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  Ahmed Rami, who recently closed down his radio-station Radio Islam
after the person who was legally liable got a few months of jail for
'Incitement against Ethnic Group'(1) is right now organizing something
he calls a 'Antizionist World Congress' that will take place _this weekend_
somewhere around Stockholm, Sweden.

  The reason for the timing is that it is just before the celebration of an
old Swedish king, Charles XII, who quite undeservedly have been coopted by
Swedish neo-nazis(2).

  Among those invited are Faurisson, Zu"ndel, Leuchter, Irving, three German
Neo-nazis (Worch, Ku"ssel and Althans??), Louis Farrakhan of the NOI and
representatives for the Hizbollah.

(1)Their main defence was to argue that Jewishness is in itself 'Incitement
   against Ethnic Group' against all non-jews, and that if Janzon or Rami was
   convicted, all jews should have to be arrested and convicted too.

(2)He allied with the Turks (Muslems) to fight Russia (Xtians), his army was
   mostly non-Swedish and he attacked Norway. The skinheads that admire him
   more often ally with Norwegian skinheads and attack Turks, so they must
   have misunderstood something.

[Ed. note: In response to my request for sources, I received the following
reply from the person who submitted the story for my archives. knm]

  Sure. The source is multiple Swedish media. There were reports in the news-
casts 'Nyheterna' @ 1900hrs today the 24th in the channel 'TV4', and in
'Rapport med v}der' at 1830 hours on 'Sverigekanalen (TV2)'. These two were
the only ones I have watched. My original mail was based on a article in
the paper 'Expressen' yesterdy. I expect that the shit will really hit the fan

  The newscasts had an interview with the district chief of police who said
that he is investigating if any of the announced participants have gotten
jailtime for similar offences in other countries. If they have he thinks
there is a chance to deny those persons entry because there is resonable
grounds to suspect that they will commit crimes ('incitement against
ethnic group' in this case) in Sweden.

UPDATE: Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1992 09:00:16 +0100 (MET)

  Starting with the 1930hrs newscast yesterday there have been speculation on
whether the announced 'Antizionist World Congress' is real or imaginative.

  When interviewed yesterday, Ahmed Rami had changed his story and denies that
Loius Farrakhan of the NOI, Hamas and the Hezbollah were invited but he still
claimed that several revisionists would attend.

  A letter from David Irving to the Swedish embassy in London was shown where
Irving denies being invited and claim that he 'have never known or associated
with Ahmed Rami'.

  Swedish police, gathering material that will enable them to argue that
the claimed participants are likely to engage in illegal activities and thus
deny them entry, say that they haven't found anything that indicates that
anybody is on their way to the congress. Journalists researching the event
have not been able to find any sign that it will take place.

  There has been some speculation that Rami started the whole affair to draw
attention to himself and the neo-nazi activities the 30th of November.

  The latter are apparently already active: Two jewish cemetaries have been
vandalized and a third attempt made, all in the last two days.

Subject: News as of 1400 MET
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1992 14:25:38 +0100 (MET)

  Radio City said right now that Ahmed Rami have issued a press release in
which he claims that the Antizionist World Congress is real, but that he
will move it to another country due to the "hostility he have encountered

Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1992 15:05:32 +0100 (MET)

  Faurisson apparently had a ticket to Sweden (he's been here before) so the
'Antizionist World Congress' is apparently not totally nonexistant. When
Rami was interviewed he blamed the vandalization of Jewish cemetaries on
"Zionist Jewish groups that try to do like they did in WWII: Fight their
 political opponents by playing victim"

  Source: Radio City 1500hrs MET. They didn't merely refer to the interview,
but transmitted it.

Article 7591 of alt.conspiracy:
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Path: oneb!!destroyer!!!!uunet!mcsun!sunic!!!d89-mor
From: (Monika Orski)
Subject: Re: "Anti-Zionist World Congress" Announced for Sweden
Message-ID: <>
Keywords: Rami,Faurisson,Zundel,Leuchter,Irving,Worch,Kussel,Stockholm
Sender: (Usenet)
Organization: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
References:  <>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1992 14:13:59 GMT
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In article <>, (Ken Mcvay) writes:
|> [The following information from the Swedish press was sent to me today
|> regarding a conference called for this weekend in Sweden, to be attended by
|> anti-Semitic activists and Holocaust deniers. I would appreciate receiving
|> any media followup for my archives. knm]
|>   Ahmed Rami, who recently closed down his radio-station Radio Islam
|> after the person who was legally liable got a few months of jail for
|> 'Incitement against Ethnic Group'(1) is right now organizing something
|> he calls a 'Antizionist World Congress' that will take place _this weekend_
|> somewhere around Stockholm, Sweden.
|>  (text deleted)

Today Ahmed Rami anounced to Swedish press that his conference is to be "moved
to another country" (not specified). This might be a response to the outrage
caused by the vandalism of the two jewish graveyards in Stockholm yesterday.
It also could be just another way for Rami to attract media. There have been
rumors in Sweden that there never were any real plans for a conference, only
Rami who wanted to be interviewed...

As for the vandalised gravestones, the police don't know who did it. (I kind
of wonder where A Rami was that night...) But here have been quite a public
reaction to the vandalism, including the Swedish primeminister and the leader
of the biggest opposition party visiting the graves.

Monika Orski
Stockholm, Sweden

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