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Subject: Just like a desperate liberal...Crazy Jeannie's always thinking
and talking about SEX SEX SEX...
Date: 10 Sep 1995 21:37:55 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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Reply-To: (SCHOEDEL)

Jeannie writes:

>> I sense that jeannie must not be getting enough of her "acceptable sex
>> practices" lately, there is a certain amount of brashness here jeannie
>> that you have never shown us before....geez-ow!
>> Rev. Ron
>Mighty holy words, Rev.! BTW, you are still a lying blasphemous little
>prick. At the age of 19, you know as much about Christianity as you do
>about sexuality. If you had any experience in either, you would realize
>how silly and/or offensive your statements are to mature adults (I am not
>referring to chronology here, just to having a real clue about life).

Translation: "waaaaaaaaaah. the little kid offended me.  waaaaaaaah.  Hey
Robert honey darling, little Rev. Ronnie is making fun of me.

You contend that *I* was offensive?  What do you consider "lying
blasphemous little prick" to be, an endearing statement?   Tell me again
about being "offensive", Crazy jeannie...

I think it has more to do with know that I have more
knowledge and expertise inboth sexual matters and religious ones than you

>The issue is not what I think is acceptable, Rev. You were the one to
>about Black sex and Jew sex, remember?

Yep, shore as heck do.  Jew sex being oral sex, which they exported to
White culture, and Black sex being a "human" adaptation of animal sex
practices.  Both of which I contend are foreign (non-Aryan) in nature, and
thus of no use to Aryans.  Some of us realize that sex (I am awfully sorry
to use such a word amongst the immature, like you jeannie) is for more
than pleasure, jeannie.

>I merely suggested that you print
>out certificates that would attest to your 'expertise' in these matters.

Well you suggested wrong.

>You may also want to print out one saying that you're an adult as well,
>because you are failing miserably as a man of God.
>Jeanne K.

I see, and *you*, the lying little blasphemous broad, are judging *my*
standing as a man of God?  Nuh-uh.  Don't think so jeannie.  Get a clue.

Love ya hon',

Rev. Ron

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