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From: (Rich Graves)
Subject: Re: 960824: More sabotage
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 14:38:00 -0700
Organization: Fans of Nizkor,
Lines: 274
References:  <4v2md6$h2c@Networking.Stanford.EDU>
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In article , (E. Zundel Repost) wrote:

> The Zundelgrams are posted to and alt.revisionism
> daily, unedited. The opinions expressed do not represent the views of the
> poster, who is not the author. See X-Headers for relevant URLs. A good
> place to start is or, if you're in Europe,

Hey, that should probably be now.

> ------------ BEGIN ZUNDELGRAM MESSAGE ------------
> Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Good morning, Ingrid!

> Speaking on the verdict, Lauck said in German "Neither the communists nor
> the Nazis ever dared to kidnap an American citizen!  The fight will go 
> on!"

This is untrue, of course. Both the Nazis and the Soviets kidnapped
Americans. Since Lauck was arrested in Denmark and extradited to Germany,
though, I think his quarrel should be elsewhere.

> *       Regarding the Human Rights Commission shenanigans to get at Ernst
> Zundel from yet another angle, since all the previous moves have
> boomeranged, a Zundelwatch Reader reported:
> "I spoke to the consumer relations man at the Inhuman Rights Center in
> Canada (at) the number you gave above, and he would answer nothing except
> that they were investigating a complaint.
> He would not say what the complaint was or by whom.

I'm sure this is true. The law prevents them from commenting substantively
on cases under investigation. It's called due process of law, and it's
intended to preserve the rights of the accused. You wouldn't want them
leaking everything they had to the press, would you? And how are they to
know you're really a "friend"? The only proper thing for them to do is to
say nothing except in open court. This investigation may well be dismissed
before it even reaches open court, so keep your shirt on, cowboy.

> *       Somebody spammed 129 newsgroups with solicitations for my ZGram.
> Some of the newsgroups are the following:

This is true. You're welcome. It took some work to track down the
forgeries, by your friend in New Jersey (the Ron/Diaper Debbie/TChung
troller), and cancel them.

Ingrid apparently received no great amount of annoying mail as a result of
the forged spam, which was my concern. I am happy to have helped avert that.

> How do I know this happened?  Because one of the servers - or whoever is
> in charge of these things - wrote to me that the spam was so massive it
> cancelled itself out.

Yes, they were canceled just like your repeated spams in 1995.

Spams like this do not "cancel themselves out," Ingrid. It only went to
128 groups, not enough to trigger an alpha-spam detector. They can only be
detected by someone who cares enough to track them down. In this case,
that was me. The article I posted to, with Cc to
you and the postmasters at both and, is appended below.

> How do I know who did it?  Because the creature who cooked this up 
> decided to write in to let the server know that it was all a hoax - and to
> please cancel the posts.  He also left his name - well-known to me and 
> others. You draw your own conclusions.

Ingrid, please tell us about this "creature." You have his name? We've
been looking for that spammer, too. In the absence of any real
information, how are we to draw our own conclusions?

Posted and emailed in the hope that Ingrid might want to elaborate. For
this issue and the one below, maybe this article should be saved on

> Also, courtesy of the not-so-Anonymous Source, I received a letter
> (supposedly written by me) that is as filthy as it gets and as sadistic as
> it gets.  Apparently this letter was posted in my name in alt.revisionism.

Please post this letter, with headers.

> *       And, finally, I don't think that it is coincidence that the Aryan
> Nations web page was hacked last weekend - I was told by a program called
> "satan" - the same weekend the Department of Justice web page was hacked.
> As many of you know, the DoJ was corrupted with swastikas and a nude woman
> decapitating a man.

This is simply amazing.

1. The Aryan Nations web site was not hacked last weekend, or any time at
all as far as I know. If you have solid information to the contrary,
please post details.

2. The word for what did not occur is "cracking," not "hacking." See the
Hacker Dictionary or Steve Levy's Wired articles for an exploration of the

3. SATAN, the System Administrators' Tool for Analyzing Networks, is not
and has never been a tool for crackers. When SATAN is invoked, it's
usually a sure sign of either an unsuccessful attack by an incompetent
fool, or an unreliable source making the whole thing up. In this case, I'd
guess the latter.

4. The DOJ page was indeed cracked as an anti-CDA and general
anti-government protest. I thought it was pretty stupid. There was much
discussion on Declan't so-called fight-censorship list.

5. The "nude woman decapitating a man" was a completely different case. It
has absolutely nothing to do with either of the above. It's on, if you were wondering. They are real pictures from a real
murder case. I couldn't bear to look.

Path: nntp.Stanford.EDU!news.Stanford.EDU!not-for-mail
From: (Rich Graves)
Subject: Please Cancel: EMP/ECP (Spam), BI 35, forgery "Get the
world famous Zgrams !"
Date: 16 Aug 1996 13:41:10 -0700
Organization: Uncensored Internet,
Lines: 133
Sender: llurch@Networking.Stanford.EDU
Message-ID: <4v2md6$h2c@Networking.Stanford.EDU>


Please cancel the following articles, all of which are forgeries with the same
content for the purpose of harassing a user at, and terminate the

If you need another reason to act, someone fitting the profile of this user
[NNTP-Posting-Host: *, X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.1PE (Windows; I; 16bit)]
has been forging articles in various inappropriate newsgroups for at least
three months; for some evidence of this, see:

Those seem to be violations of's terms of service, but this latest
round is the first time that this user has clearly stepped into net abuse.

At least 11 articles with identical content were posted to at least 145
newsgroups (one crossposted to alt.folklore.urban has apparently already been 
canceled). The Breidbart index is at least 35. A complete copy of one article
and the Newsgroups: and Message-ID: lines of the rest follow.

- - -rich

Path: altavista!decwrl!!zdc!zdc-e!!!!!usenet
From: Ingrid 
Subject: Get the world famous Zgrams !
Date: 14 Aug 1996 12:33:58 GMT
Organization: Inet
Lines: 4
Message-ID: <4ush3m$>
References: <4sh3uf$> <> 
<> <>   
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
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X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.1PE (Windows; I; 16bit)

 Click the send mail/post reply button and write: Subscibe to zgrams 
please. You will love them !

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Message-ID: <4usgul$>

Message-ID: <4use1d$>

Message-ID: <4use7c$>

Newsgroups: alt.folklore.urban ? Canceled by 
Message-ID: <4ushop$>

Message-ID: <4usgul$>

Newsgroups: talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.guns,alt.president.clinton,,alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich,
Message-ID: <4usgbt$>

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,politics.perot,altfan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.california
Message-ID: <4usfe8$>

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,politics.perot,altfan.g-gordon-liddy,alt.california
Message-ID: <4usfe8$>

Newsgroups: talk.politics.misc,talk.politics.guns,alt.president.clinton,,alt.politics.usa.newt-gingrich,
Message-ID: <4usgbt$>

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