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Subject: Eleven questions for William Scott (Month 6)
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Last-Modified: 2000/02/01

Questions 1 through 5

On October 22, 1999, in an article purporting to show that Jews have a
"disproportionate influence" in the media, you made the following claim:

     "... a disproportionate number of non-white immigrants are 
     unemployed, on the welfare roles, and in prison." 

Please tell us:

     (1) How many "non-White immigrants" are in the United States?
     (2) How many of them are unemployed?
     (3) How many of them are on the welfare rolls?
     (4) How many of them are in prison?
     (5) Where may we obtain the data which supports these

Question 6 

In the same article (cited above), you claim that, "...according to the 
FBI, per capita Blacks commit 2.5 times more Hate Crimes than Whites."

Please cite the FBI report which contains this statement or data
supporting this statement.

Questions 7 through 11

In an article posted on November 4, 1999, which which you purported
to cite "Alian [sic] Nation by Peter Brimlow," who apparently cites 
Lawrence Auster's "The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration 
and Multiculturalism," we find the following the following quote,
purportedly by Senator Edward Kennedy:

     "What the bill will not do: First, our cities will not be flooded 
     with a million immigrants annually. Under the proposed bill, the 
     present level of immigration remains substantially the same. . .  . 
     Contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not 
     inundate America with immigrants from any one country or area, or 
     the most populated and deprived nations of Africa and Asia...."

     You then say "Every one of Senator Kennedy's assurances has 
     proven false," and you cite various data in support of that 

The questions:

     (7) What is the bibliographic reference for "Alian [sic] 
         Nation by Peter Brimlow?" 
     (8) What is the bibliographic reference for "The Path to 
         National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and 
     (9) Where did Senator Kennedy make the statement attributed
         to him, and where was this statement published?
    (10) What is the source of the data from which you obtained
         your immigration figures?
    (11) What American cities have been "flooded with a million
         immigrants annually?"

Questions 12 & 13

     In a February, 2000, article, you cited an anonymous posting,
     purporting to have been posted by Ken McVay, to which you

          "Ok, McVay, I'll give you credit for finally having the 
          guts to admit that you're a homosexual. Now, can we get Jeff 
          Brown to tell the truth too?"

     The Questions: Please tell us what evidence you have which proves that 
     the anonymous post in question was authored by Ken McVay, and, since
     you cannot do that, please tell us what other evidence you have to
     support your allegation that McVay is a homosexual.

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