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From Mon Feb 19 09:54:35 PST 1996
Article: 12422 of alt.skinheads
From: (George Tews)
Newsgroups: alt.skinheads
Subject: Re: >> Niggers are NOT other people.
Date: 19 Feb 1996 13:38:08 GMT
Organization: The KKK
Lines: 41
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NIGGERS are Not Human!!!!   period.......
That is why I will kill any fucking nigger that so much as looks at me wrong!
I would never kill a human being, except in defense, but niggers are fucking
slimy scum, from hell, who are nothing more than an extension of the hand 
of Satan.  I wont even say that a nigger is an animal, because I find 
animals to be much more intelligent than niggers, and actually even more 
inteligent than most humans.  The whole problem was that the KKK should 
have killed ALL the fucking niggers, years ago, before they multiplied 
like the god-damn cockroaches that they live with.
Wanna know what the biggest pollutant is in the world?  It is Not DDT, it 
is NIGGER SPERM, the seed of Satan.....
The seed that will destroy the world, unless we destroy the fucking 
nigger scum first...  But we must kill ALL of them...  While we kill 
them, lets also kill all fucking faggots.  Maybe then, we can live in peace!

Peter Kramer ( wrote:
: >> (KT) wrote:
: >> Niggers are NOT other people.

: If you take any two animals from the same species in the same forest
: (except for siblings), there will be greater genetic diversity that which
: you would find from comparing the genetics of any individuals of different
: human races.

: I.e.:  The genetic diversity **among** the human races is less than that
: which occurs **within** any race of any other species.

: The statement "Niggers are NOT other people," is the wishful thinking of
: one who must deny the established facts in order to justify a hateful,
: bigoted and nonproductive disposition and philosophy.

: The utter ignorance of those who deny the humanity of other races is
: matched only by their arrogance.  They need to learn about human genetics,
: but one who 'knows it all' is incapable of learning anything

: P. Kramer, Ph. D.

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