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X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent 1.0.82 (Ole Kreiberg) wrote:

>  The following are critical comments by mostly Jews about the credibility 
>of the Jewish Holocaust eyewitnesses:  
Really Mr. Kreiberg, I can hardly wait to show you just how big a
charlatan you really are. Mr. NO CREDIBILITY kreiberg.
>       "A certain degree of reserve is necessary in handling all this
>       material ... particular [survivor narratives]... the Eastern
>       European Jew is a natural rhetorician, speaking in flowery
>       similes...sometimes the imagery transcends credibility"

>                               -Gerald Reitlinger
>                               The Final Solution
>                      Sphere Books, London, 1971; page 581

Mr. Kreiberg, lets see what my edition says, shall we.

"The materials used in the preparations of this book come under the
following headings:
     1. Documents and statements in evidence at the Nuremberg trials.
     2. Documents collected by Jewish and other commissions for use in

          these and other criminal prosections.
     3. Historical and statistical reports.
     4. Non-Jewish memoirs which throw light on the extermination of 
           the Jews.
     5. Survivor narratives
A certain degree of reserve is necessary in handling all this material
and particularly this applies to the last section. For instance, the
evidence concerning the Polish death coamps was mainly taken after the
war by Polish State commissions or by the Central Jewish Historical
Commission of Poland. The hardy survivors who were examined were
seldom educated men. Moreover, the Eastern European Jew is a natural
rhetorician, speaking in flowery similes. When a witness said that the
victims from the remote West  reached the death camp in Wagons-Lits,
he probably meant that passenger coaches were used instead of
box-cars. Sometimes the imagery transends credibility as when a gang
of food smugglers in a ghetto are described as exceptionally tall men
with pockets running the whole length of their bodies."

"The Attempt to Exterminate the Jews of Europe 1939 - 1945"
Gerald Reitlinger
A Perpetua Book
A.S. Barnes & Company, Inc.
New York.
First American deition Published in 1953
by the Beechhurst Press, Inc.
Perpetua Edition1961

Mr. Kreiberg, what it does look like to me is that you have taken
something from your page, and just quoted it without context. Say
aren't you being dishonest by doing that?? Naughty, Naughty, now go in
the bathroom and wash your mouth out for lying, and join Mr. Baron is
the corner for some much needed time out.

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