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Subject: Linda gives Tavish what for ! WAS Re: Ken's Idle Threats Answered.
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 09:48:03 -0500
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Dr. Linda Thompson wrote:
> Responding to a post from "Doc" Tavish, relevant portion quoted below
> this reply:
> I do not like the propaganda tactics used by "Klanwatch", SPLC, and ADL,
> and have well documented their history of working with the FBI and paid
> informants to stir up racism and anti-semitism.  They are liars, who
> profit from marketing (and creating) a fear of racism and
> anti-semitism.  They lobby for bills against "terrorism," while
> simultaneously creating the very terrorism that would not exist but for
> their efforts, hand in hand with the FBI.  They are also hypocrits.  The
> ADL aided the anti-apartheid effort in Africa and awarded a medal to
> DeClerc.  Morris Dees' black employees have sued in him the past,
> complaining he treated them like slaves.
> However, I have yet to find someone publicly and loudly spouting racist
> or anti-semitic comments who is not associated with a fed operation
> involving either the ADL itself or the SPLC or military intelligence.
> Thus, you are a prime candidate for scrutiny, in my book.
> I presently have a lawsuit against government officials for a now-proven
> government agenda to falsely claim people are racists and nazis to
> demonize them, people who are patriots and who hold no such beliefs.
> However, also uncovered has been the role of paid plants who spout the
> lines these private agencies and the government need to hear and quote
> in their propaganda, in order to claim there are racists and nazis
> running amok.  Again, you are a prime candidate.
> If you were exposing corruption and pointing out people by their names
> and deeds, you would have no need to refer to their race or religion.
> Their deeds, whatever their race or religion is, speak for themselves.
> However, when you blast an entire religious group, i.e., Jews, claiming
> they are all "bastards," or, as a group, are all rotten or underhanded,
> regardless of how much evidence you have of the crimes of any one or
> more individual persons who happen to be Jews, you paint with too broad
> a broad brush, and that is bigotted and disgusting and makes you appear
> to be a braindead neanderthal or a fed op, and the two are not mutually
> exclusive.
> Likewise, such claims are readily refuted by proof that many obvious
> "bastards" who are quite clearly the source of many of the problems in
> this country, are not Jews (or black), whereas, we have many Jewish and
> black members of the militias and who are patriots.
> Frankly, I think you are an ass, whether you are a fed plant or you
> really believe your own ranting.
> You have freedom and the Constitutionally protected right to spout your
> views, indeed, to shout them from the rooftops, free of GOVERNMENT
> oppression, but in a one-on-one with other people, they have the same
> rights you do, to shout you down.
> If the government tries to shut you up, that is one thing.  It would be
> illegal (and, incidentally, there is quite a bit of evidence of
> collusion of government officials with various private groups such as
> SPLC, ADL, etc.)  I would defend your *RIGHT* to spout your beliefs.  I
> would find it distasteful, but that is the test of one's belief in the
> true rights of all people to express their views in a free society.
> Frankly, I can't think of a faster way to see the type of things you
> preach be exposed as the nonsense it is, than to insure that you have a
> full forum to shout your views at all times for all to hear.   So you
> would win your bet.
> However, in so far as defending your *beliefs,* I disagree with you.
> Kind regards,
> Linda Thompson
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> ***************************************************
> Dr. Linda Thompson
> Attorney at Law
> Chairman, American Justice Federation
> Internet:
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>        Remember Waco.
>   The Murderers are still free.
> ****************************************************
> Have you seen this yet?
> [deleted for brevity]
> >
> > Ken I'd bet that I could persuade Linda Thompson to represent me and I
> > know that she would most likely love to hone her skills on two Klanwatch
> > intimidators! I have CCd this post to her and will contact her
> > personally!
> >
> >                 *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
> [deleted for brevity]
> P.S.
> McVay, with Ditzcorps, er, Nitscorpse, er, Nizkor, yeah, that's it, is
> an American citizen, U.S. government, Department of Defense, employee.
> I presently have a lawsuit in federal court against another such
> employee who has been engaged in attacking people who do not hold racist
> or nazi beliefs, but who have been effective in getting out news of
> government corruption, by engaging in a substantial propaganda campaign
> to falsely label them as "racist/nazis" and to then attribute (falsely)
> all manner of ill deeds to them.
> It is probably just a coincidence that McVay operates from the same
> script.
> He will get his day to squeal like a pig in court, just as the little
> U.S. Customs troll is now doing.
> Linda Thompson

Linda, I have a new respect for you!  Thanks for putting a lid on this.

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