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From Mon Jun 17 17:18:06 PDT 1996
Article: 25218 of alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater
From: (Aaron D. Gross)
Newsgroups: soc.culture.israel,talk.politics.mideast,soc.culture.jewish,alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater
Subject: Wayne McGuire -- different USENET group, same M.O., same refusal to define "antisemitism", same prizes still to be won
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 08:14:11 GMT
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FWIW, though Wayne may have left soc.culture.jewish,soc.culture.israel
and talk.politics.mideast, he has taken his same old paranoid diatribe
to another newsgroup...

In the meantime, hundreds of dollars of software remain safe as the
Wayne McGuire Challenge remains unwon.

Anyone want to  visit alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater to see how
Wayne, in classic Buchananesque and Farrakhanesque style, targets
EXCLUSIVELY Jewish media control and how they run opposed to "real
American interests"?

Calvin Klein ought to make Wayne their poster boy... for Obsession.

And for those who missed it... here's the challenge:


I will gladly mail a Corel Photo CD of Israel to the first person who
can successfully get Wayne McGuire to publicly (in the s.c.i, s.c.j
and t.p.m newsgroups of USENET) define the term "antisemitism".

I expect the dust to be gathering for quite a while...

In fact, I think Dimaggio's hitting streak is more in jeopardy than
my having to lick a few stamps to mail the CD to the winner.

I'll throw in a Corel All-Movie Guide if it is done before July 4,
1996--approximately the 7th anniversary of my becoming aware of
Wayne's ongoing anti-Judaism tirade on the RIME  network.

Spoofs and aliases will be disqualified.

Bonus prize:  If you can also get Wayne to define it on his 
web site, I will throw in Corel's The Complete Herman 
Collection AND Corel's Images of the Grand Canyon 

I will give away my Corel Draw 5, license, manuals and all, 
if you can also get Wayne to put WAVs or RealAudio recordings 
on his Web site with him reading from his famous interrogation 
list, typically macro-keyed upon facing an online detractor:

   1)  Are you now or have you ever been a citizen of Israel?
   2)  Do you work for a lobbying agency of Israel?
   3)  Have you ever served in the Israeli military?
   4)  Are you a Kahanist?  Were you a Kahanist?  Can you spell   
   5)  Are you a Jewish fundamentalist?  If not, when did you 
        stop being a Jewish fundamentalist?
   6)  Did you ever vote for a Congressman who supported Israel?
   7)  Just how much Wayne could a Wayne-scan scan if a Wayne-scan
         could scan Wayne?
   8) Just how "prescient" am I?
   9)  Wanna race scanners? 

A treasure trove of CD-ROMs is just waiting!!!

By the way, does anyone know how to submit a candidate for the
official "net.loonies" list? (or whatever it's called).

Wayne is no Kibo, but he has probably merited honorable mention 
by now.



Re: Clinton's Oxford roommate
>From   (Wayne McGuire)
Organization   Cyber Access Internet Services (617) 396-0491
Date           Sat, 15 Jun 1996 18:29:58 GMT
Newsgroups     alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater
Message-ID     <>
References     1 2


But the fact remains that overall the big media drove Bush from
office. Some content analysis studies have revealed that the big media
in the months before the election were publishing/broadcasting anti
vs. pro Bush stories at a ratio of six to one.

The big media made both Jimmy Carter and George Bush one-term
presidents. Carter was a Democrat and Bush was a Republican. Bush was
as highly placed in the CIA as one can get.

* William Safire is generally recognized as the most powerful 
* journalist in the big media, and someone who reveals big media 
* thinking at the highest levels. Safire was exceptionally angry at 
* both Carter and Bush because of their policies towards Israel.

>Once Clinton's nomination was secured, I think the CIA was probably
>pulling for his defeat of Bush, notwithstanding Bush's prior role as DCI.
>As a Democrat, Clinton is a more valuable tool for the CIA to own,
>precisely because Democrats are SUPPOSED to be the party of the little
>guy...whereas the CIA is the institution most committed to elite
>interests. Thus, in the vein of "only Nixon could go to China", Clinton
>could breeze through things that Bush would have found tough-sledding and
>succeeded where Bush would have failed (NAFTA and GATT come immediately to
>mind, not to mention the continued pacification of the press on precisely
>issues like Mena). 

Now, that's an interesting theory/speculation. There could be
something to it.

(Do you find it fascinating that there has still been no response from
Democrats and liberals about the revelations that Clinton was probably
spying on the anti-war movement and helping supply the Contras for the
CIA? Apparently they find this notion to be a bit confusing.)

>     The concept of the press as the Fourth branch of government
>has been turned on its head. That notion was initially premised on the
>press acting as an adverarial watchdog, but has now turned into a contrary
>hubris among the press that they have a right and a duty to judge what
>information is in the nation's best interest to hear...thus placing them
>in bed with the very folks they are supposed to watch and providing a
>handy rationalization anytime a publisher or editor decides to cave to
>pressure not to cover a story.

True. The over-centralized big media have become an instrument of
obfuscation and tyranny. They serve the interests of their billionaire
owners, period.

>Israel is the CIA's most important bedpartner. Trying to seperate their
>interests is vitually impossible.

Which side was the chief instigator in the October Surprise and
* Iran-Contra? Most American accounts of these incidents seem to 
* suggest that Israel was in the driver's seat. Does Israel now have 
* the power to blackmail many leading American politicians and 
* government officials because of dirty operations they have jointly 
* engaged in?  Where do *real American interests* lie in this morass?

* Anyone who attempts to look into these issues will be immediately
* smeared as an anti-Semite by the powerful Israeli lobby and its
* friends. Many of the most powerful figures in the big media are
* closely associated with that lobby.

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