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From: Andrew Mathis 
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Hi Nazis!

Ingrid claims that her e-mail is not functioning because the anti-spam
shield installed for the Zundelsite is blocking the Zundelgrams (no
small irony there), and I've publicly stated that I will not e-mail her
or Ernst ( and are _his_ addresses,
right?) unless I am named in a Zgram in a libelous manner.

Therefore, I thought I'd give public notice, and one of her "fans" can
pass it along, that today I procured a copy of _Demon Doctor_ by Ingrid
Rimland, copyright 1988. You will note that this book is not listed
anywhere on her home page at  Nor is her
out-of-print book entitled _Psyching Out Sex_.  And she says I like
smut?  Apparently she writes about smut.  I have a library hold on this
dusty volume as well.

I thought it was fitting that I start tearing apart _Demon Doctor_ --
for reasons that you will soon see -- while she's in the throws (sp?) of
shucking her forthcoming book, the proceeds from which, no doubt, will
go to fund the Zundelsite, purchase cyanide capsules for her and Ernst,
or whatever. (This, btw, is what Willis Carto did for Francis Parker
Yockey -- note the spelling, Ingrid -- Y-O-C-K-E-Y.) Frankly, the bottom
line, which I've known for some time, is that Ingrid Rimland is a sad
woman, a pathetic case. She's lost her husband through divorce and her
older son, whose name I will not give here for his own protection,
through estrangement (though I will note that _Demon Doctor_ is about
him, is dedicated to him, and the proceeds from the sales go to him,
though it is presently only available through secondhand sales, as I
procured it); her younger son (whose name I will also not divulge here)
is presumably with her, but she cannot have a fully adult relationship
with him either because of his disabilities. She is an old woman with
views that most of the world holds repugnant.  Indeed, her only lifeline
is Ernst Zundel, and should he be jailed or deported by the Canadian
government, she's not going to have much to look forward to in the next
20 or so years that she probably has left in her (old Nazis do age well,
as she's often noted).

Oh, and one more thing: Robert Frenz, who runs the "First Amendment
Exercise Machine" at and to whom I've sent a copy
of this post, told me in e-mail once that Ingrid is Jewish.  I told him
that he was full of s**t (in so many words) and that this was a "smear"
that anti-Semites had been smearing each other with since the 1920s Nazi
Party -- particularly when the smeared party is apparently going down.
He maintained its truth, further pointed out that he has contacts within
the Mennonite community who claim she isn't one of _those_ either. 
Frenz' views notwithstanding, it's unclear to me if Rimland is the name
of Ingrid or Ingrid's ex-husband (it's the name of her elder son,
according to _Demon Doctor_), but I will note for the record that a name
search on "Rimland" in the Library of Congress author directory turns up
a David and a Mordechai. Hmmmmm.  Curious, that.  I'd love to get
Ingrid's ex-husband on the record.  I have a _very_ strong suspicion who
he is, but I wouldn't want to drudge up what is very likely an ugly
past, though it would certainly clear up certain views regarding Jews
that Ingrid presently holds...

But back to _Demon Doctor_.

I haven't dug into it yet (be sure that I will), but I'm going to quote
to you from pp. 3-5, which are the dedication, author's note, and

>From p. 3: "I dedicate this book with sorrow to my first-born, [name
deleted by A.M.], who had a grisly thing done to him in unnecessary
jungle surgery in 1959 in Paraguay by a man with a known _Auschwitz_
connection [emphasis added by Andrew Mathis]."

Strange, isn't it, that Ingrid should attach the ideas of a man from
Auschwitz with "grisy," "unnecessary jungle surgery?"  Isn't this what
so-called "exterminationists" claim that Mengele did at Auschwitz?

>From p.4: It is noted on this page that "[a]fter much soul-searching,
the author decided to take all risks, carry all costs and face all
consequences, including anticipated emotional assault and possibly
physical danger."

Danger from whom?  As of late, Ingrid has been claiming that ARA and the
ADL are the bad guys, the "punks," I believe, she called them in a
recent Zgram.  Certainly these groups would not take issue with a
truthful story about what a "man with a known Auschwitz connection" did
to her son?

It is noted at the bottom of p.4 that the proceeds of the sale of the
book, as I've already noted, "go toward the protection and welfare of
[Ingrid's] son, [name deleted by A.M.] Rimland, born in Volendam,
Paraguay, in 1959."

Well, we all know that Ingrid lived in Paraguay after fleeing the
Ukraine, and them emigrated to Canada, and then here.

The money shot, though comes on p. 5; this from the Preface:

	"As per my legal counsel, my only claim to fact is this:
	"There exists deep in the jungles of South America a pious
Russian-German colony called Volendam. In its confines, there lived a
man named Dr. Hans-Joachim Fertsch.
	"I say that I believe -- but I do not know for sure -- that chances are
that _Dr. Joseph Mengele_ [emphasis added by Andrew Mathis] lived in the
colony called Volendam as Dr. Hans-Joachim Fertsch.
	"I make no claim to certainty. I offer you a question mark.
	"Who was this Dr. Hans-Joachim Fertsch?"


I'm frankly amazed that less than 10 years ago, Ingrid would make such
an attack on Mengele -- whom she now frankly denies ever did anything
wrong -- when the two Zundelgrams I've referenced below, which are the
only two that mention Mengele, mention nothing about her "personal"
interactions with him:

Is Ingrid a liar?  A sensationalist trying to sell books?  Somebody with
a really, really bad memory?

We'll find out as Andrew Mathis reads _Demon Doctor_, by Ingrid Rimland,

Andrew Mathis

SCENES FROM INSTALLMENT TWO: Ingrid Rimland calls World War II "Adolf
Hitler's war (p. 7)"; what about all that claptrap about it being a
Jewish-inspired war?  Or forced by Roosevelt and Churchill?  Or Stalin? 
_Hitler's_ war?  This from Ingrid?


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