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Subject: Gays are *not* socially acceptable

Do you Hate Homosexuals?  Are you curious about those of us who Hate FAGS?!?

You may be one of millions of kids who dislikes homosexuals but are excluded
from a school system which does not understand the importance of intolerance
in maintaining a disease-free society, where children are safe from homosexual
molestation and other attempts to invade and corrupt their innocence.

There are millions like you -kids who, throughout their entire life have had a
feminine "tolerant" outlook drilled into their heads, with repeated exposure to
queers and their sick behaviour from square one. Haven't you ever wondered what
it means to be a real man? They have given you no examples to follow.

Real Men

I will tell you what real men are. Real men fight for what they believe in.
They fight against all odds for their children and their society. They don't 
spend days wailing about social problems, whales, blacks, or queers: They don't
cry. They know that queers threaten the procreative order of society and
molest kids, they know that crime and racial strife are the handmaidens of
black immigration. They know it instinctively. And do we cry about it?
No, We Fight!

Are you one of many excluded from a program that stresses tolerance and
femininity, over might and masculinity? Join a program that won't leave you
out in the cold. Join a group that will teach you how to fight and be a man.
Join a White Rights group, fight for what's right, and learn the REAL
lesson of how to be a man!

Jeff Vos, CyberNaziGruppeLeiter/PSI

                           - THE BOOK OF BLOOD -
                         The Eve of a Great Battle

"We are in a war. Make no mistake about it. There is an enemy, and the enemy
 has made significant gains -only because we refuse to acknowlege the true
 state of affairs. Too long have we refused to make the protection of our
 society our own business. Too long have we refused to throw off the shackles
 of the effeminate outlook that poisons our strength to do battle with our foe.
 We have sat by, watching our television and parroting progressive sentiments,
 while our tax-money was given to the fags, while our blood-supply was contam-
 inated by the fags, while our children were molested by the fags, and while
 our once great society was poisoned to its very root by the fags."[1]

"They are on the television, in the schools, in the news. They should be hiding
 their faces by reason of the multitude of their crimes, and the punishment
 which they so richly deserve; and which we -in earlier times- would not have
 hesitated to give them. Read on for the REAL story..."


 In Canada, 70 percent say they "do not approve of homosexuality."[2]
 81 percent of Americans on a National Opinion Research survey said that
 homosexual relations were "wrong."[3]

FACT #2/ Homosexuals are an insignificant minority

 Their power derives from unity, vociferousness, and media support -not from
 numerical strength: The percentage of the population which is homosexual is
 between 1 and 4 percent.[4]

FACT #3/ Homosexuality is a mental illness

 a survey of 2500 psychiatrists (four years after the APA decision to consider
 such behaviour normal) found that 69 percent believed that homosexuality was
 "a pathological adaptation." About 18 percent disagreed; 13 percent were 
"many members of our profession still privately express the opinion that
 homosexual development is not normal. The 1973 ruling did not resolve the 
 issue - it simply silenced 80 years of psychoanalytic observation."[6]

FACT #4/ Homosexuals deliberately contaminated the blood supply, killing
 thousands of women and children

 "[I]f research money [for AIDS] is not coming, all gay males should give 
  blood ... whatever action is required to get national attention is valid.
  If that includes blood terrorism, so be it." Dallas Gay News, May 20, 1983

FACT #5/ Homosexuals disproportionately molest children.

 "We shall sodomize your sons ... we shall seduce them in your schools, in
  your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports
  arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater
  bathrooms ... All laws banning homosexuality will be revoked ... Be careful
  when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you ... the 
  family unit ... will be abolished ... All churches who condemn us will be
  closed. Our only Gods are handsome young men."
 -Michael Swift, Gay Community News, February 15, 1987

 Molestation and Violence, an direct excerpt from Gairdner's book, "The War
 Against the Family: a parent speaks out":

 Although homosexuals represent only between 1 and 4 percent of the entire
 population (up to 2 percent exclusively homosexual; and 2 percent casual
 bisexuals), studies based on ample U.S. data tell us that they perpetrate
 between one-third and one-half of all child molestations (Los Angeles Times
 survey, August 26, 1985), and that homosexual teachers commit between 25
 and 80 percent of all pupil molestations. They are 12 times more likely to
 molest children than are normal people, and seven times more likely to
 molest pupils. About 31 percent of those claiming molestation by men were
 homosexually assaulted. Fully 35 percent of British boys (and 9 percent of
 girls) say that they have been actively approached by adult homosexuals
 (2 percent and 1 percent, respectively, say the "succumbed"). A British
 Columbia study of 2099 child sexual abuse cases, although never mentioning
 the word homosexual, found that 50 percent of the victims were boys, a
 majority were under 12, and 94 percent of the perpetrators were male.[7]
 A national study by the Canadian Centre for Justic Statistics, covering 
 the decade 1980-89, found that 91 percent of perpetrators of sexual assault
 on children were male, and 46.5 percent of victims of sexual assault and
 "other sexual violations" were boys.[8] Both studies tell us that 
 homosexuals (at 4 percent of the population) are proportionately vastly
 more likely than heterosexuals to abuse children. A 1985 study in 
 Psychological Reports stated that homosexuals were up to 100 times more
 likely than heterosexuals to involve themselves sexually with child
 pupils.[9] Homosexual New York teachers recently agreed such acts were
 improper on school property -but reserved the right to "have relations" with
 children after school.[10] In its 1987 study, "Murder, Violence, and
 Homosexuality," the Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality
 (ISIS) reported that of all multiple or serial murders in the United States
 in the two decades after 1970, homosexuals killed at least 68 percent of
 the victims, were implicated in 41 percent of the total sets of crimes, and
 committed 70 percent of the worst 10 sets. Other studies arrive
 independently at the same, roughly two-thirds, figure. C. Allen's "A
 Textbook of Psychosexual Disorders (1969), and J.P. de River's "The Sexual
 Criminal (1956), say much the same. Convicted homosexual murderer Jeffrey
 Dahmer, who raped, killed, then raped them dead, and ate parts of 15 boys
 and young men, will swell this number greatly (Toronto Star, February 16,

 The U.S. "National Gay Rights Platform" (spelled out in 1972 and supported by
 Canadian Homosexuals) called for, and still calls for:

 - The abolition of all laws governing "age of sexual consent," thus enabling
   adults to have sex with consenting children of any age or either sex;
 - The repeal of all laws against sodomy and adult or child prostitution;
 - The homosexual right to legally adopt and have custody of minor children;
 - The repeal of all laws that restrict the sex or number of persons entering
   into the marriage unit. 

FACT #6/ Homosexuals are promiscuous

 In Bell and Weinberg's "Homosexualities" (1978), and in Gebhard and Johnson's
 "The Kinsey Data" (1979) - corrected - about 70 percent of admitted to having
 had sex only once with over half their partners. Other studies report that
 homosexuals average 20 to 106 new partners per year. The average had 300 to
 500 partners in a lifetime...

 Bell and Weinberg state that fully 28 percent had sodomy with over 1000
 partners in their lifetime, about 43 percent with over 500. Some [studies]
 report thousands of partners.[11] One homosexual wrote in Gay Report that
 he had over 4000, based on a diary cataloguing two or three per week, and
 ten or twelve every time he goes to the baths. A British survey appearing
 in British Journal of Sexual Medicine (April 1987) reported two London
 homosexuals who had 500 partners in one year, and twelve who estimated 5000
 in their lifetimes to date. 

FACT #7/ Homosexuals have sex in public places

 According to Gay Report, Favourite places to practise homosexual behaviour
 public restrooms, service stations, bus stations, public libraries, college
 restrooms, public parks, beaches, public baths, health clubs, pornographic 
 "peep" shows, and gay bars. Some cut "glory holes" in public washroom and
 wall partitians through which to give or receive oral or anal sex anonymously.

 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services survey of where homosexual
 encounters took place listed city parks (80 percent), gay bars (62 percent),
 theatres (61 percent), and restrooms (33 percent).

FACT #8/ Homosexuality is a diseased lifestyle

 An alternative lifestyle course is going to be taught to kindergarten students
 in public school from 1995 onwards, thanks to the NDP and your tax money. Read
 about the diseases associated with this "normal" lifestyle. The following is
 excerpted from Gairdner's War Against the Family:

 Gay Bowel Syndrome, a collection of bowel diseases which lead to dysfunction
 of the lower bowel tract and is endemic to the Gay community include the
 following. Physicians from the John Hopkins School of Public Health note in
 their recent study of 388 homosexuals that male homosexuals are "at high risk
 for Gay Bowel Syndrome" because of ... their 'distinctive sexual practices."

 -Amebiasis - a disease of the colon caused by parasites. Results in dysentery,
  sometimes liver abscess, and is spread by fecal ingestion or contamination of

 -Giardiasis - also prevalent in day-care centers because of wandering fecal
  material; a parasitic disease that produces diarrhea and inflammation of the
  bowel tract. Spead by fecal ingestion and contamination of food and water.

 -Salmonellosis - a bacterial disease causing food poisoning and gastroenter-
  itis, vomiting, severe diarrhea in infants and the elderly. Can lead to death
  by dehydration. Spread by fecal ingestion and contaminated foodstuffs.

 -Shigellosis - an acute bacteria infection like salmonellosis, it can lead to
  a diarrhea-induced dehydration death in infants and the elderly. Infected
  individuals should NOT HANDLE FOOD.

 -Hepatitus A and B - a viral liver disease spread by fecal contamination (A),
  or by blood (B). The latter type is considered to be transmitted "by 
  'parenteral injection' of saliva or semen positive for B antigen through
  breaks in anal or oral mucosa during anilingual (tongue/anus) contact or
  proctogenital intercouse (penile/rectal sodomy)" (New England Journal of
  Medicine, 1980, p.302.)

 -Tuberculosis and Syphilis - these are charging back since the beginning of
  the 1980s, in both the United States and Canada, among other things, because
  of AIDS and cocaine use, the latter because it promotes high-risk sex
  activity, often performed in exchange for the drug. Officials express huge
  concern because syphilis sores provide an easy route of entry for the AIDS
  virus (Globe and Mail, June 7, 1991). As for tuberculosis? AIDS patients are
  particulary vulnerable because of weakened immune systems. Nearly half the
  AIDS patients in some New York State AIDS clinics have the disease. The
  North York, Ontario, public health department has reported "a one hundred
  per cent increase" in 1991. No reason given.

  STDs - According to a wide range of medical and scientific journals and
  reports, male homosexuals have the following diseases or conditions more
  frequenty than heterosexuals by the following multiples: syphilis - 14 times,
  gonorrhea - 3 times, genital warts - 3 times,  hepatitus - 8 times,
  lice - 3 times, scabies - 5 times, penile-contact infection - 30 times,
  oral/penile infection - 100s of times,  AIDS - 5000 times

 "AIDS is contagious almost exclusively through behaviour, and modification
  of that behaviour could in theory reduce future AIDS cases virtually to
  zero without another penny spent on research and without a single medical
  breakthrough." [13]

 "The restigmatization of homosexual behaviour is the first step in eliminating
  the gay plague called AIDS. It is also the first step in eliminating the 
  threat that gays pose to the procreative order of society."[1]

 The above document summarizes and, in many places, quotes the excellent
 research of Dr. William Gairdner on the homosexual question. The full text can
 be found in his enlightening book, "The War Against the Family: a parent
 speaks out" (Toronto: Stoddart 1992). We have included his sources below,
 where referenced in the text. Please note that ref #1 did not appear in
 Gairdner's book.

  1. Jeff Vos, CyberNaziGruppeLeiter/PSI, "The Black Book of the CNG," May 1994
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     Indoctrination of a People" (Lafayette, Louisiana: Lochinvar-Huntington
     House, 1990), p.144.
  6. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, "The California Psychologist," February, 1989
  7. British Columbia Ministry of Health, "Dimensions of Multiple Victim Sexual
     Abuse in British Columbia," July 1, 1993
  8. "Children as Victims of Violent Crime," published by Supply and Services
     Canada, Catalogue 85-002, Ottawa, May 1991
  9. "Psychological Reports," no. 57, pp. 1227-36. Also, see Cameron, et al.,
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     1986, pp. 327-37. Also, A. Bell and M. Weinberg, "Homosexualities" (New
     York: Simon and Schuster, 1978), and Jay and Young, "Gay Report" (New
     York: Summit, 1979). The last two books contain copious data on the
     unnatural, unhealthy, and often dangerous behaviour of homosexuals.
 10. "Homosexual Love Away from School Is O.K., Gay Teachers Say," New York
     Post, July 11, 1979, p.5.
 11. see L. Corey and K.K. Holmes, "Sexual Transmission of Hepatitus A in
     Homosexual men," New England Journal of Medicine, no. 302, 1980, pp.435-38
     See also the San Francisco Men's Health Study, "Journal of the American
     Medical Association," vol. 3, no. 257, January 16, 1987, p.323.
 12. "New Dimensions," March 1990
 13. "Commentary," vol. 90, no. 4, October 1990, p.52.

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