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This will be my last post on internet.  Do not send me any more mail. Take
me off whatever list you have me on.  Do not ask me for anything, period.
Yes, this means you.

I won't read it, I won't reply to it. 

I have gotten my last letter from paid operatives, circulated five hundred
times by the hopelessly stupid.

I have seen the last "PROOF" that "Waco happened some OTHER way, so long as
it's 'negligence' by the government and not murder, or so long as it's a
"screw up" by anyone but who did it:  MERCENARIES AND SPECIAL OPERATIONS
TROOPS -- with all these bullshit, lying "WONDERFUL" tapes having the
amazing common denominator of being put out by the VERY people who were
involved in the murders and massive propaganda efforts, and ALWAYS connected
to Soldier of Fortune.  Just a coincidence.  The latest piece of
government-sponsored bullshit is going to "air" at the Sundance film
festival.  Doubtlessly, it will be ballyhooed in the press.  This, of
course, will be the "ultimate" proof and truth.  I've already heard at least
two ninnies talking about it, even AFTER the authors were exposed before it
was even finished.  If you're so damned STUPID that you don't notice that
the two most important and truthful works on Waco were totally ignored,
while the media has ballyhooed, in some way, every sponsored version, then
God have mercy on your stupid ass.

I have waded through my last "READ THIS!  SOVEREIGN TRUTH!" propaganda
malarky about licenses and the U.C.C., droning endlessly boring nonsense for
pages.  I've been  confronted by my last knuckle-dragger who wants me to
wade through the morass for them, page by page, and prove why it's junk, or
call me names when I won't do it for him.  No thanks.

I've bankrupted my family, I've wasted and missed the last four years of my
kids' growing up, I've been beaten, shot at, stolen from, for absolutely not
one damned thing.

I've been called every name in the book, in public, and watched patriots
make sure THEY weren't treated like that as they adopted a safe
fence-straddle somewhere.  I can't go in the downtown courthouse without
being attacked.

All because I wanted to put out the truth about Waco, three years ago.  The
truth is just as buried as it ever was, and now, I am, too.  

I'm done.  I am shutting up and shutting down.  And no, I don't expect to
see a single damned soul do anything for anybody.

The internet should, by rights, have intelligent people on it.  It does,
indeed, have a lot of intelligence, but not too many bright folks, from the
looks of things.

Kind regards,

Linda Thompson

********************  V  ***************************
Dr. Linda Thompson
Attorney at Law
Chairman, American Justice Federation

       Remember Waco.
  The Murderers are still free.
Have you seen this yet?

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