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Document from the "red series," _Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression_,
vol. VIII, pp. 19-20.  The three asterices are in the original and
serve the purpose of an ellipsis.


March 1942, pages 1 and 2

                         The approaching finale
                      The prophecy of the Fuehrer

There were two ways which might have led to a liberation of Europe
from the Jews: Expulsion or extermination! Both methods have been
tried in the course of the centuries, but they were never carried to
a conclusion. In the thirteenth century there was an expulsion of
Jews from England; a century later one from France. Towards the end
of the fifteenth century the Jews were expelled from Spain and
Portugal, and this also took place in Germany and the eastern
European countries. However, as this forcible expulsion was not
employed simultaneously by all the nations, its success was bound to
be denied to Europe as a whole. For when a Jew was expelled from one
country he emigrated to a part of the continent where the expulsion
of Jews had not yet been carried out, or where it had already died
down. Thus the Jew wandered from one country to another during the
mediaeval expulsions of Jews, and in the end he still remained the
victor. Just as the expulsion of Jews merely led to temporary partial
successes because of the disunity in the procedure by the European
nations, so could the attempt at extermination not lead to any result
either, because the extermination was carried out in small numbers
and in a few countries only.

The teaching of Christianity had stood in the way of a radical
solution of the Jewish problem in Europe. The Christian teaching
which conceded to the Jewish people the title "God's people," the
protection of the commandment of "love thy neighbor," a commandment
which even demands that the neighbor known to be an enemy is not
excluded: "If someone smite you on the right cheek, offer him your
left cheek as well"  * * *

Fate has decreed that it was finally left to the 20th century to see
the total solution of the Jewish problem.  Just how this solution
will be achieved has been made known to the European nations and to
entire non-Jewish humanity in a proclamation read out by the Fuehrer
of the German people on the 24th February 1942 (the 22nd anniversary
of the day on which the N.S.D.A.P. was founded).

Today the ideas of our Nationalsocialist and those of the Fascist
revolution have conquered large and mighty nations and my prophecy
will find its fulfillment, that in this way not the Aryan race will
be destroyed, but the Jew will be exterminated.  Whatever else this
struggle may lead to, or however long it may endure, this will be the
final result.  And only then, after the removal of these parasites,
will there be a long period of understanding amongst nations, and
hence real peace will come to the suffering world.

Julius Streicher

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