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From: (Michael P. Stein)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: 'Nationalist' openly admits his cowardice, and lies again
Date: 2 Jun 1997 07:13:20 -0400
Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA
Lines: 151
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Xref: alt.revisionism:168617

In article <>,
Michael  wrote:
>On 1 Jun 1997 02:01:35 -0400, (Michael P.
>Stein) wrote:
>>In article <>,
>>Michael  wrote:
>>>And by your statements above it is obvious that You have Not read the
>>    Please provide an explanation of how it is obvious.  I could use
>>another laugh.

    The cowardly lyin' Nationalist fails to answer.

>>>Since you are incapable of proving Anyone a liar (especially Mr.
>>    Would you like to place a wager on that - say, $5,000 plus arbitration
>>and all other associated costs?  If you are willing to put your money
>>where your enormous mouth is, I will happily prove that Mr. Hoffman has
>>lied before an arbiter of the American Arbitration Association.  Money to
>>be escrowed in advance. 
>>    It's put up or shut up time. 


>>>because you are so busy misrepresenting things yourself
>>    When you can think of any that you can name, as opposed to simply
>>handwaving and asserting this, please get back to me. 

    The cowardly lyin' Nationalist fails to answer.

>>>why aren't you answering this question:
>>>When did other people become responsible for what the Sanctimonious
>>>Hypocrite John Morris posts on Usenet? Isn't John responsible for his
>>>own posts?
>>    If you had not specifically asked me not to email you copies of posts,
>>you would have seen that I had already answered it.  Obviously you are no
>>less ignorant of Usenet than you are of anything else.  Articles can take
>>a day or more to propagate.

    The cowardly lyin' Nationalist has seen my reply that I have answered.
(The answer is now on DejaNews.)

>>    Again, there is a challenge on the table for you to back up your big
>>mouth (too bad you don't have a brain to match it, you'd make Marilyn vos
>>Santos look like a microcephalic idiot) with cold hard cash. I expect to
>>have many weeks of entertainment watching you trade crow feathers for the
>>chicken variety as you find reasons to refuse it, or else pretend
>>diligently that you never saw it.
>You whine and moan about newsfeeds and delays only when it's
>convenient for you.  I answered one of your posts and on another you
>asked me what was taking me so long to answer it since you had posted
>it a half hour before.

    Yes, in mockery of your childish "Daddy-are-we-there-yet" impatience
in expecting that I would answer anything you posted in less than 36
hours.  I should have expected that you would be too stupid (or too
dishonest) to understand that I was mocking your own childishness, and
that I know perfectly well that demanding a response in half an hour is

    Later this summer I'll be going out of town camping for a long
weekend. You might have to wait FIVE WHOLE DAYS for me to respond to one
of your precious little imbecilities.  You have my express permission to
hold your breath while waiting.

>So here it is again (and again....):
>You can view and answer to the thread:Subject: Re: Michael Bojangles
>Stein Blows It Again!! and Again!!
>And explain why you have ignored these:

>Subject: Bojangles Stein Refuses To Answer!!  and
>Subject: Mike "Bojangles" Stein----Answer This
>Where you are asked to answer one or both of these questions:
>When did other people become responsible for what the Sanctimonious
>Hypocrite John Morris posts on Usenet? Isn't John responsible for his
>own posts?

    The cowardly lyin' Nationalist knows that I have answered these and
that the answer is on DejaNews.

>The Whole World Is Watching.
>And the Whole World Is Watching when I reject your ridiculous 'wager'.

    Thank you for admitting that you are a craven coward as well as a
shameless liar.

>Nor do I feel I have to justify myself, especially to specimens like
>you.  But I will state that: It is disgusting enough to deal with you
>in this newsgroup and I have no intention of associating with you on
>any other basis.

    Especially not one which would cost you cold hard cash as a penalty
for shooting off your big lying mouth.  That's entirely understandable.

    Are you really so stupid as to think that people will not see through
your flimsy excuse?  If so, then you are even more stupid than I thought,
and that was already pretty stupid.

>So why don't we talk about your shutting me up.  What are you going to
>do?  Hit me with a flower?

    Not even that much.  I will simply demonstrate to the world that you
are a liar and a coward.  If you wish to be exposed as such to all the
world, I have no particular desire to stop you.  And you have now put up
your open admission, papered over by some rather transparent
rationalization, that you post claims that you are not willing to back up
because you know that they are false. 

>Present your 'proof' here in this newsgroup.

    It has already been done many times.  How many times will you claim
you have not seen it this time, cowardly liar?

    Nevertheless I will present it once more provided that you accept the
following conditions.  First, you will wait four days after posting your
acceptance of my conditions before expecting any response to be posted and
visible on your server.  Secondly, the first time you claim that you have
not seen my reply, you agree that I may email you a copy.  The second time
you claim you have not seen it, you agree that I may email you two copies.
The third time you claim you have not seen it, I may email you four
copies, and so on, doubling every time you lie and claim that I have not
posted it. 

Mike Stein			The above represents the Absolute Truth.
POB 10420			Therefore it cannot possibly be the official
Arlington, VA  22210		position of my employer.

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