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Subject:     SF: BAD NEWS &  GOOD NEWS
Sent:        6/18/96 8:01 AM
Received:    6/21/96 2:28 AM

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 05:01:55 PDT

Here's something interesting, I got it from 'Trans World Radio Ministry Fact
Sheet.'  Their address and *TOLL FREE* telephone #:

TWR; POB 8700; Cary, NC 27512 ~ 1-800-456-7TWR

Broadcasts from TWR's two locations in Africa target all of the sub-Saharan
continent w/the "good news" of Jesus Christ. Their potential audience is 700
million blue-gums. 300 hours are broadcast weekly by TWR in 33 languages via
a 50,000-watt AM transmitter, two 25,000-watt shortwave, one 50,000-watt
shortwave, and 2 100,000-watt shortwave transmitters (Swaziland) and 1
500,000-watt and 1 250,000-watt shortwave transmitter (Johannesburg, SA).
They also operate a satellite network throughout Africa which reaches any
radio station in the sub-Saharan region which has a simple consumer satellite
dish and receiver. Just like the Black churches politicize their flocks from
the pulpit here (Could this be why so many are going up in smoke lately?) --
TWR shapes the African community from its electronic pulpit there. Since
1974, when TWR started, in just Mozambique, for example, over 300 churches
have been built as a direct result of these broadcasts.

This gives us a glimpse of what we're up against, but it also demonstrates to
us what we, too, can do!. After all, it is Aryan Man's inventiveness and
technology which makes it possible for TWR to stir the savages w/the judaic,
egalitarian creed.

First, the bad news:
African fecundity is rampant. By the year 2000, 60% of the population will be
under the age of 15. Like the old lady who lived in a shoe, Africa has so
many children that she doesn't know what to do.

Now, the good news:
Wars rage and famines run throughout the dark continent; the basic
necessities of life are scarce. Also, the number of AIDS cases being reported
are increasing at an alarming rate, some countries reporting up to 28% of
their populations testing positive for the HIV virus.

Though Africa, even w/its astronomical birth rate, has less than 15% of the
world's population, it shoulders more than 30% of deaths worldwide. This is a
good trend indeed if you project it a few years. By 2000, Trans World Radio
reports that 20 million AIDS-infected Blacks will cover the continent.

The handout from TWR which is the scource for these statistics is geared for
White Christians, so they'll give more to TWR's important outreach to couple
Black suffering w/White guilt. Love and lift up thy fellow nigger!

What we should do is trade one African-American for one White African till
we've got them all. Then, we send the rest over there, cut'em off -- quit
feeding 'em, educating 'em, medicating 'em, and ministering to 'em; Nature
will take her course and the miserable creatures will "wither on the vine."
The solution is simple. Getting a sick White race to the point where they
will accept such a solution is our job. Support American Dissident Voices!

                        "Thank Gawd for AIDS!"
                                  -- JB Stoner

Your, the reader's, government allows tax-deductible donations for these
gifts of cash by White Americans to African savages. Personally, I think it's
the White churches that need burning -- *not* the Blacks'!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE: Of course, That's my own personal wish and not to be associated w/any
group I've been anywhere near, past or present.

Maybe we should take this discussion over to Stormfront-Religion, so as not
to offend the sensibilities of all those reading this who think religion has
nothing to do w/our racial struggle?

It's Great to be White!

Will  \|/

"Our task is not to persuade a numerical majority
  of the American population that we are right, but
  rather to build the numerical minority whose values
  coincide with ours into a majority of will and

  \|/ -- Dr. William L. Pierce ~ 9/02/78 @ First \|/
   |  General Convention of the National Alliance |

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