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The testimony of SS Unterscharfuhrer Karl Alfred Schluch:	

"In the morning or noon time we were informed by Wirth, Schwartz, or
Oberhauser that a transport of Jews should arrive soon...The
disembarkation from the freight cars was carried out by a group of
Jewish prisoners under the command of their capos. Two or three
Germans from the camp staff supervised the action. It was my
obligation to carry out such supervisions. After the disembarkation,
the Jews were taken to the assembly square. During the disembarkation,
the Jews were told they had come here for transfer and they should go
to the baths and disinfection. This announcement was made by Wirth and
translated by a Jewish capo. Afterwards the Jews were taken to the
undressing barracks.


My post in the 'tube' was close to the undressing barrack. Wirth
briefed me that while I was there I should influence the Jews to
behave calmly. After leaving the undressing barracks, I had to show
the Jews the way gas chambers. I believe that when I showed the Jews
the way they were convinced that they were really going to the baths..
After the Jews entered the gas chambers, the doors were closed by
Hackenholt himself or by Ukrainians subordinate to him. Then
Hackenholt switched on the engine which supplied the gas. After five
or seven minutes - and this is only an estimate - someone looked
through the small window into the gas chamber to verify whether all
inside were dead. Only then were the outside doors opened and the gas
chambers ventilated....After the ventilation of the gas chambers, a
Jewish working group under the command of their capos entered and
removed the bodies from the chambers, Occasionally, I had to supervise
at this place; therefore, I can describe the whole process, which I
saw and witnessed personally.

The Jews inside the gas chambers were densely packed. This is the
reason that the corpses were not lying on the floor but were mixed up
in disorder in all directions, some of them kneeling, according to the
amount of space they had. The corpses were besmirched with mud and
urine or with spit. I could see that the lips and tips of the noses
were a bluish color. Some of them had their eyes closed, others' eyes
rolled. The bodies were dragged out of the gas chambers and inspected
by a dentist, who removed finger-rings and gold teeth....After this
procedure, the corpses were thrown into a big pit..."

Arad, Yitzak. Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, the Operation Reinhard Death
Camps. The Indiana University Press. 1987. pp. 70 - 71

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