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From: (Jamie McCarthy)
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Financial disclosure
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 22:26:24 -0500
Organization: Voyager Information Networks, Inc.
Lines: 66

I discovered Holocaust "revisionism" on the net in the spring of 1992.
I've been struggling against it ever since.  Depending on how much free
time I've had, I've spent anywhere from ten to sixty hours a week on the
subject, every week for the past five years.

I've written tens of thousands of emails, thousands of Usenet articles,
and hundreds of web pages.  I've been to the library countless times and
bought a dozen copycards, not to mention my overdue-book and parking
fines!  I've got a filing cabinet full of photocopies and two shelves full
of books, mostly donated, but many that I purchased.

I've written roughly 10,000 lines of perl code for the Nizkor Project, to
help automate the web site and its mirrors, and to provide security for
same.  Judging by the number of hours spent, this alone would come to
many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of consulting and
programming effort.

For all this, I have taken not one nickel.  I have been compensated with
the loan of some equipment which I needed to work (and which I used
strictly for that purpose), and with loans and gifts of many books related
to the Holocaust and its denial.  But for the last five years, contrary to
the continual nattering of those who cannot answer my arguments any other
way, my work has been entirely unpaid.

Starting today, that is no longer true.

Some time ago, it became painfully obvious that I had two choices:  I
could give up matters relating to Holocaust-denial and focus solely on my
work as a computer programmer, or I would have to start being paid for
doing essentially my second full-time job.  Given those choices, I decided
on what I believe to be, so to speak, the "lesser of two evils" [*] and
have accepted payment for my work as a webmaster, programmer, and system
administrator in furtherance of the Nizkor Project.

I calmly await the barrage of Holocaust-deniers proclaiming me to be a
sell-out, a paid propagandist, and a pawn of the Jooos (and I won't deign
to comment on it).  I would ask that they consider just three facts:

   * I've done this unpaid for five years and would do it unpaid for
     five more if I could figure out how not to starve in the process.

   * My work outside Nizkor is lucrative.  I turned down two full-time
     jobs in the last two months, both of which paid roughly $10,000 a
     year more than I'm now getting for my full-time work at Nizkor.

   * If you can refute what I say regarding the Holocaust and its denial,
     you are welcome to do so and I will be happy to respond as best I can.

If "revisionists" wish to spread this news, I ask that they include the
full text of this article or a link to it, at:

Thank you.

Jamie McCarthy
February 22, 1997

[*] I look grimly forward to a Zundelgram quoting me as having said that
Nizkor is "evil."  :-/
 Jamie McCarthy        Co-Webmaster of

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