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Subject: Re: Jews = Communism. Read it and weep from U.S. Archives
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In article <>, Ian McKinney  wrote:

> I'll bypass the well known fact that Karl Marx was a Jew. That 
> can be discovered in any library.

You obviously understand the word 'Jew' in a different way than many other
people do. Karl Marx, as the erudite postings here by Craig Lambert
(thanks for going to the trouble to ferret all that material out, Craig),
was anti-Jewish to the point of being a pathological anti-Semite.

There's no denying the fact that Karl Marx was born into a home with a
German-Jewish heritage. The same is true for the great German composer Felix
Mendelssohn. But heritage, unlike race, is something you either accept or
reject; unlike race, it's not genetically programmed into you. Thus, both
Mendelssohn, by converting to Christianity, and Marx, by rejecting all
religion and going to considerable lengths to tell the world what was
wrong with religion in general ('the opium of the people') and with each
specific major religion in excrutiating detail, rejected their Jewish
heritage and thus their Jewishness. It was only with the advent of Nazi
racial ideology that being German and being Jewish were seen as mutually
exclusive. Mendelssohn considered himself a German composer, as did his
contemporaries, and Marx considered himself a German philosopher, as did
*his* contemporaries.

Or are you going to counter my argument with the claim that Mendelssohn
and Marx were 'self-hating Jews', and that their work is not a part of
German culture even if in both cases it fits in perfectly with the
continuing streams, respectively, of German music and German philosophy?
If you are, then I feel that you are obligated to explain to me why you do
not such a distinction between German Catholics and German Protestants (or
do you?), even though a few centuries ago they massacred each other with
as much gusto as the Nazis massacred Jews.

Eugene Holman

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