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To: "Kenneth McVay OBC" 
From: (Linda Thompson)
Subject: Re: your mail
Status: RO

>> It is extremely disingenuous of you to claim this is not "your" listing.
>> Let me quote your own tripe for you:
>I have made no such claim, nor have I used insulting language
>in my communication with you. If you wish to communicate with
>me further, I would ask that you remain polite and respectful,
>and act in a professional manner.
>Sincerely yours,
>Kenneth McVay, O.B.C.
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First of all, I note you failed to requote the tripe which I quoted from
your webpage, whereby you nearly break your arm patting yourself on the back
for your "herculean efforts" at disinformation.  On the one hand, you want
"glory" for "exposing" supposed racists and nazis, but when I complain that
you have libelled me by publishing both false and defamatory matter about
me, and by listing my name within your project in such a way that merely
being mentioned falsely labels me as someone who must be some sort of nazi
or racist, you feebly attempt to disown your own effort by claiming the
publication is in "my" directory (but of course, *you* don't own it, eh?).
Here's some of the tripe you neglected to requote:

"What is the HWEB Project? 

    Thanks to the Herculean efforts of Ken McVay between 1991 and present,
there are now over 4,000 files of information
    concerning the Holocaust and the rise of modern-day fascism at Nizkor's
ftp site. 

    These files are stored as "plaintext" -- they are prepared for output on
a text-display-only terminal, or an old-style
    fixed-character-width printer. Their words are not ready for
typesetting; they are not able to be wrapped to different paper
    widths or typeface sizes. They are indexed only in a rudimentary fashion. 

    The text, unable to offer convenient links from one of its files to
another, unable even to display italics for the names of its
    books, sits in its plaintext archives, providing an invaluable store of
information, but only to those who know how to access
    it, and who are willing to spend time searching for what they want. 

    Enter the World-Wide Web. In what appears to be the fastest growth of an
informational technology in recorded history,
    the Web is sweeping the globe with almost incredible popularity. Growing
faster than the telephone or even the television,
    the Web has gone from insignificant in 1993 to what is now the
single-most popular means of sending data across the
    Internet, having surpassed email in April 1995. By the end of this year,
the Web will be the Internet to millions of people. 

    The goal of the HWEB Project is to bring the valuable knowledge stored
in those 4,000 plaintext files onto the
    planet-spanning Web of information. 

What is its timetable? 

    Files are being converted now with automatic programs. The output from
those programs is being given to volunteers, who
    manually edit it, laying it out neatly on the page, and adding links to
other files. Several directories full of files are
    complete now, and this section is becoming more useful day by day... 

    From this page, you will be able to access the archives from a variety
of perspectives: 

        searching through a hierarchical subject catalog 
        browsing from a graphical map of the world 
        jumping off from any point on a timeline 
        picking from a list of people, then seeing all the files that
concern that person 
        doing a full-text search for any words or phrases 
        following links from one file to related files ("surfing the Web") 

How can I help? 

    We are looking for volunteers to assist with manually editing the files.
Some experience with HTML coding is necessary.
    Email Jamie McCarthy at or Hilary Ostrov at 

                                   [ Index ] 

The Nizkor Project 
HTML: Jamie McCarthy 
Director: Ken McVay 
Financial Support for the Nizkor Project 

June 30, 1996 

Next, you have the gall to demand "respect." Respect is earned.  You have
not earned my respect in any way.  

You have falsely labelled me, in your witch hunt for "nazis."  When I
politely, and in full accordance with law, give you notice and ask you to
stop, you then attempt to make a greater heyday with my name on your nazi
webpage with my original request to you and your replies.

You have been wholly disrespectful, by listing me on a webpage which you
claim is " * To monitor the falsehoods, half-truths, and misinformation
distributed via the Internet and other media by individuals and
organizations that are fascist (including Nazi or neo-Nazi), racist,
antisemitic, and/or  that dishonestly and/or flagrantly reject established
historical fact about the Nazi Holocaust;" etc., when I have not had
anything to do with either racists or nazis or the Holocaust issue at all,
nor does the ADL article even make such claims.

You listed my name solely to smear me, by implication, by listing me in your
"project" at all, and to curry favor with the ADL by republishing its
publications about me, which are false and defamatory.

When I wrote requesting to be removed from your "list" and demanding that
you cease publicizing the ADL's false and defamatory articles, you even
attempted to use my request to defame me.

Your attempt was laughable, since you obviously could not make much out of
what I said, since it was the truth.  Instead, you changed the date and time
stamps to make it appear that I wouldn't answer you, claiming that when you
asked for clarification (yes, innocent, unsuspecting you, who has *no idea*
what I'm talking about, you were merely asking for "clarification"), you
claimed that all I sent you was another copy of the original letter (which
you supported by falsifying the date and time of my original messages).

The proof that you stooped to such fabrication is still up for all to see on
your webpage, where the first line of the messages, containing the date and
time, is altered, but the automated date and time, in the "In Reply to" line
of the header, shows you altered the first line.

So, like the ADL, you cannot attack the message, or even the messenger,
except through lies and fabrications.

I am neither a racist, nor a nazi, but if I were, in the United States,
every person has the Constitutionally protected right to express his beliefs. 

Likewise, in the United States, you can be held personally liable for harm
you cause to others.

In the rather well known case of Robert Gertz, calling a person, even a
public person, a "communist" or a "nazi" was held to be defamatory per se.

You had better be able to offer proof of your allegations.  I know that you
have none.

It is you who are trafficking in "hate speech," in "racism" and in
fabrications and lies.  I know that from seeing only what you have written
and published about me. 

Based on this, I would give little credence to anything else you would have
to offer, nor can I hold you in any esteem, other than low, because it
appears you are interested solely in your own self-aggrandizement, in
obtaining contributions from the unwitting, and at my expense.

Kind regards,

***********************  V  *************************
                       I CHOOSE LIBERTY.

Linda Thompson

       Remember Waco.   Remember Oklahoma.
The Murderers are still free and running YOUR country.

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