>subject of the Oklahoma bombing, she said: "I genuinely
>believe the government did this bombing... I mean, who's got a
>track record of killing children?" (Anti-Defamation League,
>                       Work Cited
>Anti-Defamation League. [Special Report] Paranoia as Patriotism:
>Far-Right Influences on the Militia Movement. 1995.
>Please confirm that this is the file in question, and, if it
>is, please be kind enough to define the alleged defamation for

That is the article and it would be simpler to note the parts which are not
false and/or defamatory.

I am an attorney and Chairman of the American Justice Federation.

>With respect, and thanks for your response,       
>Kenneth McVay, OBC
> Nizkor (Canada) - An Electronic Holocaust Educational Network
> Europe:
>  (Under construction - permanently)
Kind regards,

***********************  V  *************************
                       I CHOOSE LIBERTY.

Linda Thompson

       Remember Waco.   Remember Oklahoma.
The Murderers are still free and running YOUR country.

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